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70:1  An asker asked for a punishment bound to befal
70:2  —which none can avert from the faithless—
70:3  from Allah, Lord of the lofty stations
70:4  The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day whose span is fifty thousand years
70:5  So be patient, with a patience that is graceful
70:6  Indeed they see it to be far off
70:7  and We see it to be near
70:8  The day when the sky will be like molten copper
70:9  and the mountains like [tufts of] dyed wool
70:10  and no friend will inquire about [the welfare of his] friend
70:11  [though] they will be placed within each other’s sight. The guilty one will wish he could ransom himself from the punishment of that day at the price of his children
70:12  his spouse and his brother
70:13  his kin which had sheltered hi
70:14  and all those who are upon the earth, if that might deliver him
70:15  Never! Indeed it is a blazing fire
70:16  which strips away the scalp
70:17  It invites him who has turned back [from the truth] and forsaken [it]
70:18  amassing [wealth] and hoarding [it]
70:19  Indeed man has been created covetous
70:20  anxious when an ill befalls hi
70:21  and grudging when good comes his wa
70:22  —[all are such] except the prayerful
70:23  those who are persevering in their prayer
70:24  and in whose wealth there is a known righ
70:25  for the beggar and the deprived
70:26  and who affirm the Day of Retribution
70:27  and those who are apprehensive of the punishment of their Lor
70:28  (there is indeed no security from the punishment of their Lord
70:29  and those who guard their private part
70:30  (except from their spouses and their slave women, for then they are not blameworthy
70:31  but whoever seeks beyond that —it is they who are the transgressors
70:32  and those who keep their trusts and covenants
70:33  and those who are observant of their testimonies
70:34  and those who are watchful of their prayers
70:35  They will be in gardens, held in honour
70:36  What is the matter with the faithless that they scramble toward yo
70:37  from the left and the right in batches
70:38  Does each man among them hope to enter the garden of bliss
70:39  Never! Indeed We created them from what they know
70:40  So I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests that We are abl
70:41  to replace them by [others] better than them and We are not to be outmaneuvered
70:42  So leave them to gossip and play until they encounter their day, which they are promised
70:43  the day when they emerge from the graves, hastening, as if racing toward a target
70:44  with a humbled look [in their eyes], overcast by abasement. That is the day they had been promised