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52:1  By the Mount
52:2  and the Book inscribe
52:3  on fine parchment
52:4  by the much-frequented House
52:5  by the elevated canopy
52:6  and by the swelling sea
52:7  verily your Lord´s chastisement shall come to pass
52:8  none can avert that
52:9  (It shall come to pass) on the Day when the heaven will convulse in a great convulsion
52:10  and the mountains shall violently fly about
52:11  Woe, then, on that Day to those who give the lie (to this Message
52:12  and amuse themselves with vain argumentation
52:13  On the Day when they shall be thrust into Hell with a violent thrust (and shall be told)
52:14  "This is the Hell which you used to give the lie to."
52:15  Is this, then, any feat of magic or are you unable to see
52:16  Go now and burn in it. It is all the same whether you bear it patiently or do not bear it with patience. You are only being recompensed for your deeds."
52:17  Surely the God-fearing shall be in Gardens and bliss
52:18  enjoying what Allah will have endowed them with; and their Lord will have saved them from the torment of the Blazing Fire
52:19  (They will be told): "Eat and drink to your hearts´ content as a reward for your deeds."
52:20  The God-fearing shall be reclining on couches facing each other, and We shall wed them to maidens with large, beautiful eyes
52:21  We shall unite the believers with those descendants of theirs who followed them in their faith, and shall not deny them any part of the reward for their good deeds. Every person is pledged to what he did
52:22  We shall provide them in abundance with all kinds of fruit and meat, whatever they may desire
52:23  They shall pass on to one another a cup that will incite neither levity nor sin
52:24  Youths as fair as hidden pearls will be set apart to wait upon them; they will be running to and fro to serve them
52:25  They will turn to one another and ask (regarding the past events)
52:26  They will say: "When we were living before among our kinsfolk we lived in constant fear (of Allah´s displeasure)
52:27  Then Allah graced us with His favour and saved us from the chastisement of the scorching wind
52:28  Formerly we had always prayed to Him. Surely He is Most Benign, Most Compassionate."
52:29  So exhort (them, O Prophet), for by your Lord´s Grace, you are neither a soothsayer nor a madman
52:30  Or do they say: "He is a poet for whom we await an adverse turn of fortune."
52:31  Tell them: "Wait; I too am waiting with you."
52:32  Do their minds prompt them to say such things, or are they a people immersed in transgression?"
52:33  Do they say: "He has himself fabricated the Qur´an?" No; the truth is that they are altogether averse to believing
52:34  (If they are truthful in this), then let them produce a discourse of similar splendour
52:35  Did they come into being without any creator? Or were they their own creators
52:36  Or is it they who created the heavens and the earth? No; the truth is that they lack sure faith
52:37  Or do they have your Lord´s treasures in their keeping? Or have absolute authority over them
52:38  Or do they have a ladder whereon they can climb and attempt to listen (to what is transpiring in the Higher Realm)? Then, let any of them who has listened to it produce a clear proof of it
52:39  Or does Allah have daughters whereas you have sons
52:40  Or is it that you ask of them any recompense so that they should fear to be weighed down under the burden of debt
52:41  Or is it that they have access to (the Truths in) the realm beyond sense-perception which they are writing down
52:42  Or are they contriving a stratagem against you? If so, that stratagem will rebound against the unbelievers
52:43  Do they have any god other than Allah? Exalted be Allah above whatever they associate (with Him in His Divinity)
52:44  (So obstinate are they that) even if they were to see some fragments of the sky falling down they would still say: "It is only a mass of cloud."
52:45  So leave them alone until they encounter that Day of theirs when they shall be struck down
52:46  when their stratagem shall be of no avail to them, nor shall they be succoured
52:47  Surely a chastisement awaits the wrong-doers even before the coming of that Day; but most of them do not know
52:48  Be patient, then, (O Prophet), until the judgement of your Lord comes. For surely you are before Our eyes. And celebrate the praise of your Lord when you rise
52:49  and also celebrate His praise at night, and at the retreat of the stars