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35:1  Praise be to Allah (God), Originator of Heaven and Earth, Who appoints the Angels as winged messengers in pairs, and in threes and fours. He increases anything He wishes through creation; Allah (God) is Capable of everything!
35:2  There is no withholding any mercy that Allah (God) may open up for mankind; while neither is there any [means of] sending anything later on once He has withheld it. He is the Powerful, the Wise.
35:3  Mankind, remember Allah (God)'s favor towards you. Is there any creator besides Allah (God) who provides for you out of the sky and earth? There is no deity except Him; yet you
35:4  If they should reject you, well, messengers before you have already been rejected. To Allah (God) are matters referred.
35:5  Mankind, Allah (God)'s promise is true; do not let worldly life lure you on nor let the Deceiver deceive you concerning Allah (God).
35:6  Satan is an enemy of yours, so treat him as an enemy: he only calls his party to become inmates of the Blaze.
35:7  Those who disbelieve will have severe punishment while those who believe and act honorably will have forgiveness and great earnings.
35:8  Does anyone exist whose evil action seems so attractive to him that he regards it as fine? Allah (God) lets anyone He wishes go astray while He guides whomever He wishes. Do not let yourself go around pitying them; Allah (God) is Aware of what they are producing.
35:9  Allah (God) is the One Who sends the winds to blow the clouds along. We drive them on to a dead land, and revive the earth by means of them after it has died. Such is regeneration.
35:10  For anyone who has been wanting glory, Allah (God) holds all glory: towards Him do wholesome words ascend while honorable action He exalts. Those who plot evil deeds will have severe punishment while their very plotting will collapse.
35:11  Allah (God) has created you from dust, then from a drop of semen; then He divided you into couples. No female conceives nor gives birth unless He knows it. No elderly person grows even older nor has anything shortened from his life unless it is [written down] in a Record. That is easy for Allah (God) [to do]!
35:12  Both seas are not alike: this one is sweet, fresh, refreshing to drink, while the other is salty, briny. From each you eat fresh meat and extract jewelry you wear. You see ships sailing along on it so you may seek His bounty and so that you may feel thankful.
35:13  He wraps night up into daytime and wraps daytime up in night, and regulates the sun and moon; each runs along on a stated course. Such is Allah (God), your Lord! Control belongs to Him; while the ones whom you appeal to instead of Him do not control a wisp.
35:14  If you should appeal to them, they will not hear your appeal; while even though they heard it, they would not respond to you. On Resurrection Day they will disown your associating [them with Allah (God)]. No one notifies you in the way that someone Who is Informed does.
35:15  Mankind, you are so poor as far as Allah (God) is concerned, while Allah (God) is Transcendent, Praiseworthy.
35:16  If He so wished, He could take you away and bring some fresh creation;
35:17  that would not be impossible for Allah (God) to do.
35:18  No burdened [soul] may bear another's burden: if some overladen soul should call out for someone else to carry his load, no one would bear any part of it even though he were a near relative. You can only warn those who dread their Lord although [He is] Unseen, and keep up prayer. Anyone who purifies himself, only purifies his own soul. Towards Allah (God) should lie one's destiny.
35:19  The blind and the sighted are not equal,
35:20  nor are darkness and light,
35:21  nor a shady nook and a heatwave.
35:22  The living and the dead are not alike. Allah (God) lets anyone He wishes listen, while you will not make those in their graves hear.
35:23  You are nothing but a warner;
35:24  We have sent you as an announcer and a warner about the Truth. No nation exists unless some warner has passed among them.
35:25  Yet if they should reject you, well the ones before them rejected [their messengers too]; their messengers brought them explanations, the Psalms, and an enlightening Book (the Bible).
35:26  Then I seized the ones who disbelieved. How great was My punishment!
35:27  Have you not seen how Allah (God) sends water down from the sky? We produce different colored fruits with it. From the mountains come white and red marbling in different shades as well as obsidian black.
35:28  Some men, wild beasts and livestock are of different colors as well. Yet only His [truly] learned servants dread Allah (God) [Alone], even though Allah (God) is Powerful, Forgiving.
35:29  The ones who recite Allah (God)'s book [the Quran], keep up prayer and spend something [to charity] both secretly and publicly from whatever He has provided for them, can hope for a business which will never slacken,
35:30  so He may repay them their earnings and grant them even more out of His bounty. He is Forgiving, Appreciative.
35:31  What We have revealed to you from the Book [the Quran] is the Truth confirming what has preceded it [of Scriptures]. Allah (God) is Informed, Observant concerning His servants.
35:32  Then We allow some of Our servants whom We have singled out to inherit the Book [the Quran]. One of them may harm his own soul while another is moderate, and still another vies in performing good deeds with Allah (God)'s permission. It [will mean] great bounty:
35:33  gardens of Eden will they enter. They will be allowed to wear gold and pearl bracelets there while their clothing will be [made of] silk.
35:34  They will say: "Praise be to Allah (God) Who has lifted sadness from us! Our Lord is Forgiving, Appreciative,
35:35  the One Who has settled us in the Everlasting Home because of His bounty. No toil will ever touch us there nor will any weariness affect us in it."
35:36  The ones who disbelieved will have Hell fire. It will be neither finished off for them so that they may [really] die; nor will its torment be lightened for them. Thus We reward every [ingrate] disbeliever.
35:37  They will scream away in it: "Our Lord, take us out! We'll act honorably, so differently from the way we have been acting!" Did We not let you live on and on so anyone who bears things in mind might remember (them) during its course? The Warner came to you. So have a taste! Wrongdoers will have no supporter.
35:38  Allah (God) is the One Who knows the Unseen in both Heaven and Earth. He is Aware of whatever is on your minds.
35:39  He is the One Who has set you up as [His] representatives on earth. Anyone who disbelieves is responsible for his own disbelief. Their disbelief merely increases disbelievers in loathing towards their Lord; their disbelief involves disbelievers in even greater loss.
35:40  SAY: "Have you ever seen your associates whom you appeal to instead of to Allah (God)? Show me what part of earth they have created. Have they any partnership in Heaven? Or have We given them a book? Have they come upon any explanation from it? Rather wrongdoers merely promise one another delusion.
35:41  Allah (God) grasps both Heaven and Earth lest either one should slip out of place. If either should slip out of place, no one else would hold on to them besides Him. Allah (God) is Lenient, Forgiving.
35:42  They have sworn before Allah (God) by their most solemn oaths that if a warner should ever come to them, they would be better guided than any other nation. Yet whenever a warner has come to them, it only increased their aversion
35:43  because of how arrogant they had acted on earth and plotted evil. Plotting evil engulfs the people who practise it. Are they only waiting for what happened to primitive people? Yet you will never find any change in Allah (God)'s practice, nor will you ever find any substitute for Allah (God)'s practice.
35:44  Have they not travelled around the earth and observed how the outcome went for those who preceded them? They were much stronger than they are. Allah (God) will not be thwarted by anything in Heaven nor on Earth; He is All-Knowing, Capable.
35:45  If Allah (God) should take mankind to task for whatever they have been earning, He would not leave any creature on its surface; but He puts them off for a specific period. Once their deadline comes [they will get their rewards], Allah (God) indeed is Observant of His servants