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52:1  By Al-Tur (The Mount).
52:2  And a Book written in lines.
52:3  In a propagated parchment.
52:4  And by The Inhabited House.
52:5  And by the elevated roof (Sky).
52:6  And by the firing up sea.
52:7  Surely, your Lord’s torment will occur.
52:8  For it there is no defender.
52:9  On a Day when the heaven sways in swaying.
52:10  And the mountains move, moving.
52:11  So woe on that day for the falsifiers.
52:12  Those who are into discoursing playing.
52:13  On a Day when they are called to Gohanam Fire (Hell) forcefully calling.
52:14  “This is the Fire which you falsified with it.
52:15  So, is this magic, or you are not seeing?
52:16  Be heated in it. So, be patient, or impatient, it is the same upon you. You are only being penalized with what you were working.”
52:17  Surely the pious are in paradises and bliss.
52:18  Rejoicing with what their Lord has given them, and their Lord has protected them from The Hellfire’ Torment.
52:19  Eat and drink a wholesome appetite, with what you were working.
52:20  Reclining upon ranged beds; and We married them with a nymphet with beautiful large eyes.
52:21  And those who believed, and their offspring followed them with faith, We will join them with their offspring, and We will not deprive them among their works of a thing. Every person is with what he has earned, a hostage.
52:22  And We supplied them with fruit, and meat; from what they are desiring.
52:23  They shall pass therein from one to another a goblet; therein neither a chatter nor a sin.
52:24  And circumambulate upon them lads for them, are like the hidden pearls.
52:25  And arrived, some of them, upon some others, questioning.
52:26  They said, “Surely, we were before in our families, apprehensive.
52:27  So Allah conferred favor upon us and protected us from the burning wind torment.
52:28  Surely, We were before calling Him; surely He is Al-Barr (The Beneficent), Al-Raheem (The merciful of his creation and himself).”
52:29  So remind, so you are not with your Lord’s grace, neither a soothsayer, nor a madman.
52:30  Or do they say, “A poet, we await with him a misfortune of the time”?
52:31  Say: Wait, so surely, I am with you among the waiting ones.
52:32  Or do their dreams command them with this? Or are they tyrannizing kinsfolk?
52:33  Or do they say, “He says it (Himself)”? Nay, but they are not believing.
52:34  So let them bring with a narration like it, if they are truthful ones.
52:35  Or were they created without a thing? Or are they the creators?
52:36  Or did they create the skies and the earth? Nay, but they are not certain.
52:37  Or do they have with them your Lord’s treasuries? Or are they the controllers?
52:38  Or do they have a stairway within which they listen? So, let their listener bring an apparent Sultan.
52:39  Or for Him the daughters, and for you the sons?
52:40  Or do you ask them for a wage, so they are loading from mulct?
52:41  Or with them, the unseen, so they are writing?
52:42  Or are they wanting a plan? So those who disbelieved, they are ensnared into a plan!
52:43  Or do they have a god other than Allah? Glorified is Allah about what they associate.
52:44  And if they were seeing a fragment from the sky falling, they would say, “Clouds heaped up!"”
52:45  So forsake them until they meet their Day in which they will be thunderstruck.
52:46  On a Day when their plan will not be availing about them of a thing; nor they are victorious.
52:47  And surely, for those who have oppressed is a torment beyond that, but most of them are not knowing.
52:48  And be patient, for your Lord’s judgment, surely, you are in Our eyes. And glorify with your Lord’s praises when you stand.
52:49  And among the night, so glorify Him, and at the retreat of the stars.