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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 One demanded and called for vengeance to fall on the unbelievers:
70:2 There shall be none to avert the same
70:3 from being inflicted by God, the possessor of the steps;
70:4 by which the angels ascend unto Him, and the spirit Gabriel also, in a day whose space is fifty thousand years:
70:5 Wherefore bear the insults of the Meccans with becoming patience;
70:6 for they see their punishment afar off,
70:7 but We see it nigh at hand.
70:8 On a certain day the heaven shall become like molten brass,
70:9 and the mountains like wool of various colours, scattered abroad by the wind:
70:10 And a friend shall not ask a friend concerning his condition, although
70:11 they see one another. The wicked shall wish to redeem himself from the punishment of that day, by giving up his children,
70:12 and his wife, and his brother,
70:13 and his kindred who shewed kindness unto him,
70:14 and all who are in the earth; and that this might deliver him:
70:15 By no means: For hell fire,
70:16 dragging them by their scalps,
70:17 shall call him who shall have turned his back, and fled from the faith,
70:18 and shall have amassed riches, and covetously hoarded them.
70:19 Verily man is created extremely impatient:
70:20 When evil toucheth him, he is full of complaint;
70:21 but when good befalleth him, he becometh niggardly:
70:22 Except those who are devoutly given,
70:23 and who persevere in their prayers;
70:24 and those of whose substance a due and certain portion is ready to be given
70:25 unto him who asketh, and him who is forbidden by shame to ask:
70:26 And those who sincerely believe the day of judgment,
70:27 and who dread the punishment of their Lord:
70:28 -- For there is none secure from the punishment of their Lord: --
70:29 And who abstain from the carnal knowledge
70:30 of women other than their wives, or the slaves which their right hands possess; -- for as to them they shall be blameless;
70:31 but whoever coveteth any woman besides these, they are transgressors: --
70:32 And those who faithfully keep what they are intrusted with, and their covenant;
70:33 and who are upright in their testimonies,
70:34 and who carefully observe the requisite rites in their prayers:
70:35 These shall dwell amidst gardens, highly honoured.
70:36 What aileth the unbelievers, that they run before thee
70:37 in companies, on the right hand and on the left?
70:38 Doth every man of them wish to enter into a garden of delight?
70:39 By no means: Verily We have created them of that which they know.
70:40 I swear by the Lord of the east and of the west, that We are able to destroy them,
70:41 and to substitute better than them in their room; neither are We to be prevented, if We shall please so to do.
70:42 Wherefore suffer them to wade in vain disputes, and to amuse themselves with sport: Until they meet their day with which they have been threatened;
70:43 the day whereon they shall come forth hastily from their graves, as though they were troops hastening to their standard:
70:44 Their looks shall be downcast; ignominy shall attend them. This is the day with which they have been threatened.


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