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54:1  The Hour draws nigh, and the moon is split asunder
54:2  But if they see a sign they turn aside and say, 'Magic, continuous!
54:3  And they call it a lie and follow their lusts; but every matter is settled
54:4  There has come to them some information with restraint in it
54:5  wisdom far-reaching - but warners avail not
54:6  But turn thy back on them! The day when the caller shall call to an awkward thing
54:7  Humbly casting down their looks shall they come forth from their graves, as though they were locusts scattered abroad
54:8  Hurrying forwards to the caller! the misbelievers shall say, 'This is a difficult day!
54:9  Noah's people before them called (the apostles) liars; they called our servant a liar; and they said, 'Mad!' and he was rejected
54:10  And he called upon his Lord, 'Verily, I am overcome, come then to my help!
54:11  And we opened the gates of heaven with water pouring down
54:12  And we made the earth burst forth in springs, and the waters met at a bidding already decreed
54:13  But we bore him on the thing of planks and nails
54:14  sailing on beneath our eyes, a reward for him who had been disbelieved
54:15  And we left it a sign;- but is there any one who will mind
54:16  ???--- Not identifiable ---??
54:17  ???--- Not identifiable ---??
54:18  'Ad called the apostles liars, and how was my punishment and my warning
54:19  Verily, we sent on them a cold storm wind on a day of continuous ill-luck
54:20  It reft men away as though they had been palm stumps torn up
54:21  ???--- Not identifiable ---??
54:22  We have made the Qur'an easy as a reminder - but is there any one who will mind
54:23  Thamud called the warnings lies
54:24  and said, 'A mortal, one of us, alone, shall we follow him? then indeed were we in error and excitement
54:25  'Is the warning cast on him alone among us? nay, he is an insolent liar
54:26  'They shall know to-morrow about the insolent liar
54:27  'Verily, we are about to send the she-camel as a trial for them, then watch them and have patience
54:28  and inform them that the water is shared between them (and her); each draught shall be sought by turns.
54:29  Then they called their companion, and he plied (a knife) and hamstrung her
54:30  Then how was my punishment and my warning
54:31  Verily, we sent against them one noise, and they were like the dry sticks of him who builds a fold
54:32  We have made the Qur'an easy as a reminder - but is there any one who will mind
54:33  Lot's people called the apostles liars
54:34  verily, we sent against them a heavy sand storm; all, save Lot's family, we saved them at the dawn
54:35  As a favour from us; so do we reward him who gives thanks
54:36  He indeed had warned them of our assault, but they doubted of the warning
54:37  And they desired his guest, and we put out their eyes.- 'So taste ye my torment and warning!
54:38  And there overtook them on the morning a settled punishment!
54:39  'So taste ye my torment and warning!
54:40  We have made the Qur'an easy as a reminder - but is there any one who will mind
54:41  The warning came to Pharaoh's people
54:42  they called, our signs all lies, and we seized on them with the seizing of a mighty powerful one
54:43  Are your misbelievers better than they? or have ye an exemption in the Scriptures
54:44  Or do they say we are a victorious company
54:45  The whole shall be routed and shall turn their backs in flight
54:46  Nay, the Hour is their promised time! and the Hour is most severe and bitter
54:47  Verily, the sinners are in error and excitement
54:48  On the day when they shall be dragged to the fire upon their faces!- 'Taste ye the touch of hell.
54:49  Verily, everything have we created by decree
54:50  and our bidding is but one (word), like the twinkling of an eye
54:51  We have destroyed the like of you - but is there any who will mind
54:52  And everything they do is in the books
54:53  and everything small and great is written down
54:54  Verily, the pious shall be amid gardens and rivers
54:55  in the seat of truth, with the powerful king