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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Ali Quli Qara'i
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Ali Quli Qara'i rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the scattering [winds] that scatter [the clouds];
51:2 by the [rain] bearing [clouds] laden [with water];
51:3 by [the ships] which move gently [on the sea];
51:4 by [the angels] who dispense [livelihood] by [His] command:
51:5 indeed what you are promised is true,
51:6 and indeed the retribution will surely come to pass!
51:7 By the sky full of adornment [with stars],
51:8 indeed you are of different opinions!
51:9 He is turned away from it who has been turned away [from the truth].
51:10 Perish the liars,
51:11 who are heedless in a stupor!
51:12 They ask, ‘When will be the Day of Retribution?’
51:13 It is the day when they will be tormented in the Fire,
51:14 [and will be told]: ‘Taste your torment. This is what you used to hasten.’
51:15 Indeed the Godwary will be amid gardens and springs,
51:16 receiving what their Lord has given them, for they had been virtuous aforetime.
51:17 They used to sleep a little during the night,
51:18 and at dawns they would plead for forgiveness,.
51:19 and there was a share in their wealth for the beggar and the deprived.
51:20 In the earth are signs for those who have conviction,
51:21 and in your souls [as well]. Will you not then perceive?
51:22 And in the sky is your provision and what you are promised.
51:23 By the Lord of the sky and the earth, it is indeed the truth, just as [it is a fact that] you speak.
51:24 Did you receive the story of Abraham’s honoured guests?
51:25 When they entered into his presence, they said, ‘Peace!’ ‘Peace!’ He answered, ‘[You are] an unfamiliar folk.’
51:26 Then he retired to his family and brought a fat [roasted] calf,
51:27 and put it near them. He said, ‘Will you not eat?’
51:28 Then he felt a fear of them. They said, ‘Do not be afraid!’ and they gave him the good news of a wise son.
51:29 Then his wife came forward crying [with joy]. She beat her face, and said, ‘A barren old woman!’
51:30 They said, ‘So has your Lord said. Indeed He is the All-wise, the All-knowing.’
51:31 He said, ‘O messengers, what is now your errand?’
51:32 They said, ‘We have been sent toward a guilty people,
51:33 that We may rain upon them stones of clay,
51:34 marked with your Lord for the profligate.
51:35 So We picked out those who were in it of the faithful,
51:36 but We did not find there other than one house of muslims,
51:37 and We have left therein a sign for those who fear a painful punishment.’
51:38 And in Moses [too there is a sign] when We sent him to Pharaoh with a manifest authority.
51:39 But he turned away assured of his might, and said, ‘A magician or a crazy man!’
51:40 So We seized him and his hosts, and cast them into the sea, while he was blameworthy.
51:41 And in ‘a€d when We unleashed upon them a barren wind.
51:42 It left nothing that it came upon without making it like decayed bones.
51:43 And in Thamud, when they were told, ‘Enjoy for a while.’
51:44 Then they defied the command of their Lord; so the thunderbolt seized them as they looked on.
51:45 So they were neither able to rise up, nor to come to one another’s aid.
51:46 And the people of Noah aforetime. Indeed they were a transgressing lot.
51:47 We have built the sky with might, and indeed it is We who are its expanders.
51:48 And the earth We have spread it out, so how excellent spreaders We have been!
51:49 In all things We have created pairs so that you may take admonition.
51:50 [Say,] ‘So flee toward Allah. Indeed I am a manifest warner to you from Him.
51:51 Do not set up another god besides Allah. Indeed I am a manifest warner to you from Him.’
51:52 So it was that there did not come to those who were before them any apostle but they said, ‘A magician,’ or ‘A crazy man!’
51:53 Did they enjoin this upon one another?! Rather they were a rebellious lot.
51:54 So turn away from them, for you will not be blameworthy.
51:55 And admonish, for admonition indeed benefits the faithful.
51:56 I did not create the jinn and the humans except that they may worship Me.
51:57 I desire no provision from them, nor do I desire that they should feed Me.
51:58 Indeed it is Allah who is the All-provider, Powerful, All-strong.
51:59 Indeed the lot of those who do wrong [now] will be like the lot of their [earlier] counterparts. So let them not ask Me to hasten on [that fate].
51:60 Woe to the faithless for the day they are promised!


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