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51:1  By those (winds) that scatter dust
51:2  then those that bear load (of clouds)
51:3  then those that float with ease
51:4  then those who distribute things
51:5  whatever you are being promised is surely true
51:6  and Recompense (of deeds) is sure to happen
51:7  By the sky, having paths
51:8  you are (involved) in a contradictory discussion
51:9  Turned away from this (Qur‘an) is the one who is turned away (totally from the truth.
51:10  Death upon those who make conjectures (against the true faith)
51:11  __ those who are drowned in ignorance, forgetful
51:12  They ask, .When shall be the Day of Recompense?
51:13  (It will be) the Day when they will be heated on the Fire
51:14  (and it will be said to them,) .Taste (the punishment of) your mischief. This is what you have been asking to be brought sooner
51:15  The God-fearing (on the other hand) will be in gardens and springs
51:16  receiving what their Lord will have given to them. Indeed, prior to this, they were good in their deeds
51:17  They used to sleep little in the night
51:18  and in the hours before dawn they used to pray for forgiveness
51:19  and in their wealth, there was a right for one who asks and for one who is deprived
51:20  In the earth, there are signs for those who (seek truth to) believe
51:21  and in your own selves! So, do you not perceive
51:22  And in the heavens, there is your sustenance and all that you have been promised
51:23  So, by the Lord of the heavens and the earth, it (the Day of Recompense) is a reality, as sure as the fact that you (can) speak
51:24  Has there come to you the story of the honoured guests of Ibrahim
51:25  When they (the angels in human form) entered unto him and said, .We greet you with Salam . He said, .Salam on you. (And he said to himself,) .(They are) unknown people
51:26  Then he slipped off to his home and fetched a fattened calf
51:27  So he presented it before them (to eat, but being angels, they refrained.) He said, .Would you not eat?
51:28  So he felt some fear in his heart. They said, .Be not scared. And they gave him the good news of (the birth of) a knowledgeable boy
51:29  So his wife came forward with a clamor, and slapped her own face and said, .(How can I have a child when I am) a barren old woman?
51:30  They said, .This is how your Lord has said. Surely, He is All-Wise, All-Knowing
51:31  He (Ibrahim) said (to the angels), .Then, what is your mission O messengers?
51:32  They said, .We are sent to a guilty people, (i.e. the people of Sodom
51:33  so that we may send down upon them stones of clay
51:34  marked by your Lord for the transgressors
51:35  So, We let the believers who were there to come out (from danger)
51:36  but We did not find in it any Muslims, except one house
51:37  And We left in this (event) a sign (of deterrence) for those who fear the painful punishment
51:38  And (We left a similar sign) in (the story of) Musa, when We sent him to Fir‘aun (Pharaoh) with a clear proof
51:39  So he turned away along with his chiefs and said, . (Musa is) a magician or a madman!
51:40  So We seized him and his army, and cast them into the sea, as he was of culpable behaviour
51:41  And (a similar sign was left) in (the story of) ‘Ad, when We sent upon them the wind that was barren (from any benefit)
51:42  it spared nothing it came upon, but rendered it like a stuff smashed by decay
51:43  And (a similar sign was left) in (the story of) Thamud, when it was said to them, .Enjoy yourselves for a while
51:44  Then they rebelled against the command of your Lord; so the thunderbolt (of divine punishment) seized them, while they were looking on
51:45  Then they were neither able to stand (before the punishment), nor could they defend themselves
51:46  And (We have destroyed) the people of NuH even before; indeed they were a sinful people
51:47  And the sky was built by Us with might; and indeed We are the expanders
51:48  And the earth was spread out by Us as a floor; so how well have We spread it out
51:49  And from every thing We have created pairs of twos, so that you may heed
51:50  So, flee to Allah. Indeed I am a plain warner sent by Him for you
51:51  And do not make up any other god along with Allah. Indeed I am a plain warner sent by Him for you
51:52  In similar way, no messenger came to those before them, but they said, .(He is) a magician or a madman
51:53  Have they handed down (this saying) to each other as a legacy? Rather they are a rebellious people
51:54  So, turn away from them, for you are not blamed
51:55  And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers
51:56  I did not create the Jinns and the human beings except for the purpose that they should worship Me
51:57  I do not want any sustenance from them, nor do I want them to feed Me
51:58  In fact, Allah is the All-Sustainer, Possessor of power, the Strong
51:59  So, those who did wrong will have their turn like the turn of their counterparts. So, they should not ask Me to hasten on
51:60  Woe, then, to those who disbelieve because of the Day of theirs that they are promised (for punishment)