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Dr. Munir Munshey

adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 (Allah swears) by the winds that scatter and disperse,
51:2 And those that pick up a heavy load (of moisture).
51:3 Yet, glide through so easily.
51:4 Then, they distribute and apportion (rain) per His command.
51:5 That which you are promised, (the afterlife), is certainly the absolute truth!
51:6 Indeed, the reckoning of deeds is just bound to occur!
51:7 And (He swears) by the sky with orbits (of countless celestial bodies).
51:8 In fact, you (skeptics) hold (different and) diverse views (about life, death and after death).
51:9 Kept away (from the truth) is the one who has a hatred (for it).
51:10 Damned are those who conjecture!
51:11 Immersed (in ignorance), they are preoccupied (by their preconceived ideas)!
51:12 They ask, "When would that day of reckoning arrive?"
51:13 That day, they would be tormented by fire.
51:14 "(Here)! Taste (the outcome of) your misdeeds. This is (precisely) what you had so eagerly demanded to be hastened."
51:15 (That day), those who fear (Allah) would be in (the blissful) gardens of paradise, amid springs.
51:16 (Gratefully) accepting whatever (blessings) their Lord would grant them. Indeed, prior to this (in their life) they used to act righteously.
51:17 They did not sleep much at night, but only a part of the time!
51:18 And before dawn (late at night), they sought forgiveness (for their sins).
51:19 And (they accepted the fact that) the deprived and the destitute had a rightful share in their wealth.
51:20 For those who have a firm faith, there are (convincing) signs on this earth.
51:21 And even in your own selves. So then, do you not notice?
51:22 In the sky is your sustenance; and that which you are being promised (the afterlife).
51:23 And (I swear) by the Lord of the heavens and the earth! It _ (the afterlife) _ is indeed an absolute reality! Just like the reality that you have the power of speech and diction.
51:24 Has the story of the honored guests of Ibraheem reached you?
51:25 When they came to him, they said, "Peace!" Ibraheem replied, "Peace!" Folks appear to be strangers!
51:26 Then he went (inside the house) to his family, and brought back a fattened (roasted) calf.
51:27 And placed it before them, then said, "Why don´t you eat?"
51:28 (They did not eat, and so) he felt afraid of them. They said, "Do not be afraid!" And they gave him the good news of a learned son.
51:29 His wife came forward, slapped her forehead and exclaimed loudly, "(I am) old and barren!"
51:30 They said, "Despite that, precisely! Your Lord has said that He is the Wisest, the most Aware!"
51:31 (Ibraheem) said, "So what is your mission, oh you messengers."
51:32 They said, "We have been sent towards a criminal nation, (the people of Loot)."
51:33 "To rain upon them stones of baked clay."
51:34 "Earmarked (especially) by your Lord for the transgressors."
51:35 "(But first) We evacuated from the town anyone who was a believer."
51:36 "There, We did not find more than a single house of the believers!"
51:37 In that town, We left behind (nothing except) signs for those who fear the painful punishment.
51:38 And (We left signs) in (the saga of) Musa, when We sent him to the pharaoh with a distinct and definite authority.
51:39 But the pharaoh relied on his might, and turned away (in arrogance); and said, "(He is) a magician, or (else he is) just plain mad!"
51:40 Therefore, We grabbed him and his armies and dumped them in the sea; he was damned!
51:41 And (there are signs in the history of) the nation of ´Aads´, when We sent upon them the blighted lethal wind.
51:42 It did not spare a thing. Whatever it touched, it (churned and) turned into dust and debris.
51:43 In (the fate of) the people of ´Samood´, (there are signs)! They were told, "Enjoy yourself for just a while."
51:44 They displayed contempt for the command of their Lord. So a bolt of lightning struck them, while they looked on (helplessly).
51:45 They could neither stand on their feet, nor help themselves.
51:46 And prior to them, (We destroyed) the people of Nooh. They were indeed a rebellious sinful nation.
51:47 With Our power and prowess, We brought into being the universe. And indeed, We expand it (steadily)!
51:48 And We have spread out the earth. (Observe)! How aptly did We stretch it!
51:49 We have created everything in pairs. Perhaps you would bear that in mind.
51:50 (Say), "And (hurry), run towards Allah. I am really an obvious warner from Him to you."
51:51 "And do not assign a god (for worship), along with Allah! I´m really a clear warner from Him to you."
51:52 Thus, the same was said about every messenger who came before them, "(He is) a magician! A lunatic!"
51:53 Do they leave this remark as a legacy (for future generations)? No! They are the defiant sinners, all of them.
51:54 Turn away from them. You share no blame!
51:55 But continue to remind them. Of course, the reminder (always) helps the believers!
51:56 I have not created the jinn and the human kind, (for any reason) except that they should worship Me.
51:57 I want no riches from them, and do not want them to feed Me.
51:58 Indeed, the provider of sustenance (for all beings) is Allah, the One with absolute Power and matchless Might.
51:59 Indeed! The evildoers of the present day shall have the same fate as those of their companions (in hellfire), the evil doers of the past. So, let them not ask Me to hasten (the Day of Judgment)!
51:60 So, on that day of theirs, the promised day, there shall be (nothing but) misery for those who disbelieve.


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