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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Maududi
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Maududi rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the winds which scatter dust,
51:2 which carry clouds laden with water,
51:3 which then smoothly speed along,
51:4 and execute the great task of apportioning (rainfall):
51:5 surely what you are being warned against is true,
51:6 and the Judgement shall doubtlessly take place.
51:7 By the heaven with its numerous forms:
51:8 surely you are at variance (about the Hereafter);
51:9 though only those who are averse to the Truth will turn away from (believing in it).
51:10 Doomed are the conjecturers
51:11 who are steeped in ignorance and heedlessness.
51:12 They ask: "When will the Day of Judgement be?"
51:13 It will be the Day when they shall be scourged by the Fire
51:14 (and be told): "Taste your ordeal! This is what you were seeking to hasten."
51:15 As for the God-fearing, they shall be in the midst of gardens and fountains,
51:16 joyously receiving what their Lord will have granted them. Verily they did good works before (the coming of this Day):
51:17 they used to sleep but little by night,
51:18 and would ask for forgiveness at dawn,
51:19 and in their wealth there was a rightful share for him who would ask and for the destitute.
51:20 There are many Signs on earth for those of sure faith,
51:21 and also in your own selves. Do you not see?
51:22 And in heaven is your provision and also what you are being promised.
51:23 So, by the Lord of the heaven and the earth, this is certainly true, as true as the fact of your speaking.
51:24 (O Prophet), did the story of Abraham´s honoured guests reach you?
51:25 When they came to him, they said: "Peace"; he said: "Peace also be to you; (you seem to be) a group of strangers."
51:26 Then he went back to his family and brought a fat roasted calf
51:27 and laid it before them, saying: "Will you not eat?"
51:28 Then he became afraid of them. They said: "Fear not," and announced to him the good news of (the birth of) a boy endowed with knowledge.
51:29 So hearing his wife went forth shouting. She struck her face and exclaimed: "A barren old woman am I."
51:30 They said: "So has your Lord said (that you shall have a boy). Surely He is Most Wise, All-Knowing."
51:31 Abraham said: "Envoys (of Allah), what is your errand?"
51:32 They replied: "Behold, we have been sent to a wicked people
51:33 that we may unleash a shower of clay-stones
51:34 marked by your Lord upon those who go beyond the limits."
51:35 Then We evacuated there from all the believers
51:36 – and We did not find there any, apart from a single house of Muslims –
51:37 and We left therein a Sign for those who fear the grievous chastisement.
51:38 There is also a Sign for you in the story of Moses when We sent him with a clear authority to Pharaoh.
51:39 But Pharaoh turned away, showing arrogance on account of his power, and said (about Moses): "He is either a sorcerer or a madman."
51:40 So We seized him and his hosts, and cast them into the sea. He became an object of much blame.
51:41 There is also a Sign for you in (the story of) Ad, when We let loose upon them an ominous wind
51:42 that left nothing that it came upon without reducing it to rubble.
51:43 There is also a Sign for you in (the story of) Thamud. They were told: "Enjoy yourselves for a while."
51:44 But they brazenly disobeyed their Lord´s command, and then a sudden chastisement overtook them while they looked on.
51:45 They were unable even to stand up or protect themselves.
51:46 Before all these We destroyed the people of Noah: they were a wicked people.
51:47 And heaven – We made it with Our Own Power and We have the Power to do so.
51:48 And the earth – We spread it out, and how well have We smoothed it!
51:49 And of everything We have created pairs; perhaps you will take heed.
51:50 Flee, therefore, to Allah. Surely I am a clear warner to you from Him;
51:51 and do not set up any deity with Allah. Surely I am a clear warner to you from Him.
51:52 Thus has it been (in the past): never did a Messenger come to the nations that preceded them but they said: "(He is) a sorcerer, or a mad-man."
51:53 Have they arrived at a common understanding concerning this? No; but they are a people given to transgression.
51:54 So turn your attention away from them; you shall incur no blame.
51:55 Do, however, keep exhorting them; for exhortation benefits those endowed with faith.
51:56 I created the jinn and humans for nothing else but that they may serve Me;
51:57 I desire from them no provision, nor do I want them to feed Me.
51:58 Surely Allah is the Bestower of all provision, the Lord of all power, the Strong.
51:59 The wrong-doers shall receive a portion of the chastisements as their fellows (of yore). So let them not rush Me.
51:60 Woe, then, betide those who disbelieved in that Day of theirs which they are being asked to hold in dread.


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