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54:1  The hour advances, the moon splitting asunder.
54:2  But when [the unbelievers] see a sign, they turn away and claim, “[This is nothing but] recurring illusion.”
54:3  They reject [the warning] and follow their own inclinations, but every matter is already settled [in cosmic time].
54:4  There has already come to (the unbelievers) information with ample warning…
54:5  …and profound wisdom, but (such advice) has no effect.
54:6  Therefore, turn away from them. [There will be] a day when the caller will summon to a terrible affair.
54:7  They will come forth, with humbled eyes, from graves. [They will be] like scattered locusts.
54:8  [They will] hurry toward the caller. “This day is difficult,” the unbelievers will say.
54:9  Prior to them, the people of Noah were in rejection. They rejected Our servant and said, “Here is one possessed!” He was driven away.
54:10  Then he called on his Lord, “I am one overcome. Help!”
54:11  We opened the gates of heaven, with water pouring forth.
54:12  We caused the earth to gush forth with springs so that the waters met for a decreed measure.
54:13  But We carried him on [a vessel of] planks and caulking.
54:14  [The ark] floated under Our eyes. [It was] a reward for one who had been rejected.
54:15  We certainly have left it as a sign. Is there any who will accept warning?
54:16  How were My penalty and My warning?
54:17  We have certainly made the Qur’an easy to remember. Is there any who will accept warning?
54:18  The Ad were in rejection. How was My penalty and My warning?
54:19  Indeed, We sent a furious wind against them on a day of ongoing disaster.
54:20  It plucked people as if they were trunks of uprooted palm trees.
54:21  How were My penalty and My warning?
54:22  We have certainly made the Qur’an easy to remember. Is there anyone who will accept warning?
54:23  The Thamud rejected the warnings.
54:24  They said, “Is a single person from among us to be followed? If we did that, then we would certainly be misguided and stupid!
54:25  Has the message been sent to him, of all people among us? No, he is an insolent liar.”
54:26  Tomorrow they will know who is a liar and an insolent person.
54:27  Indeed, We will send the female camel as a trial for them. Watch them and be patient.
54:28  Tell them that the water is to be shared among them. Each will have a turn to drink.
54:29  But they called to their companion. He took a sword and killed [the camel when it was her turn to drink].
54:30  How were My penalty and My warning?
54:31  Indeed, We sent a single, mighty blast against them. They became like dry sticks for fence building.
54:32  We have certainly made the Qur’an easy to remember. Is there anyone who will accept warning?
54:33  The people of Lot rejected warning.
54:34  We sent against them a storm of stones. Lot’s family was exempt. We had saved them by dawn.
54:35  [It was] a grace from Us. Thus do We reward the grateful.
54:36  Certainly, (Lot) warned them of Our punishment, but they argued about the warning.
54:37  They even demanded his guests from him, so We blinded their eyes. “Taste My wrath and My warning!”
54:38  Early in the morning, an eternal punishment seized them.
54:39  “Taste My wrath and My warning!”
54:40  We have certainly made the Qur’an easy to remember. Is there anyone who will accept warning?
54:41  Warnings certainly came to the people of Pharaoh.
54:42  They rejected all Our signs, so We seized them with a penalty from the Victorious, the Prevailing Force.
54:43  Are you unbelievers better than they? Or do you have immunity in the Scriptures?
54:44  Or do they say, “United, we can defend ourselves”?
54:45  Their crowd will soon turn their backs.
54:46  The hour [of judgment] is the time promised them. That hour will be most dreadful and most bitter.
54:47  Truly, those lost in sin are the ones deluded and confused.
54:48  One day, they will be dragged through the fire, face down. “Taste the touch of Hell!”
54:49  We have created everything according to plan.
54:50  Our command is only one [action], like the twinkling of an eye.
54:51  [In the past] We destroyed mobs like you [unbelievers], so are there any willing to take heed?
54:52  All that they do is recorded in books.
54:53  Every matter, small or great, is a matter of record.
54:54  As for the righteous, they will be in the midst of gardens and rivers.
54:55  [They will be] in an assembly for truth, in the presence of a Sovereign King.