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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 Some Pagan once asked: "When do we expect our turn to suffer that punitive punishment and the encounter with the promised Day of Judgement?"
70:2 A retributive punishment stored for the infidels and there is just not any expedient nor anyone in the heaven's realm or on earth that can avert it,
70:3 A retributive punishment which cannot be averted once it has been decided by Allah Who is the object of effort, ambition and destination; Allah the Provider of the various rates of motion suitable to the various objects.
70:4 To Him ascend the angels and the souls or the Spirit fast as they press their rate of motion to attain their purpose in a day of Allah's calendar that equals fifty thousand years of the earthly calendar.
70:5 Therefore endure O Muhammad their attitude with composure, and quietly await the course of events.
70:6 They -the infidels- see it (that is) that day of the Eventful Event far and away, remote in time,
70:7 While We, and the believers, see it close at hand and near fulfilment.
70:8 That is the Day when the heavens shall look like a metallic substance melted in oil,
70:9 and the mountains shall be like carded wool,
70:10 and no friend puts a question to a friend or asks about him. This is an endless moment of anxiety and fear to concern oneself even with the closest whom he or she had rendered dear.
70:11 All of them -the infidels- will see each other but they are dumbfounded, then and there shall the wicked wish he could be redeemed from that endless and severe punishment with the lives of his own children.
70:12 With the lives of his own wife and brother,
70:13 With the lives of his kindred who in life afforded him protection,
70:14 And with the lives of all those on earth, just to escape the horror which doubles all his torment and his woe.
70:15 But never will he succeed in avoiding the tormenting Hell Fire,
70:16 The Fire which, with its infernal hiss and crackle, shall burn into his inmost being, but reserves both his physical and mental feeling for the realization of pain and distress which will not abate nor expire;
70:17 A fire with a magnet influence; it shall irresistibly draw to itself the feet of those who had denied Allah and rejected the truth,
70:18 Who hoarded wealth and denied it those who deserved alms, for alms are but the vehicles of prayer.
70:19 Man is wanting in moral strength for endurance, lacking courage and strength of purpose and will, and unduly swayed by grief. He is selfish and he is only concerned with his own advantage to the exclusion of regard for others.
70:20 If he meets with a misfortune, or he is wedded to a calamity he becomes so full of misery nursing despair with additional notion of querulous utterances.
70:21 But if he has the luck and heaven prospers him, then he is niggardly, unwilling to give or spend in divine service and he says to his money "my god art thou".
70:22 But benevolent are those who a. engage in the act of worship with a pious attitude of mind, being well disposed toward Allah
70:23 They constantly surrender their very being to Allah and regularly observe their prayers,
70:24 b. Who apportion a determinate share of their wealth for charitable contributions,
70:25 To distribute among those who are needy, who make request for aid, and among those without the means for bare subsistence and among those who are indigent faint souls past corporal toil,
70:26 c. Who recognize the Day of Judgment and hold it as true;
70:27 d. Who are moved by fear of their Creator’s punitive punishment, here and Hereafter where the flames and the sparks strike like a spear clean through.
70:28 Which punishment may hit suddenly and be difficult to appease,
70:29 e. Who guard their purity and refrain from unlawful congress,
70:30 Except with their wives and with those of the captives in their hands; an act being then holy and incurs no blame;
70:31 And who so goes beyond, then such persons are fornicators who have transgressed the commandment of Allah.
70:32 f. Who honour their trusts, and their promises they keep,
70:33 Whose testimonies are credited and their attestation is a witness of their honour,
70:34 g. who perform their prayers at the authoritatively determined time and- observe the prayer's sacred rites and solemnities;
70:35 These and such persons shall be honoured in Gardens of surpassing beauty featuring a state of supreme bliss and supreme felicity.
70:36 What an incorrect notion and an unfavourable judgement these Pagans have, that without concern they rush to hear you O Muhammad and refuse to acknowledge the Divine truth and they ignore the voice from heaven;, unwilling to comprehend !
70:37 They disperse right and left in inordinate self-esteem.
70:38 Do they really expect to take their abode in the Gardens of bliss, and enter into the joy of their Creator! Then they are staking their very lives on some dark hope!
70:39 Never, but Hell shall be the place where they make abode, and their permanent residency shall be in abodes of pain. We created them from an insignificant fluid and raised them from dust which they very well know.
70:40 I swear by the Creator of all eastern cardinal points near which the sun rises in its apparent passage through the signs of the Zodiac and the Creator of all the western cardinal points lying opposite those in the east and near which the sun sets, that We are able to effect any changes at will;
70:41 We are able to replace them -these infidels- by better people and never are We incompetent.
70:42 so let them O Muhammad keep denying the truth and continue to adhere to their own vain course, and be held by their own opinions and drown themselves in the nonsensical until they resolutely face the Day which they have been promised;
70:43 the Day when they shall rush out of their graves as if contesting a race toward a specific goal,
70:44 Drooping their heads in disgrace, gazing in humility and covered with ignominy in requital of their past behaviour and their ignominious role. This is the Day which they have been promised.


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