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54:1  The Hour has neared and the Moon (Qamar) has split asunder!
54:2  Yet when they see a miracle they turn away and say, “Ordinary magic”!
54:3  They deny and follow their own baseless desires (all that is pleasing to their egos)! But every matter will be settled!
54:4  Indeed, there has come to them news in which there is deterrence.
54:5  Wisdom (erudite knowledge with an accurate explanation of the purpose)! Yet warning does not help (the intellectually incapacitated)!
54:6  So, turn away from them! At that time when the Caller calls to the terrifying event...
54:7  Their eyes will be cast down in terror, they will emerge from their graves (cocoons) as if they are locusts spreading about.
54:8  Those who deny the knowledge of the reality will run to the Caller saying, “This is an intense day!”
54:9  Before them the people of Noah had also denied. They denied Our servant and said, “He is possessed” and prevented him (from his mission).
54:10  So, he (Noah) prayed to his Rabb, “Indeed, I am overpowered, help me.”
54:11  And We opened the gates of heaven with pouring rain!
54:12  And caused the earth to burst with springs and the waters met for a purpose, which had been decreed!
54:13  We carried him (Noah) on (the Ark) made of planks and nails.
54:14  (The Ark) sailed under Our supervision. To requite the one who had been shown ingratitude (Noah)!
54:15  Indeed, We left it (the Ark) behind as a sign (for the people)! Is there not anyone who thinks?
54:16  Look at how My suffering and warning was fulfilled!
54:17  Indeed We have eased the Quran that the reality may be remembered and contemplated! Is there not anyone who thinks?
54:18  Aad also denied! And how was My suffering and warning fulfilled?
54:19  Indeed, We sent upon them a hurricane of continuous destruction on an unfortunate day.
54:20  Extracting the people as if they were uprooted trunks of palm trees.
54:21  And My suffering and warnings were fulfilled!
54:22  Indeed, We have simplified the Quran, that the reality may be remembered and contemplated! Is there not anyone who thinks?
54:23  And Thamud also denied.
54:24  They said, “Are we to follow a man like us? Indeed, we would then be astray from our faith and in foolishness.”
54:25  “Has dhikr (the reminder of the knowledge of the reality) been sent to him from among all of us? Rather, he is an insolent liar!”
54:26  They will know who the insolent liar is soon!
54:27  Indeed, We disclosed to them a she-camel as an object of trial... So, observe them and be patient.
54:28  And give them the news that the water has been shared between them... Each group is to take their share in turn.
54:29  They called out to their friends. They took their share and then savagely hamstrung her!
54:30  And how was My suffering and warning fulfilled!
54:31  Indeed, We disclosed upon them the single blast (an intense vibrant sound) and they became like crumbs and debris (which they give to their cattle).
54:32  Indeed, We have eased the Quran that the reality may be remembered and contemplated! So, is there not anyone who thinks?
54:33  The people of Lot also denied the warner.
54:34  Indeed, We sent upon them a storm of stones... Except for the family of Lot... We saved them at dawn.
54:35  As a favor from Us... Thus We requite the grateful!
54:36  Indeed, he (Lot) warned them of Our intense seizure, but they doubted the warners!
54:37  Indeed, they wanted to take advantage (lustfully) of his (Lot’s) guests so We blinded their vision, saying, “Taste My suffering and warnings now!”
54:38  And indeed, the deserved suffering was effectuated upon them in the morning.
54:39  So, taste My suffering and My warnings now!
54:40  Indeed, We have simplified the Quran, that the reality may be remembered and contemplated! So, is there not anyone who thinks?
54:41  Indeed, warners came also to the family of Pharaoh.
54:42  But they denied all of Our signs! So We seized them with unchallengeable might!
54:43  Are your deniers of the knowledge of the reality better than these? Or have you been given news of immunity in the scriptures (the revealed knowledge of wisdom)?
54:44  Or do they say, “We are a community supporting each other”?
54:45  Soon that community will be defeated and they will turn their backs and flee!
54:46  No, the Hour (of death) is when they will meet the suffering! That hour is more intense and more painful (than being defeated in war).
54:47  Indeed, the guilty are in error and foolishness.
54:48  They will be dragged into the Fire on their faces that day! And it will be said, “Taste the burning of Saqar (Hell)!”
54:49  Indeed, We have created everything with its program (qadar – fate).
54:50  Our command (the order and the execution) is one; like a glance of the eye (everything transpires in a ‘single instance’ in the sight of Allah)!
54:51  Indeed, We destroyed many of your kinds... So, is there not anyone who will ponder on this?
54:52  The knowledge of everything they do is recorded in the Zabur (books of wisdom).
54:53  Small or big, everything is inscribed in detail!
54:54  Indeed, the protected ones are in Paradises and on the banks of rivers.
54:55  Living the reality through the forces of the Maleek, the Muqtadir!