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at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 By the Mount [Sinai]
52:2 And by Record inscribed
52:3 On a writing material widely published.h
52:4 And by the long-standing, frequently visited house [Kaabah]
52:5 And by the roof elevated high [of heaven]!
52:6 And by the sea in high tide
52:7 Punishment by your Lord is indeed inevitable.
52:8 None can ward it off.
52:9 When the sky [Universe] trembles
52:10 And the mountains move
52:11 Woe, then, to all those who had rejected the Truth!
52:12 Those who had wasted their time on vanities.
52:13 When they are pushed into Hell fire
52:14 "This is the Fire you had denied!"
52:15 "Is this, then, a delusion or are you blind to it?"
52:16 "Suffer it! Whether you bear it with patience or not, it will be all the same for you: you are but being paid back for what you were doing!"
52:17 The pious are in gardens among bounties
52:18 They rejoice in all that their Lord has granted them. And their Lord has warded off punishment through the blazing Fire from them.
52:19 "Eat and drink to your satisfaction as a reward for your [good] deeds."
52:20 "Reclining on couches ranged in rows!" And We shall give them Houris with lovely eyes as companions.
52:21 And those that believed and their offspring that followed them in belief, We unite them with their offspring. And We deprive them not of any of their deeds. Every human being is held in pledge for whatever he earns.
52:22 And We help them with fruit and meat — whatever they desire!
52:23 They have rounds of drinks which give rise to no nonsense, nor sin.
52:24 And waiting upon them will be boys — like pearls hidden in their shells — assigned to them.
52:25 And they turn to one another, enquiringly.
52:26 They say, "We were living with our families in fear, before!"
52:27 "So Allah has been good to us, and has warded off from us punishment of intense heat."
52:28 "We did indeed invoke Him before. He is indeed the One Ultimate in goodness, the Merciful!"
52:29 Proclaim the praises of your Lord, then! You [Muhammad] are, by His grace, neither a fortune-teller nor a madman.
52:30 Or do they say, "A poet! We await a change of fortune for him"?
52:31 Say, "Wait! I, too, am one of those who wait with you."
52:32 Do their visions dictate this to them — or are they people committing transgression?
52:33 Or do they say, "He himself has authored it"? Nay, they believe not!
52:34 Let them produce another discourse like it, if what they say be true!
52:35 Are they created out of nothing? Or, are they themselves the creators?
52:36 Or, have they created the heavens and the earth? And yet they are not certain of a Creator creating them!h
52:37 Or, have they your Lord's treasures with them? Or are they in control?
52:38 Or, have they a link through which they could listen? Let him who has listened to them then come up with manifest proof!
52:39 Or, are there daughters for Him, and, for you, sons?
52:40 Or, do you [Prophet Muhammad] ask of them a reward, and so do they get burdened with debt?
52:41 Or, have they the knowledge of the Unseen, which they have written down?
52:42 Or, do they want to hatch a plot? But then those who suppress the truth — they themselves are the victims of a plot!
52:43 Or, have they a deity other than Allah? Allah is too high in glory, above what they worship besides Him!
52:44 And if they were to see meteorites from the sky falling down, they would say, "Gathering clouds!"
52:45 Leave them alone then until they meet their Day in which they will be stunned.
52:46 The Day their scheming and plotting will be of no avail to them, and they will receive no help.
52:47 And, indeed, for those who do wrong, a punishment closer than that [in this world itself]! But most of them are not aware.
52:48 And await in patience for your Lord's Decree! We have indeed of course kept you within Our sight. And glorify your Lord with His praise when you are up on your feet!
52:49 And glorify Him at night, and when the stars retreat [at dawn]!


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