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51:1  By those (winds) that circulate dust!
51:2  Then those (clouds) that carry the burden,
51:3  Then those (ships) that glide smoothly (upon the sea),
51:4  Then those (‘Angels’ who) distribute (blessings) by Our Command,
51:5  Indeed, what you are promised is true,
51:6  And the ‘Day of Judgment’ is absolutely inevitable.
51:7  By the heavens with its beauty and (numerous) pathways,
51:8  Indeed, you have different views over (‘Muhammad’ & the ‘Qur’ān’).
51:9  He who is turned away from (the ‘Qur’ān’) is decreed to be turned away.
51:10  Curse be upon the liars!
51:11  Who are wasting life in doubts
51:12  They ask: "When will be the ‘Day of Judgment’?"
51:13  (It will be) the day when they will be punished by the Fire.
51:14  (It will be said unto them): “Taste your penalization! This is what you used to ask to be hastened.”
51:15  Indeed, the ‘Pious’ will dwell in (Great) Gardens and water springs,
51:16  Receiving what their Lord gives them. They were benefactors aforetime.
51:17  They used to sleep but a little of the night,
51:18  And to ask for forgiveness in the early morning,
51:19  While in their wealth, there was a due share for the beggar and for the needy.
51:20  On the earth are signs (of Allâh’s power & glory) for those who have a definite faith.
51:21  And also in your own selves. Do you not see?
51:22  In the heavens is your livelihood and that which you are promised.
51:23  Therefore, by the Lord of the heavens and earth, this is definitely the Truth, just as it is true that you speak.
51:24  Has the anecdote of the honorable guests of ‘Abraham’ reached you?
51:25  When they came to him, they said: "Peace". He said, "Peace to you, strangers!"
51:26  Then he went quietly to his household and brought a fat (roasted) calf.
51:27  He placed it before them. Then he said: "Will you not eat?"
51:28  He felt afraid of them. They said: “Do not be afraid," and then gave him the joyful news of a boy possessing knowledge.
51:29  Then his wife came forward, wailing, slapping her face and saying: “A barren old woman!”
51:30  They said: “This is what your Lord said. Indeed, He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing."
51:31  He said: "What is your mission, O' messengers?"
51:32  They said: "We have been sent to a folk of ungodly sinners
51:33  To strike them with stones of baked clay,
51:34  Marked by your Lord for the prodigal ones.”
51:35  Thus, We brought out from therein the monotheistic believers.
51:36  But We did not find therein except for one house of those who submitted (themselves to the will of Allâh)
51:37  We left behind therein a portent for those who fear the painful punishment.
51:38  In ‘Moses’ (too, there is a lesson) when We sent him to ‘Pharaoh’ with evident authority.
51:39  But he turned away in arrogance, and said: “He is either a magician or a lunatic."
51:40  Thus, We seized him and his soldiers, and threw them into the sea, as he was the one to be blamed.
51:41  In (the tribe of) 'Aad’ (there is also a lesson) when We sent upon them the barren wind.
51:42  It spared nothing that reached it, but made it like a rotten bone.
51:43  In (the tribe of) ‘Thamūd’ (there is also a lesson) when they were told, "Enjoy yourselves for a while!"
51:44  They rebelled against the command of their Lord, so the thunderbolt overtook them while they were looking.
51:45  Thus, they were not able to rise up, or to help their own selves.
51:46  (There is also a lesson) in the folk of ‘Noah’ before them. They were a folk of debauchees walking in the path of disobedience.
51:47  The heavens, We have built with Our Hands. Indeed, We will continue to expand it.
51:48  The earth, We have spread it out. How brilliantly We do spread out!
51:49  Of everything, We have created pairs so that you may ruminate (on the sovereignty of Allâh).
51:50  (O’ ‘Muhammad’, say unto them): “Seek refuge in Allâh! Truly I am a perspicuous warner to you from Him.
51:51  Set not up any other god along with Allâh. Indeed, I am just a perspicuous warner to you from Him.”
51:52  Similarly, no ‘Messenger’ came to those before them, but they said: “He is either a magician or a lunatic."
51:53  Did they transmit this saying to each other? Nay, they are really cruel and oppressive people.
51:54  Thus, turn away from them and you will not be blamed (for that).
51:55  keep on reminding, Surely such a reminder will eventfully profit those who placed their faith in Allâh.
51:56  I have created not the jinn and the mankind except that they should worship (& venerate) Me.
51:57  I desire no livelihood from them, nor do I desire that they should feed Me.
51:58  Indeed, Allâh is the All-Provider, the Lord of all power, the Potent.
51:59  Indeed, the dreadful end of those who keep on sinning will be like the end of those who lived before them. Thus, let them not ask Me to hasten on.
51:60  Then, woe unto those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) because of their day which they are threatened with.