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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

an-Najm (The Star)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Star(an-Najm)
53:1 By the star when it goes down,
53:2 your companion is not misguided and he was not deceived.
53:3 And he does not speak from the desire.
53:4 It (Quran) is not but a revelation that is revealed.
53:5 The very powerful (Gabriel) taught him,
53:6 being strong, he stood firmly.
53:7 And he was at the higher horizon,
53:8 then he came closer and he came down,
53:9 until he was at a distance of two bows or closer,
53:10 then he revealed to His servant what he revealed.
53:11 His (the prophet’s) heart did not deny what he saw.
53:12 Do you argue with him about what he sees?
53:13 And he has certainly seen him in another descent,
53:14 By the Lote (Sidra) tree at the utmost boundary.
53:15 Next to it is garden of the residence.
53:16 When that which covers covered the Lote (Sidra) tree.
53:17 The eye did not turn aside and did not outreach.
53:18 He has certainly seen some of the great signs of His Master.
53:19 What do you think of the Lat, the Uzza
53:20 and Manat, the third one (of them)?
53:21 Are the males for you and the females for Him!?
53:22 That is an unfair division.
53:23 They are only names which you and your fathers named it, whereas God did not send down any reason for it? They only follow the guess and what the souls desires, while the guidance has certainly come to them from their Master.
53:24 Or does the human being have whatever he desire?
53:25 While the last (the hereafter) and the first (this world) belongs to God.
53:26 And many angels are in the skies, that their mediation is of no benefit at all except after God gives permission for whom He wants and He approves.
53:27 Indeed those who do not believe in the hereafter shall name the angels the feminine names,
53:28 while they have no knowledge of it, they only the follow guesswork, and guesswork is of no use against the truth at all.
53:29 So stay away from anyone who turns away from Our reminder and only wants this world’s life.
53:30 That is their extent of the knowledge. Indeed your Master knows better anyone who lost His way and He knows better anyone who is guided.
53:31 And whatever in the skies and whatever on the earth belongs to God, so that He penalizes those who did bad in what they did and to reward those who did good with the better (reward than what they did),
53:32 those who avoid the big sins and the indecencies except the small ones. Your Master is vast in the forgiveness. He knows better about you, when He produced you from the earth and when you were hidden (as embryos) in your mothers’ wombs. So do not claim yourselves pure (and innocent), as He knows better who controls himself.
53:33 Did you see the one who turned away
53:34 and gave a little and was stingy?
53:35 Does he have knowledge of the unseen, so he sees?
53:36 Or was he not informed of what is in scriptures of Moses,
53:37 and Abraham, the one who fulfilled (his duties)?
53:38 That no bearer bears burden of another,
53:39 and that there is not (any reward) for the human being except what he tried for.
53:40 And that his efforts will be seen,
53:41 then he is rewarded with the full reward.
53:42 And that the final ending is to your Master.
53:43 And that He is he who makes (everyone) laugh and cry.
53:44 And He is he who causes death and gives life.
53:45 And that He created the two types, the male and the female,
53:46 from sperm when it is ejected.
53:47 And that the other creation is His responsibility.
53:48 And that He is he who makes rich and makes poor (or gives property).
53:49 And that He is he who is Master of the Sirius (the brightest star at night).
53:50 And that He destroyed the earlier Aad
53:51 and Thamud, and He did not leave (anyone alive).
53:52 And (He destroyed) people of Noah before (them), indeed they were more wrongdoer and more rebellious.
53:53 And He overthrew the turned over cities,
53:54 and it was covered by what covers.
53:55 So which of your Master's favors do you doubt?
53:56 This is a warner like the previous warners.
53:57 The upcoming (judgment day) is coming up.
53:58 No one other than God can expose it.
53:59 Are you surprised by this saying,
53:60 and you laugh and you do not cry
53:61 and you are negligent?
53:62 So show humbleness to God and serve Him.


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