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53:1  By the star when it descends,
53:2  your companion is not misguided or misled;
53:3  nor does he speak from whim.
53:4  It is nothing but Revelation revealed,
53:5  taught him by one immensely strong,
53:6  possessing power and splendour. He stood there stationary —
53:7  there on the highest horizon.
53:8  Then he drew near and hung suspended.
53:9  He was two bow-lengths away or even closer.
53:10  Then He revealed to His slave what He revealed.
53:11  His heart did not lie about what he saw.
53:12  What! Do you dispute with him about what he saw?
53:13  He saw him again another time
53:14  by the Lote-tree of the Final Limit,
53:15  beside which is the Garden of Refuge,
53:16  when that which covered the Lote-tree covered it.
53:17  His eye did not waver nor did he look away.
53:18  He saw some of the Greatest Signs of his Lord.
53:19  Have you really considered al-Lat and al-´Uzza
53:20  and Manat, the third, the other one?
53:21  Do you have males and He females?
53:22  That is a most unfair division!
53:23  They are nothing but names which you yourselves have given, you and your forefathers. Allah has sent down no authority for them. They are following nothing but conjecture and what their own selves desire. And that when guidance has reached them from their Lord!
53:24  Shall man then have whatever he covets?
53:25  The last and the first belong to Allah.
53:26  And how many angels there are in the heavens whose intercession is of no benefit at all until Allah has authorised those He wills and is pleased with them!
53:27  Those who do not have iman in the Next World give the angels female names.
53:28  They have no knowledge of this. They are only following conjecture. Conjecture is of no avail whatever against the truth.
53:29  So turn away from him who turns away from Our remembrance and desires nothing but the life of this world.
53:30  That is as far as their knowledge extends. Your Lord knows best those who are misguided from His Way and He knows best those who are guided.
53:31  Everything in the heavens and everything in the earth belongs to Allah so that He can repay those who do evil for what they did and repay those who do good with the Very Best.
53:32  To whoever avoids the major wrong actions and indecencies — except for minor lapses — truly your Lord is vast in forgiveness. He has most knowledge of you when He first produced you from the earth, and when you were embryos in your mothers´ wombs. So do not claim purity for yourselves. He knows best those who have taqwa.
53:33  Have you seen him who turns away
53:34  and gives little, and that grudgingly?
53:35  Does he have knowledge of the Unseen, enabling him to see?
53:36  Or has he not been informed what is in the texts of Musa
53:37  and of Ibrahim, who paid his dues in full:
53:38  that no burden-bearer can bear another´s burden;
53:39  that man will have nothing but what he strives for;
53:40  that his striving will most certainly be seen;
53:41  that he will then receive repayment of the fullest kind;
53:42  that the ultimate end is with your Lord;
53:43  that it is He Who brings about both laughter and tears;
53:44  that it is He Who brings about both death and life;
53:45  that He created the two sexes — male and female —
53:46  out of a sperm-drop when it spurted forth;
53:47  that He is responsible for the second existence;
53:48  that it is He Who enriches and Who satisfies;
53:49  that it is He Who is the Lord of Sirius;
53:50  that He destroyed ´Ad, the earlier people,
53:51  and Thamud as well, sparing none of them,
53:52  and the people of Nuh before — they were most unjust and exorbitant —
53:53  and the Overturned City which He turned upside down
53:54  so that what enveloped it enveloped it.
53:55  Which one of your Lord´s blessings do you then dispute?
53:56  This is a warning like the warnings of old.
53:57  The Imminent is imminent!
53:58  No one besides Allah can unveil it.
53:59  Are you then amazed at this discourse
53:60  and laugh and do not cry,
53:61  treating life as a game?
53:62  Prostrate before Allah and worship Him!