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51:1  Consider those scattering, dispersing.
51:2  [Consider] those carrying burdens.
51:3  [Consider] those that flow with ease.
51:4  [Consider] those that assign command.
51:5  Truly, all that you are promised is true.
51:6  Truly, judgment must come to pass.
51:7  Consider the sky with its numerous orbits.
51:8  Truly, you are in doctrinal discord.
51:9  Those who would be deluded will be deluded [regardless of what message they hear].
51:10  Condemned are the liars…
51:11  …–those who flounder in a flood of confusion!
51:12  They ask, “When is the Day of Judgment?”
51:13  That day they will be tested over the fire.
51:14  “Taste your trial! This is what you wanted hastened.”
51:15  The righteous will be in the midst of gardens and springs.
51:16  [They will] enjoy the things that the Lord gives them because of the good lives they had lived.
51:17  They had a habit of sleeping only a little at night.
51:18  The hours of early dawn would find them praying for forgiveness.
51:19  From their wealth and resources was provided the right of those who asked [for help] and those who were deprived.
51:20  On the earth are signs for those of assurance [in faith].
51:21  [There are] also [signs] within your own selves. Will you not understand?
51:22  In Heaven is Your sustenance, as you are promised.
51:23  Consider then the Lord of Heaven and Earth. This is the very truth –just as real as the fact that you are able to converse.
51:24  Have you heard the story of Abraham’s honored guests?
51:25  (Angels) entered his presence and said, “Peace!” He said, “Peace!” to the strangers.
51:26  He went to his household and got a fattened calf.
51:27  [He] placed (the roasted calf) before them. He said, “Will you not eat?”
51:28  He began to fear them [because they did not eat]. They said, “Fear not.” They gave him the good news of a knowledgeable son.
51:29  (Abraham’s) wife came forward, [laughing] out loud. She smacked her forehead and said, “A barren old woman?”
51:30  (The angels) said, “Thus your Lord has spoken. Indeed, He is the Perfectly Wise, the All-knowing.”
51:31  (Abraham) said, “O messengers, what is your errand now?”
51:32  They said, “Indeed, We have been sent to a sinful people.
51:33  [We are] to bring brimstones upon them.
51:34  [The stones] are marked from your Lord for the sinners.”
51:35  We evacuated the believers there.
51:36  We did not find there any good people except for one family.
51:37  We left there a sign for those who fear the horrid punishment.
51:38  [Consider] Moses. We sent him with obvious authority to Pharaoh.
51:39  (Pharaoh) turned away with his leaders and said, “A sorcerer or one possessed!”
51:40  We took him and his armies and threw them into the sea, and it was his fault.
51:41  [Consider] the Ad. We sent a devastating wind against them.
51:42  It left nothing that it came against, but reduced it to destroyed ruins.
51:43  [Consider] the Thamud. They were told, “Enjoy yourselves for a little while.”
51:44  They rebelled against the command of their Lord. Lightning seized them while they watched.
51:45  They could not even stand, and they could not help themselves.
51:46  [Consider] the people of Noah before them. Indeed, they were a disobedient people.
51:47  We constructed the sky with skill, and We are expanding it.
51:48  We unfurled the earth. How excellently We prepared it!
51:49  We created everything as a pair. Perhaps you will reflect.
51:50  Hurry then to Allah! I am merely an advisor from Him, bluntly calling you [to accept His message].
51:51  Do not make another into an object of worship with Allah. I am an advisor from Him, bluntly calling you.
51:52  In the same way, no messenger came to any people before them without their saying, “A sorcerer or one possessed!”
51:53  Is this the legacy they have passed down? Nonsense! They are a sinful people.
51:54  Turn away from them. You are not to blame.
51:55  Teach, for teaching certainly benefits the believers.
51:56  I have created spirit-beings and human beings only so they may worship Me.
51:57  I require no sustenance from them. I do not require them to feed me.
51:58  Truly Allah is He who gives sustenance. [He is] the Owner of Power, the Forceful One.
51:59  For the sinners, their portion is like the portion of their ancestors. They should not ask Me to hasten it.
51:60  Woe to the unbelievers because of that day of theirs, which has been promised to them.