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70:1  A questioner might ask about the catastrophe that is bound to fall
70:2  Upon those who deny the Truth. None can repel it
70:3  From Allah, Lord of the Stairways of Ascent. (He enables all things to ascend, evolve and become what they are destined to be)
70:4  The Universal forces and the Divine Energy ascend unto Him in a Day the measure of which is fifty thousand years
70:5  Therefore, you shall do your part with a most handsome steadfastness
70:6  Behold, they see it far away
70:7  But We see it near
70:8  The Day when the sky will melt away
70:9  And the mountains will become as flakes of wool
70:10  And a friend will not ask about his friend
70:11  Even though they will be within sight of one another. The guilty will desire to give his own children to ransom himself from suffering of the Day
70:12  And his wife and his brother
70:13  And his whole family and the tribe that raised and sheltered him
70:14  And all who lived on earth - all of them if then it might save him
70:15  But nay! Behold, it is a raging flame
70:16  That burns all coverings and defenses
70:17  It calls him who turned and fled from Truth
70:18  And hoarded wealth, and withheld it
70:19  Verily, man is created with an anxious disposition
70:20  Nervous when harm touches him
70:21  And niggardly when good reaches him
70:22  Except the MUSALLEEN. (Who are Musalleen? NOT the so-called ritualistic praying ones)
70:23  ----- MUSALLEEN are those who always follow the Divine System
70:24  ----- And in whose wealth and possessions is a KNOWN RIGHT
70:25  For him who asks for help, and for him who is deprived
70:26  ----- (And Musalleen are) those who have conviction in the Day of Judgment. And hence, in the Law of Recompense
70:27  ----- And those who are fearful of their Lord's Law of Requital
70:28  ----- (They know that) Verily, their Lord's Law of Requital makes no exceptions, so that none can feel secure
70:29  ----- Those men and women who preserve their chastity
70:30  ----- They have intimate relations only with their spouses - that is, those who are rightfully theirs through wedlock. For such relationship they are free of blame. ('Aw' = Or = That is = And. (23:5-7))
70:31  But anyone who seeks beyond this, those are the transgressors
70:32  ----- (And Musalleen are those) who guard their trusts and duties assigned to them, and their pledges, as a shepherd guards his flock
70:33  ----- And those who are truthful in witness and stand by their testimony
70:34  ----- And those who consolidate and protect the Divine System
70:35  ----- (Musalleen are the ones who collectively build it on earth and) inherit the Paradise in the Hereafter. Such are the honored ones
70:36  What, then, is the matter with the rejecters that they rush to and fro before you, confused? (Instead of joining hands)
70:37  On the right and on the left, in groups
70:38  Does everyone of them hope to enter the Garden of Bliss with this attitude
70:39  Nay! Verily, they know full well what potentials We created them with
70:40  But nay! I call to Witness the Lord of all points in the East and all points in the West, behold, We are Able
70:41  To replace them by others better than they are. For, there is nothing to prevent Us
70:42  Let them chat and play until they meet their Day which they are promised
70:43  The Day they shall come forth in haste from their dead states, as if racing toward a goal post
70:44  With their eyes subdued in shame, humiliation overwhelming them. Such is the Day which they were promised again and again