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70:1  A questioner asked about a penalty to befall
70:2  The unbelievers which there is none to ward off
70:3  A penalty from God, Lord of the ways of ascent
70:4  The angels and the spirit ascend to him in a day the duration of fifty thousand years
70:5  Therefore be patient, beautifully patient
70:6  They see it as indeed distant
70:7  But We see it as near
70:8  The day that the sky will be like molten brass
70:9  And the mountains will be like wool
70:10  And no friend will ask about a friend
70:11  Though they will be put in sight of each other. Those who are corrupt, their desire will be that he could redeem himself from the penalty of that day with his children
70:12  His wife, and his brother
70:13  His family who sheltered him
70:14  And all who are on earth, so that it could save him
70:15  By no means, for it would be the fire of hell
70:16  Burning down to the skull
70:17  Inviting all those who turn their backs and turn away their faces
70:18  Collecting and hiding it
70:19  Truly the human being was created impatient
70:20  Depressed when harm touches him
70:21  And arrogant when good reaches him
70:22  Not so those who pray
70:23  Those who stay focused on their prayer
70:24  And those who recognize a right to their wealth
70:25  For those who ask, and those unable to ask
70:26  And those who hold to the truth of the Day of Accountability
70:27  And those who fear the displeasure of their Lord
70:28  For their Lord’s displeasure is unlike peace and tranquility
70:29  And those who guard their chastity
70:30  Except with their spouses and those that their right hands possess, for they are not to be blamed
70:31  But those who trespass beyond this are transgressors
70:32  And those who respect their trusts and covenants
70:33  And those who stand firm in their testimonies
70:34  And those who guard their worship
70:35  These will be the honored ones in the gardens
70:36  Now what is the matter with the unbelievers that they rush madly before you
70:37  From the right and from the left, in crowds
70:38  Does every person among them long to enter the garden of bliss
70:39  By no means, for We have created them from what they know
70:40  No, I call to witness the Lord of all points in the East and the West. That We can certainly
70:41  Substitute for them better people than them. And We will not be defeated
70:42  So leave them to plunge in vain talk and play, until they encounter that day of theirs which they have been promised
70:43  The day when they will suddenly rise from their graves, as if they were rushing to a goal post
70:44  Their eyes lowered, disgrace covering them. Such is the day which they are promised