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35:1  Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes Who has generated the heavens and the earth and designated the angels as envoys furnished with pairs of wings in sets of two, three and four. He adds, joins or unites one thing to another at creation so as to increase the number, the size or the importance of a given created being or beings as He will Allah is indeed Qadirun (Omnipotent) over all thing
35:2  Should Allah open His gates of mercy to the people -in the form of the material or the immaterial- no one can close these gates or obstruct the flow of what He has permitted nor be able to withhold it either. And if He should withhold it -in one form or another- no one can accord it besides Him; He is AL- Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim (the Source of wisdom and wise mysterious dispensations)
35:3  O you people: Let your remembrance apply to Allah and bear in mind His grace abounding in you by impelling yourselves to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness. And think and think but this: is there a creator other than Allah who provisions you with livelihood from the heavens above and from the earth below! There is no Ilah but Him, therefore how could you counsel deaf to the truth
35:4  And should they -the infidels- deny your mission O Muhammad and accuse you of falsehood so, were Messengers before you. They were met with the same negative response and were accused of want of conformity to the truth. And to Allah, the Ultimate Authority, are committed and submitted all matters and all affairs for consideration, decision and execution here and Hereafte
35:5  O you people: rest assured that Allah's promise is the truth personified and so, do not let life below deceive you and entangle you with the birdlime of fleshy passion and mundane vanity nor should anything -power, business, wealth, knowledge, long life, status, lust, nor anyone- -AL-Shaytan (Satan) or those with characteristics befitting him- alienate you ever from Allah
35:6  And you had better realize that AL-Shaytan is your avowed enemy and therefore consider him malignant and deal with him accordingly. He incites his followers and presents to them inducements designating them as his adherents and destine them to the blazing Fire
35:7  Those who deny Allah and reject His system of faith and worship must expect the torment laid upon the damned, whereas those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety must expect forgiveness and an imposing rewar
35:8  Does he who is enticed by his deeds of evil and iniquities alluring his mind's eyes and inducing him to hug his irreverent conviction to his heart compare with him whose deeds reflect wisdom and piety! Allah misguides indeed whom He will and guides to His path of righteousness whom He will. Therefore, do not let yourself O Muhammad be affected with grief and deep sorrow for their irreverent response to the divine message nor should you lament their deviation from sense with sighing Allah is 'Alimun (Omniscient indeed of all that they do
35:9  Allah is He Who sends the wind carrying water vapour extracted chiefly from the water mass on the surface of the earth to raise clouds spreading in the floor of the vault of heaven, We drive them to, a dead or droughty land where they pour their rain water with which We revive the land after it had Suffered death; similarly do We effect Resurrection
35:10  He who seeks the mundane glory and power must realize that such | attributes arc entirely those of Allah to Whom ascend the good words and He accepts the pious act which He welcomes in His realm of heaven and adorns with honour and exaltation. And those who take their cunning for a sinister and crooked wisdom fraught with evil shall suffer the torment laid upon the damned; their cunning bordering upon knavery is rendered vain
35:11  And Allah raised you –people- by special creations from dust then He made you evolve from a constituent part of emitted fluid* and He made of you two sex divisions of organic beings, a male and a female.* And no female human or animal conceives a seed in her womb or gives birth to a child or an animal respectively but comes to His knowledge, nor does he who is carried through the stealing steps of age to advanced life proceed or recede in age but in accordance with what is brought to book and this presents no difficulty to Alla
35:12  Nor do the two kinds of flowing waters compare: one fresh and sweet pleasant to drink and the other salty and bitter, and from each do you eat tender meat and you obtain various kinds of gems you use as articles of ornaments carried on your bodies. And you see the ships -the large sea-going vessels and the river- boats- ploughing through the waves and cleaving the surface thereof to help you accomplish your objects sought after of His bounty to the end that your bosoms may hopefully surge and answer thanks
35:13  He causes the night to lose its character and identity* by absorption into the day and He causes the day to lose its character and identity by absorption into the night and He reduced the sun and the moon to a state of subservience, each describing its orbit for a determined period of time. This is Allah, your Creator, Who has the sovereignty of the universe and its supreme controlling power, whereas those you invoke besides Him do not own even as little as the integument of the smallest seed nor do they exercise over it the least control
35:14  And if you invoke them for no matter what they do not hear your invocation and even if they heard it they would not be able to respond favourably or unfavourably; and in Day of Judgement they shall deny your irreverence to Allah and what you attribute to Him of plurality. And no one can inform you of the truth like Him. Who is Khabirun
35:15  O you people, your existence is conditioned by the will of Allah, you are so destitute as to be dependent on Him for livelihood and sustenance and you are in need of Him for guidance and He is AL-Gheniyo (the Independent and the Absolute.) and AL-Hamid (His grace abounds in the universe and He is Worthy of all praise.
35:16  If He wills He could do away with you -people- and replace you with a new creation
35:17  And this raises no difficulty ever for Him to effect
35:18  Nor would a soul heavily laden with wrongs find a single one to disburden her of some of her wrongs, nor the least of her burden be carried by any one else even if related by consanguinity. Your admonition and warning O Muhammad take effect with those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah albeit they do not apprehend Him by sight and they attend to religious Observances. And he who presents himself with a heart impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds with wisdom and piety will have successfully saved his own soul, and to Allah is the final and inevitable destination
35:19  They are not esteemed alike: those who lack intellectual, moral and spiritual perception and those who perceive mentally and apprehend the truth by though
35:20  Nor do they compare: the abysm of darkness and/or want of spiritual and intellectual sight and the illumination and enlightenment and the emanation of light
35:21  Nor are they of a like nature: "the shade" affording coolness and the sun radiating heat
35:22  Nor do the living -a life deserving the name- and the dead physically or spiritually compare. Allah's voice reaches whom He will but your voice O Muhammad shall never reach those deposited in the graves
35:23  You arc only a spectacle and a warnin
35:24  We have sent you with the spirit of truth guiding into all truth and never was there a nation but had a Messenger, a spectacle and a warning
35:25  And if they -the infidels- do reject the divine message and accuse you of falsehood and regard you as someone who passes himself off as someone other than he is, then you must realize that similarly acted those who preceded them They received Messengers with the divine message carrying evidence sufficient enough to establish their authority to implement Our statutes and Our Scriptures as well as the Book of enlightenment and illumination
35:26  In consequence, did I cast them from a position of prosperity and power and brought them to ruin and how unbearable and befitting was the retribution
35:27  Do you not sec that Allah sends down from the floor of the vault of heaven rain water causing the fruits to spring up from the soil in various colours. He made in the mountains paths, natural roads, passages and tracks of varied hues: white and red of various shades and others of raven black (each reflecting the colour of the dominant mineral its rocks contain.
35:28  And of people, reptilian and cattle variegation also holds true. Thus, such of Allah's servants as stand in awe of Him are the savants. Allah is Azizun (Almighty) and Ghafurun (Forgiving)
35:29  Indeed, those who recite Allah's Book -to themselves or to an audience- - from memory or by reading and in an appropriate manner- and observe their act of worship and do spend of what We bestowed on them of Our bounty in Allah's cause and in benevolence secretly and openly must expect a satisfying return for the commerce they have between Allah and themselves and in their intercourse in the affairs of life
35:30  This is to satisfy their needs, to reward them with what is commensurate with their deeds and to make His grace abound in them, He is indeed Ghafurun and Shakurun (Thankful)
35:31  And rest assured O Muhammad that all that We inspire to you of the Book -the Quran- is indeed the truth personified. It corroborates and confirms what had preceded of divine Books and Scriptures. He is indeed Khabirun (Omniscient) and Bassirun (the Omnipresent) Whose constant vigilance is extended to all His creatures
35:32  And We made the Book an heritage We bequeathed to such of Our servants as We have chosen and taken by preference. Some of them, the wrongful of actions, are being unfair to themselves. Others choose a middle way between right and wrong and some do vie by the grace of Allah in doing all that is good and all that reflects wisdom and piety. This is indeed the sufficient grace abounding in whom He will as well as the efficacious grace which effects the end for which it is given
35:33  Such persons who vie in doing good are those who shall be heartily welcomed in the Gardens of Eden wherein they shall be destined to make abode and wherein they shall be adorned with golden and pearled-bracelets and vested all in silken attire
35:34  Actuated with the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness they shall express their thoughts in words, thus: "We are indeed grateful to Allah Who has redeemed us out of all dread and sorrow and of the insecure feeling and the harassing anxiety of this Event". "Allah, our Creator, is indeed Ghafurun and Shakurun
35:35  "So gracious He is as to settle us in the Eternal abode wherein no touch of struggle mentally or physically shall there be and free from all touch of weariness we will be"
35:36  But those -infidels- who deny Him shall have to suffer for it. Hell shall assert them as her own and therein they will have passed through nature to eternal suffering. Never shall they perish in the wreck of time or suffer death nor shall their torment be mitigated, for thus do We requite the ungrateful who display no gratitude
35:37  While in the abysm of Hell, they shall implore Allah in a loud and excited voice, thus: O Allah, our Creator, deliver us out of it. We will imprint our deeds with wisdom and piety contrary to the wrong and the evil We did before. But they shall be told. "Did We not give you life long enough to give a chance to him who was willing to open his heart's ears and to lift to Allah his inward sight!. You received Allah's Messengers who warned you of this unbearable Eventful Event! Therefore, you taste the fatal consequences and do not expect any one to afford you help"
35:38  Allah is 'Alimun indeed of all the invisible and the unknown in the heavens and on earth. He holds prescience of all private thoughts and feelings that are reposited in the breasts
35:39  He is it Who has inducted you vicegerents on earth and made one generation inherit the other. Therefore, he who rejects the truth and denies the divine origin of the message will have hurt himself with his infidelity and nothing infidelity adds to the infidels' debit in heaven's realm but hatred and aversions And nothing infidelity adds to their fate but loss and ruin and moral and spiritual damnation
35:40  Say to them O Muhammad: Do you -infidels- see those whom you regard as your predominant partners and invoke besides Allah! Show me what section of the earth they have created, or do they go shares with Allah in the sovereignty of the heavens and they are the possessors thereof! Or did We give them a Book illuminating their eyes and imparting spiritual and intellectual enlightenment! The fact is that the wrongful of actions make promises to each other and nothing they promise but what is vain, deceptive and deluding
35:41  Allah is He Who sustains and supports the heavens (their contents) and keeps them from going out of order losing balance or scattering and vanishing. Should they be thrown about in disorder, who else other than Him can restore them to order! He has always been Halimun (forbearing) and Ghafurun
35:42  The infidels make a solemn declaration with an appeal to Allah that if there comes to them a spectacle and warning they would regard him with more reverence than any other people and they would be more prepared than all others to acknowledge the message of truth guiding into all truth. Yet when there came to them the spectacle and the warning their mental attitude -pitifully- made them more averse
35:43  Their rejection of the truth reflected their inordinate self-esteem and their extravagance in their accounts of themselves; they took their cunning for a sinister and crooked wisdom, a cunning fraught with evil. But the cunning that is fraught with evil besets only those who take it for a sinister and crooked wisdom. Do they not see into the mode of action adopted by Allah with those of old and has long been pursued by Him. -His just retributive punishment!- And you shall not find a change in Allah's mode of action nor shall you find deviation in His method of dealing with people -warning then punishing-
35:44  Have they not journeyed through the land and looked with their minds' eyes to see what was the end of those who preceded them who were far mightier than they are and their diligence never wearied! Nonetheless, their might conferred on them no immunity against Allah's retributive punishment. Nothing irrespective of its nature can stand in Allah's way or impede His course of action or frustrate the laws and statutes of His realm in the heavens or on earth; He has always been 'Alimun and Qadiru
35:45  If Allah were to plant the People's Hereafter in the now and impose on them what is commensurate with their deeds, not one single earthling animate being would be left on its surface. But He mercifully respites them to a predetermined point of time that they might hopefully deviate into sense and turn to Him. When it is time to pay to nature their due debt they shall come to know that Allah has always been Bassirun keeping a vigilant eye upon all this created beings