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50:1  Qaf, (Allah swears) by the Glorious Qur´an
50:2  In fact, they are surprised because one of their own, (a mortal like themselves), came to them as a warner. The unbelievers said, "That is really odd!"
50:3  "(Would we live again) after we die and become dust? Such a return (to life) is far-fetched, (a fantasy)!"
50:4  (Really)? We know very well everything that the earth consumes from their (dead decomposing) bodies. With Us is the book that (records and) preserves (every event)
50:5  No! In fact they rejected the truth (about the hereafter) just as soon as it came to them. So now they are perturbed and perplexed
50:6  (Isn´t life after death likely)? Did they not ever look at the sky above them? (Did they not wonder) how We made and adorned it? Lapses it does lack; it is free of flaws
50:7  And (what about) the earth? We laid out the earth, placed mountains firmly upon it, and caused all sorts of delightful plant life to proliferate on it
50:8  These are the (clues), insights and reminders for every human being, anyone turning (to Allah) in repentance
50:9  From the sky We sent down the water as (Our) blessing; and with it, We produced the gardens and the harvested grain
50:10  As also the tall date trees with their densely clustered dates
50:11  (Such is) the provision for My servants! With that water, We bring the dead land back to life. The emergence (of the dead back to life) shall happen in much the same manner
50:12  Prior to them, ( the present day unbelievers), the nation of Nooh, the people of ´Russ´, and ´Samood´ had rejected (life-after-death)
50:13  And ´Aads´, the pharaohs and the brethren of Loot
50:14  The people of ´Aikah´, and the nation of ´Tubbah´. Each of them rejected the messengers. So (My) threat became a reality
50:15  Were We not capable of bringing this creation into being the first time? Yet, they are uncertain about the new creation, ( the revival of creation)
50:16  Indeed, We have created man, and (so) We are surely aware of every thought that crosses his mind. We are closer to him than his jugular vein
50:17  (Remember)! The two sentries, (the two angels responsible for recording deeds), _ one sitting on the right (shoulder), the other on the left _ are receiving (and recording everything)
50:18  Not a word uttered by any person, escapes (the attention of) the vigilant observers _ (the angels assigned over him)
50:19  The agony (and stupor) of death will bring about the truth, "This is the very thing you used to avoid and evade"
50:20  Then the trumpet shall sound, "This is the promised day _ (the day of reckoning)!"
50:21  Every soul will arrive accompanied by (two angels), a guard and a witness
50:22  "You had certainly been unmindful of this! We have lifted the scales off your eyes. So, very sharp is your vision today!"
50:23  And his companion, (the escorting Angel) would declare, "This one under my custody (and his record of deeds) is ready."
50:24  "Hurl every stubborn unbeliever into hell!"
50:25  "The one who forbade the good, the transgressor, the skeptic."
50:26  "The one who assigned a god (for worship), besides Allah. So toss him into the toughest of torment!"
50:27  His comrade, (the Shaitan) would submit, "Our Lord, I did not force him to transgress and rebel. He was wayward himself; quite far astray!"
50:28  (Allah) will say, "Refrain from quarrelling in My presence. I had certainly warned you in advance."
50:29  "The sentence rendered by Me shall not be reversed. I am not (at all) cruel to My servants!"
50:30  That day, We shall ask the hell, "Are you full?" It will reply, "Are there more?"
50:31  The paradise would move closer to the righteous; wouldn´t be far (at all)
50:32  "This (is the coveted prize) you had been pledged! (It is) for all those who always turn to Allah in sincere repentance and (grudgingly) guard (their covenant with Allah)."
50:33  (It is) for the one who feared (Allah), the most Merciful, the Unseen; (for the one who) returned to Him with a repentant heart
50:34  "In peace (and bliss), enter the paradise! This is the day of eternity!"
50:35  There, they shall have anything they want; and yet We have more (for them)
50:36  Many nations have We destroyed (for their sins) prior to them _ nations that were stronger, (more developed) and mightier. They penetrated (and colonized many) other lands. But did they find any place to escape
50:37  Indeed, there is a lesson in it for anyone who possesses a heart (that feels); anyone who listens attentively and applies his mind
50:38  We have certainly created the heavens and the earth, and everything else between them, in six periods of time. And that did not wear Us out, the least bit
50:39  Have patience, and tolerate what they say. Chant the praises of your Lord (every day) before sunrise and before sunset
50:40  Also, chant His praises at night; and (glorify Him again) at the end of prostration (during each prayer)
50:41  Listen! The day the trumpeter calls from a nearby place
50:42  Is the day they shall hear the blast, the call of truth! That will be the day of release (from the graves)
50:43  Indeed, We (alone) bestow life, and We give death. Towards Us, is the return trip (of every soul)
50:44  That day, the earth will split open, allowing them to emerge (from their graves) in a hurry. (Carrying out) such (a feat of) gathering (of all souls) is quite easy for Us
50:45  We know quite well what they say. (You may not compel them), and you are not (appointed) a tyrant over them. With (the help of) this Qur´an. remind the one who fears (and heeds) My warning