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70:1  A questioner asks about the punishment to befall,
70:2  Those who reject (the truth), which cannot be averted,
70:3  From Allah, who owns all connections.
70:4  The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him on a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years.
70:5  So have beautiful patience.
70:6  They see it far off.
70:7  And We see it close by.
70:8  On the day the sky will be like sludge.
70:9  And the mountains will be like wool.
70:10  And dear friends will ask another.
70:11  They see them, and the sinful would like to be ransomed from the punishment on that day by his children,
70:12  And his spouse and his brother,
70:13  And his family, which shelters him,
70:14  And all who are on earth, so he could be rescued.
70:15  But no, it is ablaze,
70:16  It tears away the flesh,
70:17  It calls whoever turned away and turned his back,
70:18  And hoarded and accumulated.
70:19  For man has been created impatient,
70:20  When harm afflicts him, he is anxious,
70:21  And when good afflicts him, he withholds,
70:22  Except those who pray,
70:23  Who are constant in their prayers,
70:24  And in whose wealth there is a known share,
70:25  For those who ask and are deprived,
70:26  And who confirm the day of repayment,
70:27  And who fear the punishment of their Lord,
70:28  For nobody is safe from the punishment of their Lord,
70:29  And who guard their chastity,
70:30  Except with regard to their partners or those in their possession, for then they are not to blame.
70:31  Then if anyone desires beyond that, then those exceed the limits.
70:32  And who look after their trust and agreements,
70:33  And who uphold their testimony,
70:34  And who guard their prayers,
70:35  They will be honoured in gardens.
70:36  So what is the matter with those who reject (the truth) that they run towards you,
70:37  In scattered groups from the right and the left?
70:38  Does every one of them hope to enter a garden of blessings?
70:39  But no, We created them from what they know.
70:40  But I swear by the Lord of the sunrises and sunsets that we are able,
70:41  To replace them with better than them, and We will not be outdone.
70:42  So leave them to busy themselves and play until they meet their promised day.
70:43  The day they will rapidly emerge from the graves as if they were racing towards a goal.
70:44  Their eyes downcast, covered in humiliation, that is the day they were promised.