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51:1  By the winds that blow and scatter
51:2  And by the clouds that carry a heavy load (of water)
51:3  And by the vessels that float with elegance
51:4  And by the angels that distribute work
51:5  Surely the promise (of the Hereafter) being made to you is absolutely true
51:6  And surely, the reward and the punishment (of actions) are bound to take place
51:7  And by the heaven with its galaxies and orbits (of stars and planets)
51:8  Certainly you are (caught) in inconsistent statements
51:9  He alone who is turned away (from the knowledge of pre-eternity) turns away (from the Holy Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] and the Qur’an)
51:10  Ruined are those who tell lies out of assumption and conjecture
51:11  Those who are oblivious (of the Hereafter) due to negligence and ignorance
51:12  They ask: ‘When is the Day of Requital?
51:13  (Say:) ‘The Day (when) they will be roasted in the Fire of Hell.
51:14  (It will be said to them:) ‘Relish your punishment. It is this punishment which you seek to hasten.
51:15  Surely, the pious will be (rejoicing) in gardens and springs
51:16  Receiving those blessings (in ecstatic delight) which their Lord will be giving them (with munificence and benevolence). Surely, it is they who were people of spiritual excellence (in their life) before this
51:17  They used to sleep at night only for a short while
51:18  And used to (get up and) seek forgiveness in the later part of the night
51:19  And in their wealth was appointed a due share for the beggars and the destitute (i.e., all the needy)
51:20  And there are many signs in the earth for the people with the truth of certitude (i.e., people of perfect certitude)
51:21  And in your selves (as well). So do you not notice
51:22  And (also) there is sustenance for you in the heaven and (all that too) which you are promised
51:23  So, by the Lord of heavens and the earth, this (promise of Ours) is true just as is your speech. (You firmly believe in what you utter.
51:24  Has the news of the venerable guests of Ibrahim (Abraham) come to you
51:25  When those (angels) came to him, they wished him peace. Ibrahim (Abraham) also said (in reply): ‘Peace (be upon you)!’ (and thought in his mind that) they were strangers
51:26  Then he went to his home in haste and brought a healthy, roasted calf
51:27  Then he presented it to them and said: ‘Will you not eat?
51:28  Then he felt somewhat concerned about them (when they did not eat). They (the angels) said: ‘Do not worry,’ then they gave him the news about a son possessing knowledge and wisdom (Ishaq [Isaac])
51:29  Then his wife (Sara) came with a voice laden with wonder and frustration, patted her forehead in astonishment and said: ‘(Will) an old and barren woman (give birth to a child)?
51:30  The (angels) said: ‘It will happen exactly as your Lord has said; surely, He is Most Wise, All-Knowing.
51:31  Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘O deputed angels, what is your intent (for coming, apart from this good news)?
51:32  They said: ‘We have been sent to the evildoing people (the people of Lut [Lot])
51:33  So that we may rain on them THE the stones of baked clay
51:34  (The stones) that have been marked from your Lord for those who transgress.
51:35  Then We moved everyone who was of the believers in it out (from the town of the people of Lut [Lot])
51:36  So We did not find in that town (any house) of the Muslims except one (in which were the Prophet Lut [Lot] and his two daughters)
51:37  And We made in that (town) a sign to subsist (as a lesson of warning) for those who fear the grievous torment
51:38  And (there are signs) in (the incident of) Musa (Moses) as well when We sent him to Pharaoh with clear proof
51:39  He turned away along with his cabinet members and said: ‘(Here is) a magician or a madman.
51:40  Then We seized him and his army (with torment), and drowned them (all) in the river. And he was but the perpetrator of condemnable works
51:41  And there is (a sign) in (the destruction of) the people of ‘Ad too when We sent upon them a wind devoid of any good and blessing
51:42  Whatever it passed over, it did not leave without turning it to dust
51:43  And also there is (a sign of warning) in the (destruction of) the people of Thamud when they were told: ‘Take benefit for an appointed term.
51:44  But they disobeyed the command of their Lord. So a horrifying thunder seized them, and they could only stare at it stunned
51:45  Then they could neither gather strength to stand, nor take revenge (on Us)
51:46  And (We also destroyed) the people of Nuh (Noah) before this. Surely, they were a people extremely disobedient
51:47  And We built the heavenly universe with great might. And surely, We are expanding (this universe) more and more
51:48  And We alone made (the surface of the) earth a (livable) floor. So how graciously We make up and spread out
51:49  And of everything We have created two pairs so that you may concentrate and understand
51:50  So run towards Allah. Surely, I am a clear Warner to you from Him
51:51  And do not set up any god apart from Allah. Surely, I am a clear Warner to you from Him
51:52  Likewise, no Messenger came to those before them, but they said the same: ‘(This is) a magician or a madman.
51:53  Were they transmitting this advice to one another? In truth, they were (all) a disobedient and rebellious people
51:54  So turn away your kind and caring looks from them. There is no blame on you (for their disbelief)
51:55  And keep giving direction and guidance, for direction and guidance surely benefits the believers
51:56  And I created the jinn and human beings solely to adopt My servitude
51:57  I do not ask for any sustenance (i.e., earning) from them, nor do I require that they should feed Me
51:58  Truly, Allah alone is the Sustainer of everyone, the Lord of Great Might, the Most Strong. (He does not need anyone’s help and assistance.
51:59  So there is a fixed share of the torment for these wrongdoers (too) like the share of the torment of their companions (who have passed before). So let them not ask Me to hasten (it)
51:60  So a terrible destruction awaits the disbelievers on that Day of theirs which they have been promised