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51:1  By the winds which carry dust particles
51:2  by the clouds which are heavily loaded with water
51:3  by the ships which smoothly sail on the oceans
51:4  by the angels which distribute the affairs
51:5  that what you are promised is certainly tru
51:6  and the Day of Judgment will inevitably take place
51:7  By the beautiful heavens
51:8  your ideas are confused
51:9  Let whoever wishes, turn away from Our Quran
51:10  Death to those whose opinions are merely baseless conjectures
51:11  and who wander in the abyss of confusion
51:12  They ask, "When it will be the Day of Judgment?"
51:13  On the Day of Judgment they will be punished by the fir
51:14  and will be told, "Suffer the torment which you wanted to experience immediately"
51:15  The pious ones will live amidst gardens and springs
51:16  receiving their reward from their Lord. They had been righteous people before the Day of Judgment
51:17  They slept very little during the nigh
51:18  and asked for forgiveness in the early morning
51:19  They assigned a share of their property for the needy and the destitute
51:20  In the earth there is evidence (of the Truth) for those who have strong faith
51:21  There is also evidence of the Truth within your own selves. Will you then not see
51:22  In the heavens there is your sustenance and that which you were promised (Paradise)
51:23  This, by the Lord of the heavens and the earth is as certain as your ability to speak
51:24  Have you heard the story of the honorable guests of Abraham
51:25  When they came to him saying, "Peace be with you," he replied to their greeting in the same manner and said to himself, "These are a strange people"
51:26  He went quietly to his wife and returned to his guests with a fat, roasted calf
51:27  He placed it before them. Then he said, "Why are you not eating?"
51:28  He began to feel afraid. They said, "Do not be afraid," and then gave him the glad news of the birth of a knowledgeable son
51:29  His wife came forward, crying and beating her face, saying, "I am an old barren woman!"
51:30  They said, "This is true but your Lord has said, (that you will have a son); He is All-wise and All-knowing"
51:31  Abraham asked, "Messengers, what is your task?"
51:32  They replied, "We have been sent to a sinful peopl
51:33  to bring down upon them showers of marked lumps of clayy
51:34  They are transgressors in the presence of your Lord"
51:35  We saved the believers among them
51:36  but We found only one Muslim house
51:37  We left therein evidence for those who fear the painful torment
51:38  There is also evidence (of the Truth) in the story of Moses when We sent him to the Pharaoh with clear authority
51:39  The Pharaoh and his forces turned away from him, saying, "He is either a magician or an insane person"
51:40  We seized him and his army and threw them into the sea. He himself was to be blamed
51:41  There is also evidence of the Truth in the story of Ad whom We struck with a violent win
51:42  which turned everything it approached into dust
51:43  There is also evidence (of the Truth) in the story of the Thamud, who were told to enjoy themselves for an appointed time
51:44  They transgressed against the command of their Lord. So a blast of sound struck them and they were unable to do anything but stare
51:45  They were unable to stand up, nor were they helped
51:46  The people of Noah who lived before them were also evil doing people
51:47  We have made the heavens with Our own hands and We expanded it
51:48  We have spread out the earth and how brilliantly it is spread
51:49  We have created everything in pairs so that perhaps you may take heed
51:50  (Muhammad), tell them,"Seek refuge in God. I have been sent from Him to plainly warn you
51:51  Do not choose other gods besides Him. I have been sent from Him to plainly warn you"
51:52  In the same way no Messenger came to those who lived before them without his people calling him a magician or an insane person
51:53  Have they inherited such dealings with the Prophets from their predecessors or are they a rebellious people
51:54  (Muhammad), leave them alone and you will not be blamed
51:55  Keep on reminding them. This benefits the believers
51:56  We have created jinn and human beings only that they might worship Me
51:57  I do not expect to receive any sustenance from them or that they should feed Me
51:58  It is God Who is the Sustainer and the Lord of invincible strength
51:59  The unjust will bear a burden like that of their unjust predecessors. Let them not make Me bring immediate punishment upon them
51:60  Woe to the disbelievers when the day with which they have been threatened comes