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17:1  Holy (i.e., free of any imperfection, weakness and insufficiency) is He Who took His (most beloved and intimate) Servant in a small portion of a night from the Sacred Mosque to the al-Aqsa Mosque, whose surroundings We have blessed, in order that We might show him (the Perfect Servant) Our signs. Surely, He is the One Who is All-Hearing, All-Seeing
17:2  And We gave Musa (Moses) the Book (the Torah) and made it guidance for the Children of Israel (and enjoined them:) ‘Do not take anyone other than Me as Guardian.
17:3  (O) children of those whom We carried (in the Ark) with Nuh (Noah)! Indeed, Nuh (Noah) was a highly grateful servant
17:4  And We categorically conveyed to the Children of Israel in the Book: ‘You shall make mischief twice in the land and employ a violent defiance (against obedience to Allah).
17:5  So when the promised first time of the two came to pass, We brought upon you those of Our servants who were great warriors. Then, in (your) search, they penetrated up to your dwellings. And (this) promise was sure to be fulfilled
17:6  Then We turned the victory over them to your favour and helped you with (affluence in) wealth and children and increased your numerical strength (as well)
17:7  If you do good, you do it (only) for your own benefit, but if you do evil, you will sin against your own souls. Then, when the hour of the second promise came (We sent against you other tyrants) so that (lashing and whipping) they should deform your faces and enter the al-Aqsa Mosque, (the same way) as (the invaders) had entered it the first time, and so that they completely destroy whatever (place) they overpower
17:8  It may well be that (after this) your Lord will have mercy on you, but if you revert to the same (rebellious and defiant behaviour), then We too will get back to the same (tormenting once again). And We have made Hell a prison for the disbelievers
17:9  Indeed, this Qur’an leads to that (destination) which is most right, and gives this good news to those believers who do righteous works, that for them is a mighty reward
17:10  And that those who do not believe in the Hereafter, We have prepared for them a painful punishment
17:11  And (intolerant and anguished) man prays (sometimes) for evil as he prays for good (for himself). And man has happened to be very impulsive indeed
17:12  And We have made the night and the day two signs (of Our might). Then We made the Sign of the night dark and We made the sign of the day bright so that you might look for your Lord’s bounty (provision) and that you might work out the number of years and do reckoning, and We have made everything clear in detail
17:13  And We have slung every man’s record of deeds around his neck, and on the Day of Resurrection We shall bring forth (this) record, which he will find spread out (before him)
17:14  (It will be said to him:) ‘Read your book (of deeds). Today, you yourself are enough for examining your own account.
17:15  Whoever adopts the path of guidance follows it to his own benefit, and whoever goes astray, then the evil consequences of his error also fall back on him alone. And no bearer of burden will bear the burden (of the sins) of any other. And We do not torment (any people) at all until We send a Messenger (to them)
17:16  And when We resolve to destroy a town, We send (some) command to the rich and the affluent amongst them (so that the common man and the poor may make amends) but they act disobediently in (the town). Thus Our decree (of torment) becomes due against it. Then We totally demolish that town
17:17  And how many a community have We destroyed after Nuh (Noah)! And your Lord is Sufficient. (He) is Well Aware of the sins of His servants, All-Seeing
17:18  Whoever longs for (quick recompense for his labour in the form of) worldly riches alone, We readily grant whatever We like to whoever We please, here in this world. Thereafter, We have set up Hell for him which he will enter hearing condemnation and contempt, rejected (from the mercy of his Lord)
17:19  And whoever longs for the Hereafter and toils for it befittingly and he is a believer (as well), it is they whose struggle will earn recognition
17:20  We extend help to all: those (ambitious of this world) as well as those (aspiring to the Hereafter. O Glorious Beloved, all this) is of your Lord’s bestowal. And the bestowal of your Lord is not forbidden and restricted (to anyone)
17:21  See how We have exalted some of them above the others! And surely, the Hereafter (as compared to this world) is far greater in degrees and in terms of superiority (as well)
17:22  (O listener!) Do not set up another god along with Allah (lest) you should sit back condemned (and) forsaken
17:23  And your Lord has commanded you not to worship anyone other than Allah, and treat parents with benevolence. If either or both of them attain old age in your presence, then do not say even ‘Ugh!’ to them, nor reproach them. And always speak to both of them submissively, observing polite manners.
17:24  And always lower your wings of submissiveness and humility out of soft-heartedness for both of them, and keep supplicating (Allah): ‘O my Lord, have mercy on both of them as they brought me up in (my) childhood (with mercy and clemency).
17:25  Your Lord is Well Aware of the (matters and intentions) that are in your hearts. If you acquire righteous conduct, then surely He (Allah) is Most Forgiving to those who turn (towards Him)
17:26  And give to the kindred their rightful due, and also (give) to the needy and the wayfarer, and do not exhaust (your wealth) by expending wastefully
17:27  Surely, the spendthrifts are the brothers of Satan, and Satan is most ungrateful to his Lord
17:28  And if, in waiting for your Lord’s mercy (i.e., prosperity), which you look forward to, you seek to avoid these (deserving ones due to scarcity of means), then say to them kind words
17:29  And neither keep your hand tied to your neck (giving nothing to anyone), nor stretch it wide open (giving away all) lest you should sit back, blamed (and) consumed
17:30  Truly, your Lord opens up sustenance for whom He pleases and folds up (for whom He wills). Verily, He is All-Knowing of His servants’ (works and affairs), All-Seeing
17:31  And do not kill your children due to fear of poverty. We alone provide for them and for you (as well). Indeed, killing them is a major sin
17:32  And do not even go near unlawful sex (adultery). Verily, it is an act of lewdness and is the most evil way
17:33  And do not kill any soul whose (killing) Allah has declared unlawful unless (killing him) is just (according to the law and decree of the court). But whoever is killed unjustly, We have indeed given his heir the right (of retribution according to the legal procedure), but he too must not exceed the limits in (retributive) killing. He is indeed helped (by Allah. The responsibility of his legal help and support will be on the government.
17:34  And (also) do not go near the orphan’s property, but in a way that is beneficial (to the orphan), until he reaches his maturity. And always fulfil the promise. No doubt, the promise will be questioned about
17:35  And measure in full whenever you measure out (anything), and (when you weigh anything) weigh with a straight balance. This (honesty) is better, and much better with regard to its consequence (as well)
17:36  And, (O man,) do not follow that of which you have no (authentic) knowledge. Indeed the ear, the eye and the heart—each of them will be questioned
17:37  And do not walk arrogantly on the earth. Certainly, you cannot cleave the earth (with the force of your arrogance), nor can you reach the mountains in height. (You will remain what you are.
17:38  The evil of all these (mentioned) acts is most despicable to your Lord
17:39  This is of those wisdom-loaded values which your Lord has revealed to you and, (O man,) do not set up another god with Allah, (lest) you should be cast into Hell, cursed (and) rejected (from Allah’s mercy)
17:40  (O idolaters! Think for yourselves!) Has your Lord picked you for sons and taken (for Himself) angels as daughters? Indeed, you utter a most awful saying (in the framework of your own fabricated ideas)
17:41  And surely, We have explained (facts and admonitions) in this Qur’an repeatedly and alternating styles so that people may take direction and guidance, but (the disbelievers’ state of mind is such that) this only increases their hatred
17:42  Say: ‘Had there been some other gods with Him, as they (the idolaters and the disbelievers) say, then they would certainly have (jointly) found some passage to reach the Lord of the Throne (to interfere in His command and control system).
17:43  Holy is He and Most Exalted and Most High, far above all that they keep saying
17:44  The seven heavens and the earth and all that exists in them persistently extol the Glory of Allah, and there is not a single object (in the entire universe) but glorifies Him with His Praise. Yet you cannot appreciate their (state of) glorification. He is surely Most Forbearing, Most Forgiving
17:45  And when you recite the Qur’an, (then) We place an imperceptible veil between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter
17:46  And We (also) put covers over their hearts so that they may (not) get to its meaning, and plug their ears with a sensation of heaviness (so that they may not listen to it). And when you mention your Lord alone in the Qur’an (and the names of their idols are not mentioned) then, in extreme dislike, they turn their backs and flee away
17:47  We know best the motive with which they listen to with active attention when they give you ears and when they whisper and when these wrongdoers say (to the Muslims): ‘You are following only a person that is bewitched (i.e., a spell has been cast on him. And We see and hear all this).
17:48  (O Beloved!) See what similes (these people) find for you! So they have gone astray. Now they are unable to find a way to the right path
17:49  And they say: ‘When we shall become (decomposed) bones and dust particles (after dying), shall we be raised up alive anew?
17:50  Say: ‘Be you stones or iron
17:51  Or any other created matter which you deem even harder (than these things, and which is not susceptible to becoming a living thing).’ Then (in this condition) they will say: ‘Who will bring us back to life?’ Say: ‘He Who created you the first time.’ They will then shake their heads at you (by way of wonder and ridicule) and will say: ‘When will it happen?’ Say: ‘It is expected to occur soon.
17:52  The Day when He will call you, you will respond praising Him, deeming that you tarried (in the world) for only a short while
17:53  And tell My servants that they should say things that are most balanced. Surely, Satan causes contention amongst people. Indeed, Satan is man’s declared enemy
17:54  Your Lord is Well Aware of your state of affairs. If He wills, He may have mercy on you, or if He likes, He may torment you. And We have not sent you as a guardian over them (to care for all their matters)
17:55  And your Lord knows them best who (dwell) in the heavens and the earth. And surely, We exalted some Messengers above the others and bestowed the Zabur (Psalms) upon Dawud (David)
17:56  Say: ‘Call all those that you consider (gods) apart from Allah. They do not have the power to remove distress from you, nor (have they the capability) to shift (it to others).
17:57  Those that they worship (i.e., they prepare sculptures and images of angels, jinn, the Prophet ‘Isa [Jesus], ‘Uzayr [Ezra] and others and worship them) look for mediation to their Lord (themselves) as to who amongst them is most intimate (in the presence of Allah). And they (themselves) hope for His mercy and fear His torment. (Now say yourselves how they can be gods. They are prostrating themselves before the True God.) Indeed, the torment of your Lord is a thing to fear
17:58  And there is not a community (comprising disbelievers and the denying rebels), but We shall destroy it before the Day of Resurrection or afflict it with most severe torment. This (decree) is written in the Book (the Protected Tablet [al-Lawh al-Mahfuz])
17:59  And (nothing) has prevented Us from sending down the signs (on their demand even now) except that the bygone people denied the same (signs. Thereupon, they were immediately seized by destruction and were not granted any respite. O Beloved, We do not want to repeat that with your people after We have raised you as Our Messenger.) And We gave the people of Thamud an open Sign (of) a she-camel (of Salih) but they did her wrong. And We do not send signs but to rouse fear (for the last time before the torment arrives. Then, when that sign is rejected, the devastating torment is sent forthwith)
17:60  And (recall) when We said to you: ‘Indeed, your Lord has encompassed (all) mankind (within His knowledge and might). And We have made the vision (on the Night of Ascension) that We showed you but a trial for the people; (the believers believed in it, whilst those having superficial vision were confused;) and also that tree (of Zaqqum) which has been cursed in the Qur’an. And We warn them, but this (warning too) does not add anything to them except greater disobedience and rebelliousness.
17:61  And (call to mind the time) when We said to the angels: ‘Fall down in prostration before Adam.’ Then all prostrated themselves except Iblis. He said: ‘Shall I prostrate myself before him whom You have created of clay?
17:62  (And Satan also said:) ‘Tell me, is it he You have exalted over me? (What is its reason after all?) If You grant me respite till the Day of Resurrection, I shall root out his children except a few of them (by bringing them under my control).
17:63  Allah said: ‘Go (respite is granted to you). So whoever of them follows you, Hell indeed is the only befitting punishment for you all
17:64  And whoever you can influence, destabilize (them) with your voice and invade them with (all the forces at your disposal) mounted and infantry troops and become a partner with them in their wealth and children and make them (false) promises. And Satan does not make them (any) promises but fraud and deceit
17:65  Assuredly, you will not be able to overpower those who are My servants, and your Lord is Sufficient to protect and help these (friends of Allah).
17:66  Your Lord is He Who makes (the ships and) vessels sail in the sea (and rivers) for you so that you may look for His bounty (i.e., sustenance through internal and external trade). Indeed, He is Ever-Merciful towards you
17:67  And when some adversity afflicts you in the sea, then (all) those (idols) disappear (from your minds) you keep worshipping apart from Him (Allah Whom you remember at that time). Then, when He rescues you and takes you safe ashore, (you once again) start turning away (from Him). And man has happened to be extremely thankless
17:68  Do you feel free of this fear that He may sink you (into the land) right at the shore or may send you stone storm? Then you will not find any helper for yourselves
17:69  Or have you become fearless that He may take you back once more (into the sea) and let loose upon you the ship-wrecking tempest and drown you (into the sea) because of your disbelief that you used to practise. Then you will not find for yourselves anyone to impeach Us (on this drowning)
17:70  And We have indeed honoured the children of Adam and provided them with (means of transport) over the land and in the sea (i.e., in the cities, deserts, rivers and oceans) and bestowed upon them sustenance out of clean and pure things. And We have exalted them above most of Our creation by conferring on them superiority
17:71  (Call to mind) the Day when We shall call every section of people along with their leaders. So whoever will be given the record of his deeds in his right hand, so they will read their records (rejoicing) and they will not be wronged a bit
17:72  And whoever remains blind (to the truth) in this (world) will be blind in the Hereafter as well, distracted from the path (of deliverance)
17:73  And that is what the disbelievers were up to, that they might tempt you away from that (commandment) which We have revealed to you, so that you ascribe to Us some other (things) apart from this (Revelation), and then make you their friend
17:74  And had We not (already) made you firm-footed (through holiness and impeccability of Prophethood), even then you (owing to your holy and sanctified self and natural potential) would have but trivially gone near to inclining towards them. (You would not have even then bent much towards them and they would have failed. But Allah has protected you from even nearing such a probability through the holiness of Prophethood.
17:75  (But, if supposedly you inclined, then) We would make you taste double of the torment in the worldly life and double of the torment in death. You would not then find (even) for yourself any helper against Us
17:76  And the disbelievers also sought to shake you off the land (of Mecca) so that they might banish you from here. (But had that supposedly happened) then they (themselves) would also not have stayed there but for a little while
17:77  This (has been) the practice (of Allah) with all those Messengers We sent before you and you will not find any change in Our way
17:78  Establish the Prayers (Zuhr [Midday], ‘Asr [Afternoon], Maghrib [Sunset] and ‘Isha’ [Night]) from the declining of the sun till the deep darkness of the night. And also (make obligatory) the recitation of Fajr Prayer, for the Qur’an in Fajr (Dawn) Prayer is attended (by the angels and a state of divine consciousness also permeates)
17:79  And in some part of the night (as well, rising from sleep,) offer the Tahajjud Prayer (with the Qur’an). This is added especially for you. Your Lord will certainly raise you to a station of praise and glory (i.e., the glorious station of intercession where all the former and later generations will turn towards you and glorify you)
17:80  And keep praying (to your Lord): ‘O my Lord, make me enter (wherever You are to make me enter) with the truth (pleasure), and bring me out (from wherever You are to bring me out) with the truth (pleasure). And bestow upon me from Your presence the dominance that assists and the power that supports.
17:81  And say: ‘The truth has come and falsehood has fled. Surely, falsehood has to perish.
17:82  And We are sending down in the Qur’an what is healing and mercy for the believers. And it only increases the wrongdoers in loss
17:83  And when We bestow upon man (some) blessing, he turns away (from gratitude) and escapes, but when some distress comes upon him, he despairs (i.e., he is neither grateful nor patient)
17:84  Say: ‘Everyone acts according to his own (respective) style and nature, and your Lord knows full well who is best guided to the straight path
17:85  And they (the disbelievers) ask you about the spirit. Say: ‘The spirit is from my Lord’s command, and you have been given but a very little knowledge.
17:86  And if We so will, We can erase this (Book) which We have revealed to you, (from people’s minds and from the written copies,) and you will not then find anyone who may plead your case before Us for the communication of this (Revelation)
17:87  But that by your Lord’s mercy (We have kept it intact. This) is indeed His mighty favour to you (and through you to your Umma [Community])
17:88  Say: ‘Should all men and jinn join in the attempt to produce (some other book) the like of this Qur’an, (even) then they will not be able to produce the like thereof, though they may become supporters to one another.
17:89  And surely, We have repeatedly explained for people every sort of example in this Qur’an (in diverse ways), but most people have not accepted (it. This is nothing) but sheer ingratitude
17:90  And they (the disbelievers of Mecca) say: ‘We shall never believe in you until you cause some water spring to gush out of the earth
17:91  Or you have some garden of date-palms and grapes and you may cause streams to flow profusely therein
17:92  Or, as you have an idea, cause some pieces of the sky to fall upon us (just now) or bring Allah and the angels before us
17:93  Or you have a house of gold (wherein you live luxuriously) or you ascend up to heaven, but even then we will not believe in your ascension (to the heaven) until you bring down to us (from there) a Book which we may read (ourselves).’ Say: ‘Holy is my Lord (far above these vagaries). I am only a human being (and a Messenger) sent by Allah.
17:94  And nothing prevented (these) people from believing, whilst there had come to them guidance (as well), except that they said: ‘Has Allah sent (a) man as Messenger?
17:95  Say: ‘Had there been angels (instead of human beings) walking about, residing in the earth, then We (too) would have certainly sent down from heaven some angel as a Messenger.
17:96  Say: ‘Sufficient is Allah for a witness between me and you. Surely, He is Well Aware of His servants, All-Seeing
17:97  And he whom Allah guides, then he is the rightly guided. But he whom He holds astray, you will not find for them any helper except Him. And We shall raise them on the Day of Resurrection prone, blind, dumb and deaf. Hell is their abode. Every time it abates, We shall flare it more ablaze (to torment them).
17:98  That is their punishment because they denied Our Revelations. And they kept saying: ‘Shall we be raised alive afresh after (we die), reduced to (decomposed) bones and dust particles?
17:99  Have they not seen that Allah, Who has created the heavens and the earth, also has the power to create the like of these people (again)? And He has fixed a term for them wherein there is no (chance of) doubt. The wrongdoers have even then refused to believe but (this) is ingratitude
17:100  Say: ‘If you were the owners of the treasures of my Lord’s mercy, you would even then hold (your hands) back (from spending) for fear of (total) exhaustion. And man has turned out to be highly narrow-minded and miserly
17:101  And, indeed, We bestowed upon Musa (Moses) nine bright signs. And ask the Children of Israel, when (Musa [Moses]) came to them, Pharaoh said to him: ‘O Musa (Moses), in my opinion you are but a bewitched man (i.e., a spell has been cast upon you).
17:102  Musa (Moses) replied: ‘(In your heart of hearts) you know that none has sent down these signs as a means of warning and insight except the Lord of the heavens and the earth and, O Pharaoh, in my opinion you are ruined (i.e., you are going to perish soon).
17:103  Then (Pharaoh) resolved to uproot and cast away (Musa [Moses] and his people) from the land of (Egypt). So We drowned him and all those who were with him
17:104  Then after this, We said to the Children of Israel: ‘Settle in this land. Then, when the promise of the Hereafter comes to pass, We shall take you all mustered together.
17:105  And We have sent down this (Qur’an) with the truth, and it is with the truth alone that it has come down. And, (O Glorious Beloved,) We have sent you but as a Bearer of glad tidings and as a Warner
17:106  And We sent down the Qur’an in segments so that you might recite it to the people distinctly with pauses. And We have revealed it in intervals gradually (in accordance with the circumstances and expediencies)
17:107  Say: ‘Believe in it or not, indeed those who were given the knowledge (of the Book) before you, they fall down upon their faces in prostration when this (Qur’an) is recited to them.
17:108  And they say: ‘Holy is our Lord. Surely, the promise of our Lord was bound to come true.
17:109  And they fall down on their faces, sighing and wailing, and this (Qur’an) keeps increasing their fear and submissiveness ever more
17:110  Say: ‘Call on Allah or call on al-Rahman (the Most Compassionate), by whatever Name you invoke Him, (all) the Best Names are His. And recite (the Qur’an in) your Prayer neither too loud nor too low, but adopt a (middle) course in between the two.
17:111  And say: ‘All praise belongs to Allah alone, Who has neither taken any son (for Himself), nor is there any partner in (His) kingdom and authority, nor has He any aide due to any handicap. (O Beloved,) keep extolling His Greatness and Glory with conviction and magnify Him with all His magnificence.