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70:1  A questioner questioned regarding a punishment that is going to come to pass.
70:2  From the disbelievers there is not going to be any who can ward it off.
70:3  From Allah, Lord of the exalted ranks.
70:4  The angels and the spirit ascent onto Him in a day the value of which was fifty thousand years.
70:5  Therefore be patient with a most nicely patience.
70:6  Truly they see it far.
70:7  And We see it close.
70:8  A day on which the sky will be like molten brass.
70:9  And the mountains will be like cotton wool.
70:10  And no friend will ask about a friend.
70:11  Although they will be in the sight of one another. The evildoer will wish if he could save himself from the punishment of that day by giving in ransom his children,
70:12  and his spouse, and his brother,
70:13  and his family which gives him shelter,
70:14  and all those in the earth altogether,- so that they may save him.
70:15  Not at all! There is nothing indeed [for him] except blazing fire.
70:16  Which pulls away the skin.
70:17  It invites anyone who turned his back in denial and turned away from remembrance.
70:18  And collected [wealth] and then hoarded it.
70:19  Truly the human being was created anxious.
70:20  When evil touches him, he is filled with concern for himself.
70:21  But when the good touches him, he is stingy.
70:22  Except those who are steadfast in [their] prayers.
70:23  Those who are constant in their prayers.
70:24  And those in whose wealth there is a right well marked out
70:25  for the beggar and the bereaved.
70:26  And those who believe the day of recompense to be true.
70:27  And those who are solicitous of the punishment of their Lord.
70:28  For indeed none is deemed secure from the punishment of their Lord.
70:29  And those who safeguard their chastity.
70:30  Except to their spouses or to those that their right hands possess, for then indeed they are not to be blamed.
70:31  But any who seeks to go beyond that, truly they are the transgressors.
70:32  And those who look after their trusts and their covenants.
70:33  And those who stand upright for their witnesses.
70:34  And those who take good care of their prayers.
70:35  It is they who are going to be honored with grace in gardens.
70:36  Then what is the matter with those who disbelieve that they scurry in front of you?
70:37  In throngs from the right and from the left.
70:38  Does every individual among them wish to be entered into garden of bliss?
70:39  Not at all! We indeed have created them out of that which they know.
70:40  I do swear by the Lord of the easts and of the wests, truly We certainly have the power.
70:41  To replace them with ones better than them and We are not going to be outstripped.
70:42  So leave them to wade in their idleness and to play till they meet their day which they are promised.
70:43  The day they will come forth from the graves in hurry as though they are pouring out towards monuments.
70:44  Their sights cast down overwhelmed with humiliation. That is the day which they used to be promised.