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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the scattering [winds] that scatter [dust particles]
51:2 Then bear a load [of tiny water globues condensing around the dust particles]
51:3 Then sail smoothly along
51:4 And then execute given task of apportioning [rainfall].
51:5 What you are being promised is certainy indeed true,
51:6 And the Judgement Day shall certainly indeed happen!
51:7 By the heaven full of perfectly defined pathways
51:8 You do certainly indeed differ in what you say [about the Qur'aan]!
51:9 Those are deluded from it [Qur'aan] who are deluded from the Truth.
51:10 Doomed are those who just guess!
51:11 Those that are submerged in carelessness about Truth and Reaity.
51:12 They ask, "When will the Judgement Day be?"
51:13 It will be the Day when they shall be made to suffer on the Fire.
51:14 "Taste the suffering you deserve! This is what you had sought to hasten."
51:15 The pious and Allah-fearing shall indeed be in the midst of gardens and fountains.
51:16 They accept what their Lord gives them. They did indeed do good work before (in the life of the world.)
51:17 They slept but little at night
51:18 And they asked for forgiveness in the wee hours before dawn.
51:19 And they considered it their duty to keep something aside in their property for the needy and the destitute.
51:20 And in the earth are there many signs for those who are certain in their belief
51:21 And in your own persons too! Do you not see?h
51:22 And in the heaven is your provision and also what you are being promised.
51:23 By the Lord of the heaven and the earth, then, this is indeed true, as true as the fact of your speaking.
51:24 Has the story of Abrahamճ honoured guests reached you, (O Prophet)?
51:25 On coming to him, they said: "Peace!" He said, "Peace, strangers!"
51:26 Then slipping away from them to his family, he brought a fat calf [to feast his stranger guests therewith.]
51:27 And he laid it before them, saying, "Would you not eat it?"
51:28 Then he was afraid of them. They said, "Fear not!" And they gave him the good news of a son endowed with knowledge.
51:29 His wife thereupon came forward crying. She struck her face and exclaimed, "A barren old woman am I!"
51:30 They said, "Your Lord has said so! Indeed He is the One Most Wise, All-Knowing."
51:31 Abraham said, "What is your mission then, O Messengers?"
51:32 They replied, "We have indeed been sent towards a sinning people."
51:33 "To throw stones of clay upon them."
51:34 "Targeted with your Lord upon those who go beyond all bounds!"
51:35 We then evacuated all of the believers who lived therein.
51:36 And We did not find therein any Muslims, apart from a single house.
51:37 And We left therein a sign for those who fear the painful punishment.
51:38 And in Moses [there is a sign] - when We sent him with a clear authority to Pharaoh.
51:39 And he [Pharaoh] turned in arrogance on the strength of his support, and he said (to his council of elders), "He is a magician or a madman."
51:40 So then We seized him and his troops, and threw them into the sea. And he was to blame [for this fate].
51:41 And in Aad [there is a sign] - when We sent upon them a devastating wind
51:42 [The devastating wind] left nothing that it came upon without making it look like old and rotten bones.
51:43 And in Thamood [there is a sign] - when they were told, "Enjoy yourselves for a while."
51:44 They had behaved insolently towards the Command of their Lord! So then a thunderbolt struck them as they looked on.
51:45 They could not even stand up or help themselves!
51:46 And the people of Noah before them all — they were indeed a people immersed in transgression!
51:47 And the heaven - We made it powerful and We can certainly indeed expand it.
51:48 And the earth - We prepared its crust, and how well have We prepared it!
51:49 And of everything We have created in pairs, so that you ponder over this and remember!
51:50 "Flee, therefore, to Allah. I am indeed a plain warner to you from Him."
51:51 "And set up no other deity with Allah. I am indeed a plain warner to you from Him."
51:52 Never did a Messenger come to those that preceded them but they called him a magician or a mad-man. Likewise,
51:53 Do they persist with the same [canard]!? Nay, they are a people committing transgression.
51:54 So turn away from them; you are not to blame!
51:55 And keep on counselling them; for counselling does indeed benefit the believers!
51:56 And I created the jinn and the humans for nothing but that they worship Me.
51:57 I want from them no provision, nor do I want them to feed Me.
51:58 Indeed, Allah is the One Who provides all sustenance. He is Possessor of power that never fails!
51:59 And, indeed, the lot of those who do wrong is like the lot of their counterparts (of yore). So let them not hasten Me.
51:60 Woe, then, to those, who suppress the Truth, during that Day of theirs which they are warned against.


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