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78:1  About what are they asking one another?
78:2  About the news the most magnificent.
78:3  That about which they are in disagreement.
78:4  Not at all! Soon they will come to know.
78:5  Again not at all! They will soon come to know.
78:6  Have We not made the earth a cradle?
78:7  And the mountains pegs?
78:8  And We created you in pairs.
78:9  And We made your sleep a rest.
78:10  And We made the night a cover.
78:11  And We made the day a time of seeking livelihood.
78:12  And We built over you seven firmaments.
78:13  And We made [therein] a burning lamp.
78:14  And We sent down from the clouds a water pouring in torrent.
78:15  So that We may bring forth thereby seeds, and plants,
78:16  and gardens of trees whose branches thereby embrace one another.
78:17  Truly the day of the judgment is indeed a well-appointed time.
78:18  Day when the trumpet will be blown into and you will come in great groups.
78:19  And the heaven will be opened up and it will become many doors.
78:20  And the mountains will be moved and they will become as mirage.
78:21  Truly Hell indeed is a place of lying in wait.
78:22  For the transgressors a place of return.
78:23  They will remain therein for ages.
78:24  They will not taste therein anything cool nor a drink.
78:25  Except boiling water and puss.
78:26  A reward most suited [to them].
78:27  Indeed they did not use to expect reckoning.
78:28  And they belied Our signs a complete belying.
78:29  But everything We have completely gathered in a book.
78:30  “Taste you therefore, for We will not increase you in anything except in punishment.”
78:31  Truly for those who revere Allah will be a place of safety.
78:32  Gardens and grapes.
78:33  And young women of equal age.
78:34  And brimful cups.
78:35  They will not hear therein any idle speech or any lies.
78:36  Requite from your Lord a gift un-reckoned and reckoned.
78:37  Lord of the heavens and of the earth and all that is in between Ar-Rahman [The All-Merciful]. They are entitled to no speech from Him.
78:38  The day that the spirit and the angels will stand in rows. None of them will speak except such a one to whom Ar-Rahman [The All-Merciful] has given the permission and he will say that which is right.
78:39  That is the true day so whoever pleases let him take a return to his Lord.
78:40  Truly We had warned you of a punishment most near. The day that the human being will look at that which his hands have sent forth and the disbeliever would say, “I wish I were dust.”