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70:1  A solicitor solicited the punishment which is bound to befall
70:2  (Let him know) there will be none to ward it off from the disbelievers
70:3  (It shall come) from Allah the Master of the ways of ascent; (which even enable a person to rise higher and higher, so why not solicit His grace?
70:4  The angels and the Spirit (of the faithful) ascend to Him in a day the measure of which is (equal to) fifty thousand years (a day of spiritual advancement of the faithful is equivalent to fifty thousand years of material advancement, thus the development and progress of the human soul knows no end)
70:5  So (while waiting) patiently persevere, an admirable and graceful persevering
70:6  They think it (- the Day of Judgment) to be far off
70:7  But We know it to be near (at hand)
70:8  The day (it befalls), the heaven shall become (red) like molten copper
70:9  And the mountains shall become like flakes of multicoloured wool
70:10  No warm friend will inquire after a warm friend
70:11  (Though) they will be placed in sight of one another. The guilty person would wish to redeem himself from the punishment of that day (even) by (offering) his children (as ransom)
70:12  (The guilty will gladly sacrifice) his wife and his brother (to redeem himself)
70:13  And even his kinsfolk who gave him shelter (in time of distress
70:14  And (by offering) all that is on the earth put together, (thinking) if only thus he might deliver himself (from the punishment)
70:15  By no means! (He can never be redeemed). Surely, it (- the punishment you are warned against) is a blazing Fire
70:16  Stripping off the skin even to the extremities (of the human body)
70:17  It will claim the person (for consumption) who drew back (from accepting the truth) and turned away (refusing to obey)
70:18  (It will claim) him who amassed (wealth) and withheld (it)
70:19  Verily, such a person is impatient and miserly by nature
70:20  He loses heart and becomes fretful when evil afflicts him
70:21  But is niggardly when good falls to his lot
70:22  Different however is the case of those devoted to Prayers
70:23  Those persons who remain constant and steadfast in their Prayers
70:24  And those in whose wealth there is a recognised right (- a fixed share)
70:25  (Set apart) for one who asks (for help) and also (for one) who is prevented (even from asking for one reason or the other)
70:26  (Different also is the case of) those who accepted the truth of the Day of Requital
70:27  And those who are fearful of the punishment from their Lord
70:28  The fact is that the punishment of their Lord is not (a thing) to be felt secure from
70:29  (Different as well is the case of) those who guard their private parts (by restraining their passions)
70:30  Except from their (free) wives or those (wives of theirs) whom their right hands own (- slave wives), for which they are not to blame
70:31  But it is those who seek (to satisfy their lust) in any other way excepting that (of marriage) that are the transgressors
70:32  And (different also is the case of) those persons who are watchful of their trusts and their covenants
70:33  And those who are upright in their evidences (and bear true testimony)
70:34  And those persons who are strict in the observance of their Prayers
70:35  All these (mentioned above) shall be dwelling in Gardens, honoured and treated generously
70:36  What is wrong with those who disbelieve that they come running headlong towards you
70:37  From the right hand and from the left (- from all directions) in various parties
70:38  Does each and every one of them covet to be admitted to the Garden of Bliss
70:39  No (never shall they enter it). We have created them for that substantial purpose (the worth of) which they know (- to discharge their obligations to God and mankind and to themselves)
70:40  But nay! I call to witness the Lord of the easts and the wests. We are certainly Powerfu
70:41  To change (them into) better beings than they are and that We can never be frustrated (in Our purpose)
70:42  Therefore, leave them alone to indulge in unimportant conversation and to amuse themselves (in idle pursuits) until they meet that day of theirs that they are warned of
70:43  The day when they (having risen to life) will come out hastily from their graves as though they were racing to a target (which they must meet)
70:44  Their eyes will be downcast and shameful; humiliation will be overwhelming them. Such shall be the punishment of the day with which they are being threatened