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51:1  By the scatterers as they scatter
51:2  and by those that bear a burden
51:3  by those that course with ease
51:4  and by those that apportion the Command
51:5  verily what you are promised is true
51:6  and truly the judgment shall come to pass
51:7  By Heaven possessed of paths
51:8  truly you are of differing claims
51:9  Whosoever has been turned away shall from it be turned away
51:10  Perish those who conjecture
51:11  Those who blunder along in a stupor
51:12  asking, “When is the Day of Judgment?
51:13  A day when they are tried upon the Fire
51:14  Taste your trial! This is what you sought to hasten
51:15  Truly the reverent shall be amidst gardens and springs
51:16  partaking of that which their Lord has given them. Truly they were virtuous aforetime
51:17  Little of the night did they slumber
51:18  and ere dawn would seek forgiveness
51:19  And in their wealth was a due for the beggar and the deprived
51:20  Upon the earth are signs for those possessing certainty
51:21  and within your souls. Do you not then behold
51:22  And in Heaven is your provision and that which you were promised
51:23  So by the Lord of Heaven and earth, it is indeed true—as it is that you are endowed with speech
51:24  Hast thou heard tell of Abraham’s honored guests
51:25  when they entered upon him and said, “Peace!” he said, “Peace—an unfamiliar folk.
51:26  Then he went quietly to his family and came with a fattened calf
51:27  He placed it close to them, saying, “Will you not eat?
51:28  Then he conceived a fear of them. They said, “Fear not!” and gave him glad tidings of a knowing son
51:29  Then his wife came forward with a loud cry; she struck her face and said, “A barren old woman!
51:30  They said, “Thus has thy Lord decreed. Truly He is the Wise, the Knowing.
51:31  He said, “What is your errand, O messengers?
51:32  They said, “We have been sent unto a guilty people
51:33  to send upon them stones of cla
51:34  marked by thy Lord for the prodigal.
51:35  So We brought forth those among them who were believers
51:36  yet We did not find therein but one house of submitters
51:37  And We left therein a sign for those who fear the painful punishment
51:38  And in Moses [We left a sign], when We sent him to Pharaoh with a manifest authority
51:39  But he turned away with his court and said, “A sorcerer or one possessed.
51:40  So We seized him and his hosts and cast them into the sea, for he was blameworthy
51:41  And in ?Ad [We left a sign], when We sent upon them the barren wind
51:42  Naught did it leave that it came upon, but that it made it as bones decayed
51:43  And in Thamud [We left a sign], when it was said unto them, “Enjoy yourselves for a time.
51:44  Then they insolently defied the Command of their Lord, and the thunderbolt seized them as they looked on
51:45  So they were not able to rise; nor could they help one another
51:46  As for the people of Noah before, truly they were an iniquitous people
51:47  And the sky We established with might; truly We make vast
51:48  And the earth We laid out—what excellent spreaders
51:49  And of all things We created pairs, that haply you may remember
51:50  So flee unto God. Truly I am a clear warner unto you from Him
51:51  And do not set up another god along with God. Truly I am a clear warner unto you from Him
51:52  Likewise, there came no messenger unto those before them, but that they said, “A sorcerer or one possessed.
51:53  Do they exhort one another to it? Nay, they are a rebellious people
51:54  So turn away from them, for thou shalt not be blamed
51:55  And remind, for truly the Reminder benefits the believers
51:56  I did not create jinn and mankind, save to worship Me
51:57  I desire no provision from them; nor do I desire that they should feed Me
51:58  Truly God is the Provider, the Possessor of Strength, the Firm
51:59  And surely for those who do wrong are sins like unto the sins of their companions; so let them not seek to hasten
51:60  Woe unto those who disbelieve on account of the Day that they are promised