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54:1  The Hour has drawn near and the moon was split ˹in two˺.
54:2  Yet, whenever they see a sign, they turn away, saying, “Same old magic!”
54:3  They rejected ˹the truth˺ and followed their own desires—and every matter will be settled—
54:4  even though the stories ˹of destroyed nations˺ that have already come to them are a sufficient deterrent.
54:5  ˹This Quran is˺ profound ˹in˺ wisdom, but warnings are of no benefit ˹to them˺.
54:6  So turn away from them ˹O Prophet˺. ˹And wait for˺ the Day ˹when˺ the caller will summon ˹them˺ for something horrifying.
54:7  With eyes downcast, they will come forth from the graves as if they were swarming locusts,
54:8  rushing towards the caller. The disbelievers will cry, “This is a difficult Day!”
54:9  Before them, the people of Noah denied ˹the truth˺ and rejected Our servant, calling ˹him˺ insane. And he was intimidated.
54:10  So he cried out to his Lord, “I am helpless, so help ˹me˺!”
54:11  So We opened the gates of the sky with pouring rain,
54:12  and caused the earth to burst with springs, so the waters met for a fate already set.
54:13  We carried him on that ˹Ark made˺ of planks and nails,
54:14  sailing under Our ˹watchful˺ Eyes—a ˹fair˺ punishment on behalf of the one ˹they˺ denied.
54:15  We certainly left this as a sign. So is there anyone who will be mindful?
54:16  Then how ˹dreadful˺ were My punishment and warnings!
54:17  And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?
54:18  ’Ȃd ˹also˺ rejected ˹the truth˺. Then how ˹dreadful˺ were My punishment and warnings!
54:19  Indeed, We sent against them a furious wind, on a day of unrelenting misery,
54:20  that snatched people up, leaving them like trunks of uprooted palm trees.
54:21  Then how ˹dreadful˺ were My punishment and warnings!
54:22  And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?
54:23  Thamûd rejected the warnings ˹as well˺,
54:24  arguing, “How can we follow one ˹average˺ human being from among us? We would then truly be misguided and insane.
54:25  Has the revelation been sent down ˹only˺ to him out of ˹all of˺ us? In fact, he is a boastful liar.”
54:26  ˹It was revealed to Ṣâliḥ,˺ “They will soon know who the boastful liar is.
54:27  We are sending the she-camel as a test for them. So watch them ˹closely˺, and have patience.
54:28  And tell them that the ˹drinking˺ water must be divided between them ˹and her˺, each taking a turn to drink ˹every other day˺.”
54:29  But they roused a companion of theirs, so he dared to kill ˹her˺.
54:30  Then how ˹dreadful˺ were My punishment and warnings!
54:31  Indeed, We sent against them ˹only˺ one ˹mighty˺ blast, leaving them like the twigs of fence-builders.
54:32  And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?
54:33  The people of Lot ˹also˺ rejected the warnings.
54:34  We unleashed upon them a storm of stones. As for ˹the believers of˺ Lot’s family, We delivered them before dawn
54:35  as a blessing from Us. This is how We reward whoever gives thanks.
54:36  He had already warned them of Our ˹crushing˺ blow but they disputed the warnings.
54:37  And they even demanded his angel-guests from him, so We blinded their eyes. ˹And they were told,˺ “Taste then My punishment and warnings!”
54:38  And indeed, by the early morning they were overwhelmed by an unrelenting torment.
54:39  ˹Again they were told,˺ “Taste now My punishment and warnings!”
54:40  And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?
54:41  And indeed, the warnings ˹also˺ came to the people of Pharaoh.
54:42  ˹But˺ they rejected all of Our signs, so We seized them with the ˹crushing˺ grip of the Almighty, Most Powerful.
54:43  Now, are you ˹Meccan˺ disbelievers superior to those ˹destroyed peoples˺? Or have you ˹been granted˺ immunity ˹from punishment˺ in divine Books?
54:44  Or do they say, “We are all ˹a˺ united ˹front˺, bound to prevail.”?
54:45  ˹Soon˺ their united front will be defeated and ˹forced to˺ flee.
54:46  Better yet, the Hour is their appointed time—and the Hour will be most catastrophic and most bitter.
54:47  Indeed, the wicked are ˹entrenched˺ in misguidance, and ˹are bound for˺ blazes.
54:48  On the Day they will be dragged into the Fire on their faces, ˹they will be told,˺ “Taste the touch of Hell!”
54:49  Indeed, We have created everything, perfectly preordained.
54:50  Our command is but a single word, done in the blink of an eye.
54:51  We have already destroyed the likes of you. So will any ˹of you˺ be mindful?
54:52  Everything they have done is ˹listed˺ in ˹their˺ records.
54:53  Every matter, small and large, is written ˹precisely˺.
54:54  Indeed, the righteous will be amid Gardens and rivers,
54:55  at the Seat of Honour in the presence of the Most Powerful Sovereign.