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70:1  Someone asked about the inevitable retribution
70:2  For the rejecters, there is nothing that will stop it
70:3  From God, Possessor of the ascending portals
70:4  The Angels and the Spirit ascent to Him in a day which is equivalent to fifty thousand years
70:5  So be patient with a good patience
70:6  They see it as far away
70:7  And We see it as near
70:8  On the Day the sky is like molten copper
70:9  And the mountains are like wool
70:10  And no friend will ask about his friend
70:11  When they see it, the criminal will wish he can ransom his children against the retribution
70:12  As well as his mate and his brother
70:13  As well as his whole clan that protected him
70:14  And all who are on Earth, so that he can be saved
70:15  No, it is a flame
70:16  Eager to roast
70:17  It calls on those who turned away
70:18  And who hoarded and counted
70:19  Indeed, mankind was created anxious
70:20  When adversity touches him he is miserable
70:21  And when good touches him he is stingy
70:22  Except for those who reach out
70:23  Who are always maintaining their contact-method
70:24  And those who set aside part of their wealth
70:25  For the seeker and the denied
70:26  And those who believe in the Day of Judgment
70:27  And those who are fearful of their Lord's retribution
70:28  The retribution of their Lord is not to be taken for granted
70:29  And those who conceal their private parts
70:30  Except around their spouses or those committed to by oath, there is no blame
70:31  Then, whoever seeks anything beyond this, they are the transgressors
70:32  And those who are trustworthy and keep their pledges
70:33  And those who uphold their testimonies
70:34  And those who are dedicated to their contact-method
70:35  They will be honoured in paradises
70:36  So what is wrong with the rejecters staring at yo
70:37  From the right and the left, in crowd
70:38  Does every one of them hope to enter a paradise of blis
70:39  No, We have created them from what they know
70:40  So I swear by the Lord of the east and the west that We are able
70:41  To replace them with better people, We can never be defeated
70:42  So let them talk in vain and play, until they meet their Day which they are promised
70:43  When they will come out of the graves in a rush, as if they are racing towards a goal
70:44  Their eyes are cast down, with shame covering them. This is the Day which they were promised