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51:1  Those that scatter to full scattering act as a witness
51:2  then those that bear heavy burden
51:3  then those that float with ease and gentleness
51:4  then those that distribute (the) matter
51:5  Definitely what you are promised is surely true
51:6  And indeed the Judgement is sure to happen
51:7  The heaven full of paths and tracks is a (sure) witness
51:8  certainly, you are surely discordant in (your) utterance
51:9  Is turned against it (i.e., against the Book of Allah) that one who is turned aside because of falsehood and forgery
51:10  Have been annihilated those who indulge in mythology and falsehood—
51:11  those who being in stupor are heedless (of the Scripture)
51:12  They ask: “When will be the Day of Judgment?”
51:13  The Day they are put to torture over the Fire
51:14  “Taste you your torture! This is what you desired to be hastened.”
51:15  Surely, Al-Muttaqun (will be) in the Gardens and springs
51:16  as those who receive and enjoy what their Nourisher-Sustainer has bestowed unto them. Verily, they used to be Muhsinun
51:17  They are — a small period out of the night which they pass in rest and sleep
51:18  And in the hours just before dawn, they ask (Allah) for forgiveness
51:19  And in their possessions remains a specified share for that who asks (for assistance) and (is) unpossessed (of the basic needs)
51:20  And within the earth are signs for those who are seehead of state certainty in Faith
51:21  and (even) in your ownselves. Will you not then see
51:22  And in the heaven is (the source of) your provision, and that which you are promised
51:23  Then by (the) Nourisher-Sustainer of the heaven and the earth! Definitely it (the Day of Judgement) is sure truth similar to what as you speak
51:24  Has the Hadees of the guests of Ibrahim reached you— honoured individuals (out of the angels)
51:25  When they entered in his presence and said: “Salam [peace (and blessing be upon you)].” (Ibrahim) said: “Salam.” (He thought in his mind): ‘a nation of nonfamiliar people!’
51:26  Then he turned to his household, and returned with (a portion of) a healthy, fatty (roasted) calf
51:27  Then he brought it close to them; (but when they touched it not) he said: “Will you not eat?”
51:28  Then he conceived a fear of them. (The angels) said: “Fear not.” And they transmitted him the glad tidings (about the conception and birth) of a male offspring, gifted with deep knowledge
51:29  Then (Ibrahim’s) wife moved forward in emotional excitement and brought her hand over her face in the normal style exhibiting wonder, and uttered: “(What a news for one who is) at extreme of age and (is) infertile!”
51:30  (The angels) said (to the wife): “Thus has uttered your Nourisher-Sustainer! Without doubt He is All-Wise, All-Knowing,”
51:31  (Ibrahim) said: “So, what is your mission, O you who have been sent?”
51:32  (The angels) said: “Surely we, we have been sent to the nation of sinners
51:33  so that we may shower over them stones of clay
51:34  (stored and) marked with your Nourisher-Sustainer for those who commit excesses. ”
51:35  So We brought out (to safety) that who was therein out of the Believers
51:36  But We found not therein other than (only) one house out of the Muslims
51:37  And therein (i.e., within this incident) We left a sign for those who fear the painful torment
51:38  And in (the incident of) Musa (there is also a lesson) when We sent him to Firaun with Sultanin Mobin (‘Manifest Power’)
51:39  But (Firaun) turned away in the pride of might and power, and said: “(This Messenger is) a sorcerer or a fanatic.”
51:40  So We seized him and his military forces; then We threw them (all) into the sea, while he was one who blamed (his ownself)
51:41  And in (the destruction of) the ’Ad (-people is also a lesson) when We directed against them a destroying wind (-storm)
51:42  it spares not of anything over which it blew, except that it turned it into something like a destroyed and decomposed matter
51:43  And in (the incident of) Samud (there is also a lesson) when it was said unto them: “Enjoy yourself for a limited period.”
51:44  Then they insolently defied the command of their Nourisher-Sustainer, so the Sa’iqa (thunder-bolt) overtook them while they were loohead of state on
51:45  So they could not be able to continue (their existence), and they did not behave as those who acquire assistance and aid and then take revenge
51:46  And the nation of Nuh since before: they had remained a nation of Fasiqun
51:47  And the heaven: We constructed it with (Our Own) hands; and surely We are indeed those Who make expansion and create vastness
51:48  And the earth: We spread it out; so what Excellent Spreaders (We are)
51:49  And to every thing We have created pairs, perchance you may remind (yourselves and remind others)
51:50  So run swiftly towards Allah. Verily, I am unto you, from Him, a warner — plain (and evident)
51:51  And do not set up alongwith Allah another ilahan (god). Verily, I am unto you, from Him, a warner — plain (and evident)
51:52  Likewise, there did not come to those before them, out of a Messenger, but they said (about him): “A sorcerer or a fanatic.”
51:53  Have these people bequeathed one another about it? Nay, they are a nation of those who transgress beyond bounds
51:54  So turn away from them (who are stubborn opponents), then you are not (to be regarded as) a blamed one
51:55  And remind (the Believers); for verily, reminding does benefit the Believers
51:56  And I did not create jinns and mankind except that they may obey Me
51:57  I do not desire any provision from them, and I do not desire that they may feed Me
51:58  Verily, Allah: He is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong
51:59  So verily, for those who have transgressed (are the accumulated) sins (with all their resultant effects) similar to the sins of their colleagues (in crimes). So let them not ask Me to hasten on (the resultant punishment)
51:60  Then woe to those who have disbelieved of (the destructive effects of) their Day which they are being promised