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69:1  The absolute reality
69:2  What a reality
69:3  You just do not know what the Day of Reality is like
69:4  The people of Thamud -the Thamudites- and those of 'Ad - the 'Adites denied that Day of the stunning roar concurrent with the collision of the celestial bodies
69:5  The Thamudites were destroyed by an overwhelming thunderous convulsion of the earth's surface produced by a natural force within the earth's crust
69:6  And the 'Adites were destroyed by a cold terrifying destructive hurricane, merciless, pitiless and unrelenting
69:7  Which hurricane was calculated and directed against them for seven successive nights and eight successive days; you could see their dwellings collapsing making fresh victims. They lay prostrate as if they were hollow trunks of palm trees tumbled down by an unruly wind
69:8  And now do you see any of them who had outlasted or remained a survivor
69:9  And there were Pharaoh and those before him and those of the corrupt cities who wickedly committed the unprecedented sin; all of whom did evil in exchange for good
69:10  They disobeyed the Messenger of Allah their Creator, so He stunned them and overtook them by a condign punishment making them unable to hold their own
69:11  When the water gained advantage on the kingdom of the shore and inundated the land, We carried you in the Ark which We kept afloat
69:12  An incident which was a signal instance serving as a deterrent in order that you preserve its memory and the bowing ear absorbs it
69:13  When the trumpet is blown once or sounded and all those in heaven and on earth are dumbfounde
69:14  And the earth and the mountains are given a lift and in one crash they are pounded, ending with the wrecks of matter and the crush of the Worlds
69:15  There and then has the Hour of Truth come to pass, and has been actuated
69:16  And the heavens have been parted asunder, and with frailty they stand shaky and agitated
69:17  And the angels now standing in attention, high will eight of them carry your Creator's throne
69:18  There and then shall all of you have audience of Allah for judgment, and not a single action of your worldly deeds will be hidden or unknown
69:19  Then he who is given his book, bearing his record, in his right hand will joyfully say to those he meets: "there, you may read my book lending radiance of the divine glory"
69:20  "I was convinced", he adds, "of the truth of The Day of Judgement when I would be requited the like for the like"
69:21  Such persons whose deeds were imprinted with wisdom and piety shall live in comfort and delight
69:22  In Gardens exalted and blissful, spectacular and most pleasing to the sight
69:23  With fruits on branches springing up and down to be always within easy reach and always in their sight
69:24  Welcomed therein, they will be told: "Eat and drink and enjoy all that affords pleasure, in return for the works of equity you had done in the days bygone"
69:25  But he whose book, bearing his record, is given in his left hand will pitifully say: "I wish I had suffered eternal death then I would never have been given that book"
69:26  "Nor would I have been asked to answer for conduct not knowing what language shall my countenance speak nor what shall it look like"
69:27  "I wish my death were the end and the final catastrophe."
69:28  "What good did my wealth do me?"
69:29  "My power, my influence, and my authority have vanished and my realm has collapsed!"
69:30  Seize him, bind him and make fast with a tie
69:31  Then throw him in the fire to be tortured but not to die
69:32  And fix him upon a chain seventy cubits ( or forearms ) long
69:33  Never did he accept, or recognize Allah, the Almighty
69:34  Nor did he encourage ministering to the necessities and demands of the indigent
69:35  He will not find here any who would afford him help or deliver him from Allah's retributory punishment
69:36  Nor will he feed except upon the bloody rotten discharges
69:37  Which no one consumes but the wicked who are destined to make their abode in Hell
69:38  I swear by all that you can see
69:39  And by all that you cannot see
69:40  That the words uttered are sacred words expressed by an honourable Messenger -the Spirit or the Messenger- held in high esteem
69:41  And not a gifted utterance championed by a poet that you could hardly believe
69:42  Nor is it a prophecy foretold by a foreteller that you do not, reflect upon with close attention
69:43  It -the utterance- is that of sacred words revealed by Allah, the Creator of the worlds, past present and those to come
69:44  And if he -the Messenger- had uttered error against Us and his heart worked iniquity
69:45  We. would have smitten him by the right
69:46  And We would have broken the continuity of blood flow in his major artery close to his heart besides a grievous woeful future plight
69:47  And no one among~ you could defend him from Us
69:48  But it -the utterance- is a Revelation to remind those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
69:49  We do know that among you people are some who refuse to admit the truth of the Quran, albeit it is convincing, and quite clear
69:50  And that it has distressed the minds of those who refuse to acknowledge Allah and are satisfied with the age of discord
69:51  But it is the Absolute Truth which together with reality does accord
69:52  And so, praise the attributes and advance the glory of the Name of Allah, your Creator