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70:1  A skeptic was asking about torment that is bound to happen
70:2  to disbelievers; there will be no defence against it
70:3  [since it comes] from Allah (God) Who owns the staircases leading upward.
70:4  The angels and the Spirit will climb up to Him on a day whose range is fifty thousand years
70:5  So act patient with a handsome patience!
70:6  They consider it is far away
70:7  while We see it as nearby
70:8  on a day when the sky will be like molten brass
70:9  and the mountains like tufts of yarn.
70:10  No close friend will question any [other] friend;
70:11  they will merely give each other a knowing look. A criminal might like to ransom himself from that day's torment through his children,
70:12  his wife, a brother of his,
70:13  his family circle which has sheltered him,
70:14  and everyone who is on earth if [such action] might then save him.
70:15  Of course not; it would flare up
70:16  tugging at his scalp,
70:17  claiming anyone who tries to escape and turns away,
70:18  through saving (things and wealth) up and hoarding (them).
70:19  Man has been created restless,
70:20  so he panics whenever any evil touches him,
70:21  and withdraws when some good touches him;
70:22  except for the prayerful
70:23  who are constant at their prayers
70:24  and whose wealth comprises an acknowledged responsibility
70:25  towards the beggar and the destitute;
70:26  and the ones who accept the Day for Repayment,
70:27  and those who are apprehensive about their Lord's torment-
70:28  their Lord's torment is nothing to feel too safe from!
70:29  and the ones who preserve their chastity,
70:30  except with their own spouses or those living under their control; with such they are blameless.
70:31  Those who desire [to go] beyond that, will be going too far.
70:32  and the ones who preserve their trusts and oaths,
70:33  and the ones who stand by their testimony,
70:34  and the ones who attend to their prayer-
70:35  those will be honored in gardens. (ii)
70:36  Yet what is wrong with those who disbelieve, that they should try to dash on ahead of you
70:37  in batches to the right and on the left?
70:38  Does every man among them aspire to enter a Paradise of Bliss?
70:39  Of course not! We created them out of something they well know.
70:40  And I do swear by the Lord of the Eastern places [of sunrises] and the Western places [of sunrises] that We are Able
70:41  to replace them with someone better than they are. We shall never be overruled!
70:42  Leave them speculating and playing around until they face their day which they have been promised,
70:43  the day when they will hasten forth from their graves as if they were rushing towards some objective,
70:44  their eyesight cast down, disgrace overshadowing them on that day which they have been threatened with! 71. Noah