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50:1  Qaf! Consider the glorious Qur’an!
50:2  They wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves. The unbelievers say, “Well, this is a fine thing!
50:3  “After we die and turn to dust, we’re supposed to live again? That is beyond our understanding.”
50:4  We know how many of them the earth has already taken [to the graves]. With Us is a secure record.
50:5  They who deny the truth when they hear it must surely be in a state of confusion!
50:6  Do they not look at the sky above them? Do they not consider how We have made and adorned it, and that there are no flaws in it?
50:7  And the earth? We have spread it broadly and set mountains to anchor it, and have produced every kind of beautiful growth.
50:8  [These things] are to be observed and celebrated by every repentant worshiper.
50:9  From the sky We send rain charged with blessing. We produce gardens and fields for harvest.
50:10  Tall and stately are the palm trees. Their shoots of fruit stalks are piled one over another…
50:11  …as sustenance for devoted servants. We give new life to land that seems dead. Thus will be the Day of Resurrection.
50:12  Before them was denial by the people of Noah, the companions of the well, the Thamud,…
50:13  …the Ad, Pharaoh, the brothers of Lot,…
50:14  …the companions of the wood, and the people of Tubba. Each one rejected the messengers. My warning came to fruition.
50:15  Were We so tired from the first creation that they should be doubtful about a new creation?
50:16  Certainly, We created humanity, and We know what suggestions his/her soul makes to him/her. We are nearer to him/her than his/her jugular vein.
50:17  The two receivers [angelic correspondents] on the right and on the left are seated [to record his/her deeds].
50:18  Not even a word does he/she utter without an observer [angel] ready [to note it].
50:19  With the stupor of death, the truth is flashed: “Here is what you sought to escape!”
50:20  The trumpet will sound to announce the day of which you had been warned.
50:21  Every soul will come, each with an usher and a witness.
50:22  “Certainly, you were heedless of this event, so We have lifted the veil [of ignorance] and made your sight keen for this day.”
50:23  And his/her companion [the witness] will say, “Here is that [record] which I have prepared.”
50:24  “Throw into Hell every stubborn unbeliever.
50:25  “[Throw into Hell] everyone who banned what was good. [He/she] sinned aggressively and fed doubt.
50:26  “[He/she] established another god besides Allah. Throw him/her into a horrible punishment.”
50:27  His/her companion will say, “Our Lord, I did not make him/her sin, but he/she was far astray.”
50:28  (Allah) will say, “Do not argue in My presence. I certainly warned you in advance.
50:29  My command will not change. I am not unjust to My servants.”
50:30  One day, We will ask Hell, “Are you full?” It will say, “Are there any more?”
50:31  Paradise will be brought near to the righteous –no more a distant thing.
50:32  “This is what was promised for you –for everyone who repented, who was protecting [of the faith].
50:33  “[It is for the one] who feared the Most Gracious in the unseen, and approached with a repentant heart.
50:34  “Enter there in peace and security. This is a day of eternal life!”
50:35  For them will be whatever they want, plus more with Us.
50:36  How many generations before them did We destroy, stronger in power than they? They wandered through the land; was there any place of escape?
50:37  Truly, in this is a message for any who has a mind, or who listens and earnestly witnesses.
50:38  We created the skies and Earth and all among them in six days, and no exhaustion ever touched Us.
50:39  Endure with patience all that (the unbelievers) say. Glorify your Lord before the rising of the sun and before the setting.
50:40  During part of the night, glorify Him, and at the ends of prostrations.
50:41  Listen for the day when a caller will call from a near place.
50:42  On that day, they will hear a blast in justice. That will be the Day of Resurrection.
50:43  Truly, We give life and death. To Us is the final goal.
50:44  On that day, the earth will be split apart from the rushing forth [of all creatures]. That will be an assembly that is easy for Us.
50:45  We know best what (the unbelievers) say, and you are not to be a tyrant over them [forcing them to accept Islam]. Admonish with the Qur’an anyone who fears My warning.