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17:1  Glory be to (Allah), Who took His Servant (the Prophet Muhammad) for a Journey during the night from the Sacred Mosque (in Makkah) to the Farthest Mosque (in Jerusalem) whose Vicinities We blessed, so that We may show him some of Our Signs (verses): For He is the All Hearer (As-Sami’), the All Seer (Al-Baseer, One Who hears all and sees all)
17:2  And We gave Musa (Moses) the Scripture (Torah), and made it a Guidance to the Children of Israel, (saying to them:): "Do not take (anyone) other than Me to be the Disposer of (your) affairs."
17:3  O (you) descendents who have come from those whom We carried (in the Ark) with Nuh (Noah)! Surely he was a true servant, most grateful
17:4  And We had decreed (and gave (clear) warning to) the Children of Israel in the Scripture (Torah), that you would make mischief twice on the earth and become very unjust and turn very arrogant (and that they would be punished twice)
17:5  So when the first of the warnings came true, We sent against you (Children of Israel) Our servants (the Babylonians, who were) used to ruthless warfare: They entered the deepest parts of your homes; And it was a warning (totally) fulfilled
17:6  Then We gave you a return (to freedom) against them: And We increased your resources and sons, and made you more numerous for man-power
17:7  (And We said:) "If you do well, you do well for yourselves; If you do evil, (you do it) against yourselves." So, when the second warnings came true, (We let your enemies) disfigure your faces, and enter your mosque (in Jerusalem) like they had entered it before, and bring destruction to all that fell into their power
17:8  It may be that your Lord may (still) show mercy to you; But if you go back (to your sins), We shall go back (to Our punishments): And We have made Hell a prison for disbelievers
17:9  Surely, this Quran guides to what is just and right and gives the good news to the believers who work deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a great reward (of Paradise)
17:10  And to those who do not believe in the Hereafter, (it warns) that for them We have prepared a painful penalty (of Hell)
17:11  And man calls to (Allah) in (his) evil as he calls to (Allah) for the good, and man is used to hasty (actions)
17:12  And, We have fixed the night and the day as two Signs: The Sign of the night We have hidden away, whereas the Sign of the day, We have made to give you light; So that you may seek the Bounty from your Lord, and that you may know the number (of days) and count of the years: And all things We have fully explained (in detail)
17:13  And We have tied every man's fate onto his own neck: We shall bring out on the Day of Judgment for him a (register like) document, which He will see laid open (for him)
17:14  (It will be said to him:) "Read your (own record) book: Your soul is enough this day to make out an account against you."
17:15  Whoever takes the guidance, takes it for his own good: And Whoever goes astray does so to his loss: No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another: And We will not come down with Our Anger until We had sent a messenger (to warn)
17:16  When We decide to destroy a town (a population) We (first) send a firm order to those from them who are given the good things of this life and still exceed (their) limits; So that the word (of warning) is proved true against them: After this We destroy it to total destruction
17:17  And how many generations have We destroyed after Nuh (Noah)? And your Lord is sufficient as totally Informed (Khabeer) and All Seer (Baseer) of the sins of His servants
17:18  If any (of you) wish for the passing things (of this life), We give him readily— Those things as We will, to those persons as We will: In the end, We have (also) made Hell for him: He will burn in there, disgraced and rejected
17:19  Whosoever wishes for the (reward in) Hereafter, and works hard for it with all his due effort, and keeps (his) Faith— He is the one whose effort is acceptable (by Allah)
17:20  From the (many) gifts of your Lord, We give freely to all— These (people) as well as those (people): The gifts of your Lord are not limited (to any)
17:21  See how We have given more to some than to others; But surely the Hereafter is higher in value and position and greater in excellence
17:22  Do not take with Allah another god for worship; Or you (O man!) will sit in disgrace and neglect
17:23  And your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him. And that you be kind to your parents. Whether one or both of them reach old age in your life, do not say a word of (hate and) disrespect to them, and do not brush them aside, instead, talk to them with (respect and) honor
17:24  And, (out of kindness), lower to them the arm of submission by being humble through mercy, and say: "My Lord! Grant to them Your Mercy as they brought me up (dearly) during my childhood."
17:25  Your Lord knows best what is in your hearts and souls: If you do deeds of righteousness, then surely He is Most Forgiving to those who turn to Him again and again (in true repentance)
17:26  And give the relatives their due rights, and (also) to those in want, and to the wayfarer: But do not waste (your wealth) like a spendthrift (or a wasteful person)
17:27  Surely wasters are brothers of the Satans'; And the Evil one (the prime Satan) is ungrateful to his Lord
17:28  And even if you have to turn away from them (the deserving) to find from the Mercy from your Lord, which you expect, then speak a word of comfort and kindness to them
17:29  And do not make your hand tied to your neck, (like a miser), nor push it out to its longest reach, so that you become worthy of blame and being penniless
17:30  Surely, your Lord gives plenty for livelihood to whom He pleases, but He gives in a right amount (to all). Verily, He knows and regards all His servants
17:31  And do not kill your children because of the fear of poverty (or of want): We shall give livelihood to them and also to you. Surely, killing them is a terrible sin
17:32  And do not come close to adultery: Verily, it is a shameful (deed) and an act evil, opening the road (to many other evils)
17:33  And do not take life— Which Allah has made holy— Except for just (and true) cause. And if anyone is killed wrongfully, We have given his heir the right (to demand justice within due limits or to forgive): But let him not exceed the limits in the matter of taking life; Verily, he (too) is helped (by Islamic law)
17:34  And do not come near to the orphan's property except to make it better, until he attains the age of full strength; And fulfill (every) promise (and commitment), verily, (every) act will be questioned (on the Day of Judgment)
17:35  And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with a balance that is (correct and) straight. That is the most suitable and most helpful in the final evaluation
17:36  And do not follow that about which you have no knowledge; Verily, every act of hearing, or of seeing, or of (wandering of) the heart will be questioned (on the Day of Judgment)
17:37  And do not walk on the earth with (injustice and) deceit, arrogance (and rudeness): Verily, you can not rip the earth apart, and cannot reach the mountains in height
17:38  Of all such things, (it is) evil that is hateful in the sight of your Lord
17:39  These are among the (words of) wisdom, which your Lord has revealed to you. And do not take, with Allah, another god for worship, lest, you (too) will be thrown into Hell, worthy of blame and rejected (from Allah’s Mercy)
17:40  Then has your Lord, (O disbelievers!) given you sons, and taken for Himself daughters from the Angels: Indeed! You say a most terrible thing
17:41  And surely, We have made clear in many (ways) in this Quran, so that they may be warned and guided, but it only makes them go away (from the Truth)
17:42  Say (to the disbelievers): If there were (other) gods with Him— As they (the disbelievers) say— Then they would certainly have searched a way to the Lord of the Throne
17:43  Glory be to Him! He is high above the things they say! Supreme and Great (beyond every measure)
17:44  The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings in there, speak His Glory: There is not a thing which does not celebrates His Praise; And yet you do not understand how they declare His Glory! Surely, He is Often-Forbearing (Haleem), Most Forgiving (Ghafoor)
17:45  And when you recite the Quran, We put between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter, an invisible shade
17:46  And We put coverings over their hearts (and minds) that they may (even) understand the Quran, and (We put) deafness into their ears: When you say the Praise of your Lord (and Him) Alone, in the Quran; They turn their backs, running away (from Truth)
17:47  We know very well why is it that they listen, when they listen to you; And when they meet in private conference, then the wrongdoers say, "You follow no one except a man bewitched [under a (magical) spell]!"
17:48  See what comparisons they make for you: So they have gone astray, and they can never find a way (to come back)
17:49  And they say: "What! When we are reduced to bones and torn apart (destroyed as dust), will we really be raised up as a new creation?"
17:50  Say: "You be stones or iron
17:51  "Or (be any) created matter which to you, is greater (and harder) in your hearts (to be raised up— Still you shall be raised up)!" Then they will (still) say: "Who will cause us to come back (alive)?” Say: "He, Who created you first!" Then they will shake their heads towards you and say, "When will that be?” Say, "May be, it is near
17:52  "It will be on a Day when He will call you, and you will answer (to His call) with His Praise and servitude, and you will (only) think that you delayed only for a short while!"
17:53  And say to My servants that they should (only) say those words that are best: Verily, Satan brings in disagreements and disharmony between them: Surely, Satan is to man an open enemy
17:54  It is your Lord Who knows you best: If He pleases, He grants you (His) Mercy, or if He pleases, (His) Punishment: We have not sent you as a guardian of their affairs for them
17:55  And it is your Lord Who knows best all beings that are in the heavens and on earth: And indeed, We have preferred some prophets over others: And to Dawood (David), We gave the Psalms (Zabur)
17:56  Say: "Call on those, besides Him— Whomsoever you may pretend: They have neither the power to remove the pain from you nor to change it to another person."
17:57  Those whom they call upon want a way to reach their Lord— Even those who are nearest: Hope for His Mercy, and fear His Anger: Because the Anger of your Lord is something to regard
17:58  There is not a community that We shall not destroy it before the Day of Judgment or punish it with a terrible penalty: That was indeed written in the (eternal) Record
17:59  And nothing could stop Us from sending the Signs, except that the men of earlier generations denied them as false: And We sent the she-camel to the Samood (Thamud) to open their eyes (to the truth), but they treated her wrongfully: And We only send the Signs to bring fear in (them and to keep them away from evil)
17:60  And (remember) when We told you that your Lord surrounds mankind around: And We gave the Vision which We showed you, only as a trial for men— As also the cursed tree in the Quran: (Mentioned as tree of Zaqqum in verses 37.62—65; 44.43—46; And 55.52.) We put fear (and warning) into them, but it only increases their excessive evil in nothing but their vast disbelief, injustices and disobedience
17:61  And (remember) when We said to the angels: "Bow down (prostrate yourselves) to Adam": They bowed down except Satan: He said, "Shall I bow down to one (Adam) whom You created (only) from clay?"
17:62  He (Satan) said, "Do You see? This is one whom you have honored above me! If You will only grant me relief till the Day of Judgment, I will surely take his (Adam's) children under my control— And mislead them— All, except a few!"
17:63  (Allah) said: "Go your way; If any of them follow you, surely! Hell will be the repayment for you (all)— And enough (it is) for a repayment
17:64  "Lead to destruction those whom you can among them, gradually, with your seductive voice (of evil); Make attacks on them with your horsemen and soldiers; Together with them share wealth and children; And make (false) promises to them." But Satan promises them nothing but lies
17:65  "Verily! About My (loyal and true) servants, you will not have authority over them:" And your Lord is All Sufficient as a Guardian of affairs (Wakil)
17:66  Your Lord is He Who makes the ship go smoothly for you through the sea, so that you may seek from His Bounty. Truly, He is Most Merciful (Raheem) to you
17:67  And when suffering (or distress) gets you at sea, those that you call upon— other than Himself— Leave you in a difficult position! But when He safely brings you back to land, you turn away (from Him). And man is most ungrateful
17:68  Do you then feel secure that He will not cause a side of the land to swallow you (even when you are on land), or that He will not send a strong storm against you (with shower of stones) so that you will have no one as a guardian for you
17:69  Or do you feel secure that He will not send you back to sea a second time and send against you a heavy gale to drown you because of your disbelief, then you find no helper against Us in there
17:70  And indeed, We have honored the children of Adam; And We have provided them with transport on land and sea; And We have provided them with good and pure things for livelihood; And given them Special favors, over and above a great part of Our Creation
17:71  The day when We shall call all human beings together with their (leaders) Imams: (With the Books of their scriptures and their own deeds:) Those who are given their record in their right hand will read it (with joy) and they will not be treated unjustly in the least
17:72  And those whoever was blind (to the Signs of Allah) in this world, will also be blind in the Hereafter, and most astray from the Path
17:73  Verily, their purpose was to tempt you away from what We had revealed to you, (and) to replace in it (the Quran) something quite different against Us: And then, they would certainly have made you a close friend
17:74  And if We had not given you strength, you would have certainly listened to them a little
17:75  If that was so, We would have made you taste twice the part (of punishment) in this life, and twice the part after the death; And in addition, you would have found no one to help you against Us
17:76  And verily, their purpose was to frighten you so much as to drive you away from the Land; But in that case, they would not have stayed (therein) after you, except for a short time
17:77  (This was our Sunnah or the) way with the messengers whom We had sent before you: And you will not find any change in Our ways
17:78  Establish regular prayers— from the middle of the day, till the darkness of the night, and recite the Quran in the early dawn: Surely, the reading (and morning prayer) of the early dawn is witnessed (by special angels)
17:79  And pray during a part of the night (in the small hours of the morning): An additional prayer (or spiritual value) for you: Your Lord will raise you soon, to a place of honor and glory
17:80  Say: "O my Lord! Let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honor, and also (make) my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honor; And grant me from Your Presence an authority to help (me)."
17:81  And say: "Truth has (now) come through and lies are dead: Surely, lies (by their nature) are bound to die."
17:82  And of the Quran, We send down what is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: And to those who are not just, it causes nothing but loss (and grief)
17:83  And when We grant Our gifts to man, he turns away and becomes far on his (own) side (instead of turning to Us), and when evil touches him, he gives himself up to sorrow
17:84  Say: "Everyone does (things) depending on his own tendencies: And your Lord knows best who it is that is most guided on the Way."
17:85  And they ask you about the Spirit; Say: "The Spirit (comes) by the command of my Lord: Of the knowledge, it is only a little that is made known to you,"
17:86  And if it was Our Will, We could take away that which We have sent to you by revelation: Then you will not find anyone to plead your affairs in that matter as against Us—
17:87  Except as a Mercy from your Lord: Verily, His Bounty to you is great
17:88  Say: "If the entire mankind and jinns' were to get together to produce (something) like this Quran, they could not produce (anything) like it, even if they tried altogether with help and support.”
17:89  And in this Quran, We have explained to man, every kind of similitude yet the larger part of them refuse (to be guided) even a little and that with thanklessness
17:90  And they say: "We shall not believe in you, unless you make a spring (of water) to come up for us from the earth
17:91  "Or (unless) you have a garden of date-palm (trees), and grape-vines, and make rivers to come up in their midst carrying plenty of water
17:92  "Or you make the sky to fall in pieces, as you say (it will happen), against us; Or you bring Allah and the angels before (us), face to face
17:93  "Or you have a house decorated with gold, or you climb a ladder right into the skies; No, we shall not even believe in your ascent unless you send down to us a book that we can read." Say: "Glory be to my Lord! Am I anyone except only a man— A messenger (of Allah)?"
17:94  What kept men away from belief when Guidance came to them, was nothing but this: They said, "Has Allah sent (only) a man to be (His) messenger?"
17:95  Say; "If on the earth, there were placed, angels walking about in peace and (quiet) security, We should certainly have sent them down from the heavens an angel as a messenger."
17:96  Say: "Allah is enough for a witness between me and you: Verily, He is the totally-Informed (Khabeer), the All Seer (Baseer, Well Acquainted, seeing all things)
17:97  And he whom Allah guides, he is on true guidance; And he whom He leaves astray— For those you will find no protector besides Him. And on the Day of Judgment, We shall bring them together lying on their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf: Their home will be Hell: Every time it reduces, We shall increase for them the intensity of the Fire
17:98  That is their recompense (and repayment), because they rejected Our Signs, and said, "When we are reduced to bones and tiny fragments, should we really be raised up (as) a new Creation?"
17:99  Do they not see that Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth, has power to create (others) like them (again)? And only He has ordered a set time; Of this, there is no doubt. But the unjust refuse (to accept) even a little and that with thanklessness
17:100  Say: "If you had control of the Treasures of the Mercy of my Lord, then you would keep them back, in the fear of spending them: Because man is (always) stingy!"
17:101  And to Musa (Moses) We did give nine clear Signs: Ask the Children of Israel: When he came to them, Firon (Pharaoh) said to him: "O Musa (Moses)! I consider you truly, to have been worked upon by magic!"
17:102  [Musa (Moses)] said: "Verily, you know well that these things have been sent down by no one but the Lord of the heavens and the earth as eye-opening evidence: And I consider you truly, O Firon (Pharaoh), to be one ill-fated to destruction!"
17:103  So he (Firon) decided to remove them from the face of the earth: But We did drown him and all who were with him
17:104  And after him, We said to the Children of Israel, "Live safely in the land (of promise)": Then as the second of the warnings comes true, (the birth of Messiah, the Christ or the Day of Judgment) We will gather you together in a mingled crowd (of many peoples and nations)
17:105  And We sent down the (Quran) in Truth and in Truth, it has come down: And We sent you (O Prophet!) only to give the Happy News (to the believer) and to warn (sinners)
17:106  And (it is) a Quran that We have divided (into parts from time to time), so that you may recite it to men at intervals: We have revealed it (to you) by stages
17:107  Say: "Whether you believe in it (the Quran) or do not believe (in it), verily, it is true that those who were given (its) knowledge earlier, when it is recited to them, fall down on their faces in respectful prostration
17:108  "And they say: 'Glory to our Lord! Truly the Promise of our Lord has been fulfilled!' "
17:109  They fall down on their faces with tears, and it increases their (truly heartfelt) humility
17:110  Say: "Call upon Allah, or call upon the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman): By whatever Name you call upon Him, (that is fine) because the Most Beautiful Names belong to Him. Offer the prayers, neither speak the words aloud, nor speak them in a low voice, but seek a middle path between."
17:111  Say: "All Praises (and thanks) be to Allah, Who has no son, and has no partner in (His) kingdom: Nor does He (need) anyone to protect from humiliation: And magnify Him for His Greatness and Glory!"