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35:1  Praise be to Allah, The Originator (Literally: The Renderer) of the heavens and the earth, The Maker of the Angels (as) Messengers endowed with wings, two, three and four. (Literally: in twos and in therrs, and in fours) He increases in creation as He decides; surely Allah is Ever-Determiner over everything
35:2  Whatever mercy Allah opens for mankind, then none can be holding it back; and whatever He holds back, then none can be sending it forth after Him; And He is The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Wise
35:3  O you mankind, remember the favor of Allah upon you. Is there any creator, other than Allah, who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no god except He; then however are you diverged (into falsehood)
35:4  And in case they cry lies to you, so Messengers already before you were cried lies to; and to Allah (all) Commands (Or: affairs) are returned
35:5  O you mankind, surely the promise of Allah is true; so definitely do not let the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the lifs of the world) delude you and definitely do not let the Deluder delude you concerning Allah
35:6  Surely Ash-Shaytan (The ever-Vicious, i.e., the devil) is an enemy to you, so take him to yourselves for an enemy. Surely he calls his party only that they may be among the companions (i.e., inhabitants) of the Blaze
35:7  The ones who have disbelieved will have a strict torment; and the ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness will have forgiveness and a great reward
35:8  So, is he (righteous), the odiousness of whose deed (s) had been adorned (i.e., made attractive) for him, so that he sees them as fair (deeds)? Then surely Allah leads into error whomever He decides, and guides whomever He decides; so do not let yourself go away in regrets for them. Surely Allah is Ever-Knowing of whatever they work out
35:9  And Allah is (The One) Who has sent the winds. So they stir up clouds, then We drive them to a dead land; then therewith We give life to the earth, after its death. Thus is the rising up
35:10  Whoever is willing to (gain) might, then to Allah belongs the might altogether. To Him the good wordings mount; and the righteous deed, He raises it. And (the ones) who scheme odious (deeds) will have a strict torment, and the scheming of those (folk) will be the one that is futile
35:11  And Allah created you from dust, thereafter from a sperm-drop; thereafter He made you pairs; and in no way can a female conceive or give birth except with His Knowledge; and in no way can anyone be given a long age, (i.e., bear the burden of) nor is anyone diminished in his age, except that it is in a Book. Surely that is easy for Allah
35:12  And in no way can the two seas be equal; this is sweet, gratifying (to taste) palatable as a drink; and this (other) is salt, bitter (to the tongue); and of each you eat fresh flesh and draw forth ornaments for you to wear. And you see the ships plowing through it that you may seek of His Grace and that possibly you would thank (Him)
35:13  He inserts the night into the daytime and inserts the daytime into the night, and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each of them running to a stated term. That is Allah your Lord; to Him belongs The Kingdom; and the ones you invoke apart from Him, in no way do they possess as much as the skin of a date-stone
35:14  In case you invoke them, they will not hear your invocation; and if they heard, in no way would they respond to you. And on the Day of the Resurrection they will disown (Literally: disbelieve) your associating them (with Allah). And none can fully inform you like One Who is Ever-Cognizant
35:15  O you mankind, you are the poor (in relation) to Allah; and Allah is The One Who is The Ever-Affluent, The Ever-Praiseworthy
35:16  In case He (so) decides, He can put you away and come up (instead) with a new creation
35:17  And in no way is that a mighty thing for Allah
35:18  And no encumbered self can be encumbered with the encumbrance of (i.e. bear the burden of) another (self). And in case a heavy-burdened (self) calls for its burden (to be carried), not a thing of it will be carried, though he be a near kinsman. Surely you warn only (the ones) who are apprehensive of their Lord in the Unseen and keep up the prayer. And whoever cleanses himself, then he cleanses it for himself. (i.e., for his own benefit) And to Allah is the Destiny
35:19  And in no way are the blind and the ever-beholding equal
35:20  Neither the darkness (es) and the light
35:21  Nor the shade and the torrid heat
35:22  And in no way are the living and the dead equal. Surely Allah makes to hear whomever He decides; and in no way can you ever make (the ones) in the tombs to hear
35:23  Decidedly you are nothing except a constant warner
35:24  Surely We have sent you with the Truth, a constant bearer of glad tidings and a constant warner. And decidedly no nation there is, except that there has passed in it a constant warner
35:25  And in case they cry you lies, then (the ones) even before them already cried lies; their Messengers came to them with the supreme evidence (s), and the Scriptures (Zubur, sometimes understood to mean the Psalms) and the Supreme Enlightening Book
35:26  Thereafter I took (away) (the ones) who disbelieved; then how was My disclaiming
35:27  Have you not seen that Allah sends down from the heaven water. So We bring out therewith products of different colors? And among the mountains are streaks (Or: highways in the valleys) white and red, of different colors, and black crags
35:28  And of mankind and beasts and cattle (includes cattle, camels, sheep and goats) in like (manner) (are) different colors. Surely only the ones of His bondmen who are apprehensive of Allah are the knowledgeable. (i.e. learned ones) Surely Allah is Ever-Mighty, Ever-Forgiving
35:29  Surely (the ones) who recite the Book of Allah, and keep up the prayer, and expend of what We have provided them, secretly and in public, hope for a commerce that will never be futile
35:30  That He may (pay them) in full their rewards and increase them of His Grace; surely He is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful
35:31  And that which We have revealed to you of the Book, it is the Truth sincerely (verifying) what is before it. (Literally: between its two hands) Surely Allah is indeed Ever-Cognizant, Ever-Beholding His bondmen
35:32  Thereafter We made the ones whom We elected of Our bondmen inherit the Book. Then, of them are (some) who are unjust to themselves, and of them are (some) who are moderate, and of them are (some) who are forerunners in charitable (deeds), by the permission of Allah. It is that (which) is the great Grace
35:33  Gardens of Adn (Eden) they will enter; therein they will be ornamented with bracelets of gold and with pearls, and their garment therein is silk
35:34  And they will say, "Praise be to Allah Who has put away (all) source of grief from us. Surely our Lord is indeed Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful
35:35  Who, of His Grace, has made it lawful for us to inhabit in the Home of Everlasting stationing wherein no toil will touch us, nor will fatigue touch us."
35:36  And (the ones) who have disbelieved, for them is the Fire of Hell; their end will not be decreed and so they die, nor will (any degree of) its torment be lightened for them. Thus We recompense every constant disbeliever
35:37  And they scream aloud, "Our Lord, bring us (forth) out. We will do righteousness, other than whatever we were doing." (we say), "And did We not give you long (life), enough to remind him who would remind himself? And the constant warner came to you. So taste (the torment)! So in no way will the unjust have any ready vindicator."
35:38  Surely Allah is The Knower of the Unseen of the heavens and the earth; surely He is Ever-Knowing (the thoughts) within the breasts. (Literally: what the breasts own
35:39  He is The One Who made you succeeding each other in the earth. So whoever disbelieves, then his disbelief will be against him; and their disbelief increases the disbelievers (in nothing) except detestation in the Reckoning of their Lord, and their disbelief increases the disbelievers (in nothing) except in greater loss
35:40  Say, "Have you seen your associates whom you invoke apart from Allah? Show me what they created of the earth. Or even have they an associating in the heavens? Or even have We brought them a Book so that they are upon supreme evidence from it?" No indeed, (but) decidedly the unjust promise one another (Literally: some of them promise some (others) nothing except delusion
35:41  Surely Allah holds the heavens and the earth (so) that they do not cease to exist; and indeed in case they cease to exist, decidedly no one would hold them both after Him. Surely He has been Ever-Forbearing, Ever-Forgiving
35:42  And they have sworn by Allah their most earnest oaths that indeed in case a constant warner came to them, indeed they would definitely be more (rightly) guided than any one of the nations. Yet as soon as a constant warner came to them, in no way did it increase them in anything except in repulsion
35:43  Waxing proud in the earth, and scheming odiousness; and scheming odiousness redounds upon nobody except its population. (i.e., those who habitually do that) So do they look for anything except the enactment for the earliest (people)? Then, you will never find any exchange of the enactment of Allah, and you will never find any transference to the enactment of Allah
35:44  And have they not traveled in the earth, and so have looked into how (was) the end of (the ones) before them? And they were more valiant in power than themselves. And in no way is there anything for Allah in the heavens or in the earth that can indeed defy Him; surely he has been Ever-Knowing, Ever-Determining
35:45  And if Allah took mankind to task for what they have earned, in no way would He leave upon the surface (Literally: back) (of the earth) any beast; but He is deferring them to a stated term. So when their term comes, then surely Allah has been Ever-Beholding His bondmen