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51:1  By those scattering, dispersing,
51:2  And those carrying a load,
51:3  And those sailing (with) ease,
51:4  And those distributing Command,
51:5  Indeed, what you are promised (is) surely true,
51:6  And indeed, the Judgment (is) surely to occur.
51:7  By the heaven full of pathways.
51:8  Indeed, you (are) surely in a speech differing.
51:9  Deluded away from it (is he) who is deluded.
51:10  Cursed be the liars,
51:11  Those who [they] (are) in flood (of) heedlessness.
51:12  They ask, "When (is the) Day (of) Judgment?"
51:13  A Day, they over the Fire will be tried,
51:14  "Taste your trial. This (is) what you were for it seeking to hasten."
51:15  Indeed, the righteous (will be) in Gardens and springs,
51:16  Taking what has given them their Lord. Indeed, they were before that good-doers.
51:17  They used to little of the night [what] sleep.
51:18  And in the hours before dawn they would ask forgiveness,
51:19  And in their wealth (was the) right (of) those who asked and the deprived.
51:20  And in the earth (are) signs for those who are certain,
51:21  And in yourselves. Then will not you see?
51:22  And in the heaven (is) your provision and what you are promised.
51:23  Then by (the) Lord (of) the heaven and the earth, indeed, it (is) surely (the) truth (just) as [what] you speak.
51:24  Has reached you (the) narration (of the) guests (of) Ibrahim the honored?
51:25  When they entered upon him and said, "Peace." He said, "Peace, a people unknown."
51:26  Then he went to his household and came with a calf fat,
51:27  And he placed it near [to] them, he said, "Will not you eat?"
51:28  Then he felt from them a fear. They said, "(Do) not fear," and they gave him glad tidings of a son learned.
51:29  Then came forward his wife with a loud voice, and struck her face and she said, "An old woman barren!"
51:30  They said, "Thus said your Lord. Indeed, He [He] (is) the All-Wise, the All-Knower."
51:31  He said, "Then what (is) your mission, O messengers?"
51:32  They said, "Indeed, we [we] have been sent to a people criminal,
51:33  That we may send down upon them stones of clay,
51:34  Marked by your Lord for the transgressors."
51:35  Then We brought out (those) who were therein of the believers.
51:36  But not We found therein other than a house of the Muslims.
51:37  And We left therein a Sign for those who fear the punishment the painful.
51:38  And in Musa, when We sent him to Firaun with an authority clear.
51:39  But he turned away with his supporters and said, "A magician or a madman."
51:40  So We took him and his hosts and threw them into the sea, while he (was) blameworthy.
51:41  And in Aad, when We sent against them the wind the barren.
51:42  Not it left any thing it came upon it, but it made it like disintegrated ruins.
51:43  And in Thamud, when was said to them, "Enjoy (yourselves) for a time."
51:44  But they rebelled against (the) Command (of) their Lord, so seized them the thunderbolt while they were looking.
51:45  Then not they were able to [of] stand and not they could help themselves.
51:46  And (the) people (of) Nuh from before; indeed, they were a people defiantly disobedient.
51:47  And the heaven We constructed it with strength, and indeed, We (are) surely (its) Expanders.
51:48  And the earth, We have spread it; how excellent (are) the Spreaders!
51:49  And of every thing We have created pairs, so that you may remember.
51:50  So flee to Allah, indeed, I am to you from Him a warner clear.
51:51  And (do) not make with Allah god another. Indeed, I am to you from Him a warner clear.
51:52  Likewise not came (to) those from before them any Messenger but they said, "A magician or a madman."
51:53  Have they transmitted to them it? Nay, they (are) a people transgressing.
51:54  So turn away from them, for not you (are) to be blamed.
51:55  And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.
51:56  And not I have created the jinn and the mankind except that they worship Me.
51:57  Not I want from them any provision and not I want that they (should) feed Me.
51:58  Indeed, Allah, He (is) the All-Provider, Possessor (of) Power the Strong.
51:59  So indeed, for those who do wrong, (is) a portion like (the) portion (of) their companions, so not let them ask Me to hasten.
51:60  Then woe to those who disbelieve from their Day which they are promised.