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51:1  By the scatterers (Wind), a scattering.
51:2  Then by the carriers (Wind), loads.
51:3  Then by the speeders (Wind), easily.
51:4  Then by the distributors of a command.
51:5  Surely what you are promised is ratified.
51:6  And surely the religion (Divine system of debt), will occur.
51:7  And by the sky possessor of the orbits.
51:8  Surely you are in variance sayings.
51:9  He got faked far from it (The Quran), who was faked.
51:10  The conjecturers to be killed.
51:11  Those who are, in an overwhelming, are omitting.
51:12  They are asking, “When is The Religion Day?”
51:13  On a Day when they on the Fire infatuated.
51:14  "Taste your infatuation. This is what you were hastening by it."
51:15  Surely the pious are in paradises and springs.
51:16  Taking what their Lord has given them. They were before that, benefactors.
51:17  They were, a little from the night, resting.
51:18  And in the hours before dawn they are asking forgiveness.
51:19  And in their money, there was a right for the beggar and the deprived.
51:20  And on the earth are verses for the certain ones.
51:21  And within yourselves. So, will yourselves not, see?
51:22  And in the sky is your livelihood, and what you are promised.
51:23  So, by the Lord of the sky and the earth, it is as true, like what you are speaking.
51:24  Has reached you, the narration of Abraham’s honorable guests?
51:25  When they entered upon him, so they said, peace." He said, " peace, an unknown kinfolk.
51:26  So he creeped to his family, so he came with a fat calf (Cooked).
51:27  And placed it near them; he said, "Will you not eat?"
51:28  So he felt apprehensive of them. They said, “Do not fear,” and they preached (Good tidings) to him with Knowledgeable lad.
51:29  So his woman arrived in a loud voice. So, she slapped her face, and said, “A barren old woman?”
51:30  They said, "Thus has said your Lord; Surely, He is Al-Hakeem (The Wise), Al-Aalim (The Knower).
51:31  He said, “So what is the condition of you, O messengers?”
51:32  They said, “We have been sent to a criminal kinfolk.”
51:33  “To send down stones on them from clay.”
51:34  “Marked with your Lord for the extravagant persons.”
51:35  So We exited whoever was in it among the believers.
51:36  So We did not find, in it except one house among The Muslims.
51:37  And We left in it a verse for those who fear the painful torment.
51:38  And in Moses, when We sent him to Pharaoh with an obvious Sultan.
51:39  So he turned away with his warlords, and said, “A magician or a madman.”
51:40  So We took him and his troops, so We discard them into the Yam (deep water), while He was blameworthy.
51:41  And in Aad. When We sent against them the barren wind.
51:42  It left nothing among what it came upon, except it set it, like the decayed stuff.
51:43  And in Thamud, when it was said to them, “Enjoy till a while.”
51:44  So they were insolent of their Lord’s command, so the thunderbolt took them while they were looking on.
51:45  They were not able to stand up, nor were they victors.
51:46  And Noah’s kinfolk before. They were kinfolk debauchees.
51:47  And the sky We built it with Hands (power), and We are expanding it.
51:48  And the earth, We furnished it, so how gracious are the Landscapers.
51:49  And from everything We have created two mates, perhaps you may be remembering.
51:50  “So flee to Allah. Surely, I am for you from Him an obvious warner.”
51:51  “And do not set up with Allah another god. Surely, I am for you from Him an obvious warner.”
51:52  Likewise, none among a messenger came to those before them, except they said, “A magician or a madman.”
51:53  Were they recommended by it? Nay, but they are a kinfolk who tyrannize.
51:54  So turn away from them; so, you are not to blame.
51:55  And remind, so surely, the reminder benefits the believers.
51:56  And I did not create the jinn and the humans except for worshiping Me.
51:57  I do not want a livelihood from them, nor do I want them to feed Me.
51:58  Surely Allah is Al-Razaq (The Livelihood Provider), The Possessor of The Power, Al-Matin (The Strong).
51:59  So surely for those who oppressed, misdeeds like their companions’ misdeeds, so let them not hasten Me.
51:60  So woe for those who have disbelieved from their Day which they are promised.