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51:1  BY THE dust-scattering wind
51:2  and the heavily-laden clouds
51:3  by the smoothly-gliding ships
51:4  and by the angels who deal out as commanded
51:5  that which you are promised shall truly be fulfilled
51:6  and the Last Judgement shall surely come to pass
51:7  By the heaven with its starry highways
51:8  the words you utter are inconsistent
51:9  None but the perverse turn away from the Truth
51:10  Perish the liars
51:11  who dwell in darkness and are heedless of the life to come
51:12  When will the Day of Judgement be?‘ they ask
51:13  On that day they shall be scourged in the Fire
51:14  Taste this, the punishment you sought to hasten!‘
51:15  The righteous shall dwell amidst gardens and fountain
51:16  and shall receive what their Lord will give them. For they did good works before
51:17  sleeping but little in the night-time
51:18  praying at dawn for God‘s pardon
51:19  and sharing their goods with the beggars and the dispossessed
51:20  On earth there are signs for firm believers
51:21  and in your own souls. Can you not see
51:22  Heaven holds your sustenance and all that you are promised
51:23  I swear by the Lord of heaven and earth that this is true, as true as you are speaking now
51:24  Have you heard the story of Abraham‘s honoured guests
51:25  They went in to him and said: ‘Peace!‘ ‘Peace!‘ he said and, seeing that they were strangers
51:26  betook himself to his family and returned with a fatted calf
51:27  He placed it before them, saying: ‘Will you not eat?‘
51:28  He grew afraid of them, but they said, ‘Have no fear,‘ and told him he was to have a son endowed with knowledge
51:29  His wife came crying and beating her face. ‘Surely I am a barren old woman,‘ she said
51:30  Such is the will of your Lord,‘ they said. ‘He surely is the Wise One, the All-knowing.‘
51:31  Messengers,‘ said he, ‘what is your errand?‘
51:32  They said: ‘We are sent forth to a perverted people
51:33  that we may bring down on them a shower of clay-stone
51:34  marked by your Lord for the destruction of the sinful.‘
51:35  We led all the believers out of the town ―
51:36  We found but one household of true Muslims ―
51:37  and left therein a Sign for those who fear the woeful scourge
51:38  And in Moses there was a sign. We sent him forth to Pharaoh with manifest authority
51:39  but he turned his back, he and his nobles, saying: ‘A sorcerer, or a man possessed.‘
51:40  So We seized him and his warriors, and cast them into the sea. Indeed, he deserved much blame
51:41  In the fate of ‘Ād there was another sign. We let loose on them a blighting wind
51:42  which pounded into dust all that it swept before it
51:43  And in Thamūd. They had been told: ‘Enjoy yourselves till a time decreed;&lsquo
51:44  but they disobeyed the commandments of their Lord. The thunderbolt struck them as they looked on
51:45  they could not rise up from their fall, nor did they gain their end
51:46  And the people of Noah before them. Surely they too were a degenerate people
51:47  The heaven We built with mighty hands, giving it a vast expanse
51:48  and stretched the earth beneath it: gracious is He who spread it out
51:49  And all things We have made in pairs, so that you may take thought
51:50  Therefore seek God. From Him I come to you with clear warning
51:51  You shall not set up another deity besides God. From Him I come to you with a clear warning
51:52  Thus no apostle ever came to those before them¹ but that they said: ‘Sorcerer!‘ or ‘A man possessed!‘
51:53  Have they handed down this down from one generation to the next? Surely they are transgressors all
51:54  Pay no heed to them; you shall incur no blame
51:55  Exhort them; exhortation helps the true believers
51:56  I created the jinn and mankind only that they might worship Me
51:57  I demand no livelihood of them, nor do I ask that they should feed Me
51:58  God alone is the Munificent Giver, the Mighty One, the Invincible
51:59  The wrongdoers‘ sins are like the sins of those that sinned before them; so let them not hurry Me on
51:60  Woe betide then the unbelievers when their promised day is come