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35:1  All praise is for Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the One Who appointed angels _ with two, three or four pairs of wings _ as His messengers. He adds to the creation as He pleases. Allah is indeed capable of doing everything
35:2  No one can hold back whatever Allah grants mankind by His grace; and what Allah withholds, no one can release. He is the most Powerful and the Wisest
35:3  Oh you people! Do not forget the favors of Allah upon you. Is there any creator other than Allah Who feeds you (and provides for all your needs) from the heaven and the earth? There is no god but He! Why then, are you being deceived
35:4  (Oh prophet)! If they accuse you of lying, (remember), messengers before you had also been accused of lying. All matters are referred to Allah (for decisions
35:5  Oh all you people, listen! Of course the promise of Allah is absolutely true! So do not ever let the life of this world deceive you, and do not ever let the deceiver, (the Shaitan), mislead you about Allah
35:6  Shaitan is really your enemy! So treat him as your enemy! He invites you to join his group, so you may end up being his companion in the hellfire
35:7  There is a severely harsh punishment for those who disbelieve! For those who believe and do good deeds, there is forgiveness and a great reward
35:8  How about the one whose bad deeds are made to appear adorable to him, so he considers them good? Allah throws on the wrong path whomever He wants, and He guides whom He wants. So do not feel sorry for them, and do not grieve. Allah is well Aware of what they do
35:9  It is Allah Who sends the winds, then stirs the clouds into action and drives them towards the dead and barren land. Thus, after its death, We bring the land back to life! Your return to life (after your death) shall also happen in the same manner
35:10  The one who covets (and strives for) honor and glory (should know that) the honor and might belong entirely to Allah. The worthy word of prayer ascends up to reach Him. The righteous deeds make it rise. A severe torment awaits those who devise treacherous schemes (to misguide people). The schemes of such people will come to naught
35:11  Allah created you from dust and then from a drop of semen. Then, He fashioned you into one of two sexes _ male and female. No female ever conceives or delivers except with His precise knowledge. The aged man lives that long while the lives of others are curtailed strictly in compliance with His commands prescribed in a book. That is really easy for Allah
35:12  The two kinds of flowing water (on the earth) are not alike. One is sweet, refreshing and quenches the thirst. The other is bitter and brackish. Yet, from both of them you attain fresh meat to eat, and extract pearls to wear. You see huge ships plough through the waves so you may seek His blessings (and earn your livelihood). Perhaps you will feel grateful
35:13  He wraps the night over the day and He rolls out the day over the night. He has tamed the sun and the moon _ each will stay in motion for a specified period. Such is Allah, your Lord. The empire (of this entire universe) belongs to Him. Those others you call gods beside Him do not own even a flimsy film over a date-stone
35:14  If you address your prayers to those you call gods (besides Allah), they will not hear you. They could not grant your prayers even if they heard you. On the Day of Judgment they will disown your acts of associating them with Allah. (Oh prophet)! None but the One most Aware could tell you all this
35:15  Oh you people! You are direly in need of Allah (to exist and subsist), whereas Allah is Free of all wants and is Worthy of all praise
35:16  If He wants, He could eliminate you completely. He could replace you with an entirely new form of life
35:17  This is not difficult for Allah at all
35:18  (In the afterlife), no one will bear the burden of somebody else´s (sins). The one heavily loaded (with sins) may ask others _ even his own closest relatives _ to help carry some of his load, but no one will assume even a tiny bit of his burden. In fact, (oh prophet), you can alert (only) those who fear their Lord and establish ´salat´ without having seen Him. Whoever strives to purify his soul, does so for his own good. Towards Allah is (your final) destination
35:19  The blind and those endowed with sight are not equal
35:20  Nor are the darkness and the light
35:21  Nor the (cool) shade and (the sultry heat of) the sun
35:22  The dead and the living are not equal. Of course Allah can make anyone He wants hear (anything He wants). But, you cannot make people lying in their graves hear anything
35:23  You are only a warner
35:24  Indeed, We have sent you with the absolute truth as a bearer of good news and as a warner. Every community that ever existed had its warner
35:25  If they reject you (remember), they had also rejected those before you, (even though) the messengers brought them clear proofs, scriptures and the (revealing) illuminating book
35:26  Finally, I nabbed the unbelievers; and (observe) how (devastating) was My punishment
35:27  Do you not see? Allah sends water down from the sky, and with it We produce fruits of various kinds and diverse colors. Even the hills display streaks of varying colors: shades of white, red and jet black
35:28  Similarly men, beasts, crawling creatures and cattle are of different colors, too. Indeed, among His servants, those with knowledge are the ones who really fear Allah. Of course! Allah is the Mightiest and the most Forgiving
35:29  There are those who recite the book of Allah, perform ´salat´ and (for the sake of Allah) spend _ secretly as well as openly _ out of the wealth We have given them. They do so because they expect a bargain with no risk of loss
35:30  So that Allah may grant them their reward in full, and by His grace grant them even more (than their deeds deserve). Indeed, He is the most Forgiving. And He appreciates (and rewards) gratitude
35:31  (Oh prophet)! The book We have revealed to you is the absolute truth. It reaffirms (the truth revealed in) the earlier scriptures. Allah is certainly well informed about His servants. He watches over them
35:32  Then, We chose others among Our servants and had them inherit the (last) book. Some among them are unjust to themselves (and refuse to accept this inheritance _ the Qur´an), and some are lukewarm in their acceptance. Others, by the grace of Allah rush towards it and excel in performing the righteous acts. That is indeed a great honor
35:33  They will be ushered into an eternal (and idyllic) paradise where they will be offered gold bracelets and pearls to wear. Their clothes, there, would be made of (fine) silk
35:34  And they will say, "All praise is for Allah Who cleared away all our afflictions (and shortcomings). Our Lord is certainly the most Forgiving. He is ready to appreciate and reward gratitude (profusely)."
35:35  "The One Who has given us, by His grace, this house of eternity to live. Here, we do not have to toil and struggle! Here, we do not undergo any fatigue."
35:36  There is hellfire for those who disbelieve. It will not finish them off completely. They will not die. But the torture will not be reduced (or eased). This is how We punish every (disbelieving and) ungrateful person
35:37  There, they will cry out for help (and say), "Our Lord, (please)) take us out of here. This time around, we will perform righteous deeds, quite different from what we did earlier!" (They shall receive the answer), "Did We not give you a life long enough for you to listen to (and heed) the advice, if you really wanted. A warner had come to you! Now, taste (the torment)! There is no helper for the unjust (and the cruel)."
35:38  Allah is the One Who knows all the unseen mysteries of the heavens and the earth. Indeed, He even knows that which lies hidden in the hearts (of all beings)
35:39  Certainly, it is He Who appointed man as His deputy on earth. Thus the burden of disbelief lies solely and squarely upon those who reject. The rejection of the disbelievers only makes them ever more loathsome according to Allah. The rejection of the unbelievers, therefore, does nothing more than multiply their own loss
35:40  Say, "What do you think about the partners you call upon and pray to other than Allah? Show me what they have created on this earth! Or do you think they have any share in the heaven?" Have We given them a book they can cite in support of their views? Not so at all! In fact what the evildoers assure each other are mere delusions
35:41  Indeed it is Allah Who holds the heavens and the earth (under control), and keeps them from falling into disarray. There is no one except He, Who can hold them together, should they break loose and deviate. Of course, He is the most Forbearing, the most Forgiving
35:42  They used to swear by Allah! They used to assert solemnly that if a warner came to them they would accept his guidance and would be better than any other nation ever. But the arrival of the warner merely increased their aversion for the truth
35:43  They behaved haughtily in the land and devised evil plans (against Our messenger). But inevitably, the treacherous tricks boomerang and engulf the schemers. So are they waiting for the same fate that became the lot of the earlier disbelievers? They shall not find any change in Our established practice. They shall certainly not find any power capable of (intervening and) altering Our (chosen) practice
35:44  Have they not traveled around in this world? Have they not witnessed the fateful end of those who lived earlier _ those who were much stronger (physically)? Absolutely nothing in the heavens or on the earth can render Allah helpless! Indeed, He knows everything and is Capable of doing anything
35:45  Were Allah to punish people over every misdeed they commit, He would not have left any being alive on the surface of the earth. Instead, He prefers to postpone and grant them a respite until a specified time. Then, when the time comes, (beware)! Allah is surely Watchful over His servants