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Dr. Kamal Omar

an-Najm (The Star)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Star(an-Najm)
53:1 The star when it lost its brightness acts as a witness,
53:2 (that) your companion has not strayed, and he has made no error.
53:3 And he does not speak of (his own) desire.
53:4 It is not but Inspiration that has been provided as inspiration.
53:5 Mighty in power [the arch-angel Jibriel (Gabriel)] has transmitted him Knowledge.
53:6 Capable of most swift movement; then he became stationary and stable —
53:7 while he (was) in the higher part of the horizon;
53:8 afterwards he came closer, then became face to face.
53:9 So he was at a distance of two bow-lengths, or (so to say, even) nearer.
53:10 Then did (Allah) convey the Inspiration to His Abd whatever He did convey as Inspiration.
53:11 The heart (of the recipient) did not deny whatever he viewed.
53:12 Will you then dispute with him about what he has witnessed?
53:13 And surely, indeed he (i.e., the recipient of Inspiration) did see him (i.e., the arch-angel Jibriel in his natural angelic state during) another descent,
53:14 close to Sidrat-ul-muntaha (lote-tree that demarcates the limits or the borders).
53:15 Close to that (lote-tree) lies (the original site of) the orchard of abode.
53:16 When covered the lote-tree whatever did cover it.
53:17 The sight (of the recipient of Inspiration) did not move hither and thither, and it did not transgress the limits.
53:18 Surely, indeed he witnessed some of the great Signs of his Nourisher-Sustainer. [Please note that two different incidents are recorded in these initial verses of the Surah. One thing which is common to both the incidents is the descent of angel-Jibriel. The ascent of the person who is receiving the Inspiration is mentioned nowhere. It appears that some life-generating Rays or Light was showered by Allah on a garden that appeared extinct. The Life-giving source revived the garden in original state to make the recipient of Inspiration witness some of the Great Signs out of the Miraculous Signs of Allah]
53:19 Have you then ever seen (with your own eyes) Al-Lat, and Al-’Uzza,
53:20 and Manat the third, the later one? [These are some of the proper-names of some imaginary deities of the people].
53:21 What! For you a son and for Him a daughter?
53:22 This then (becomes) a distribution most awkward and unjust.
53:23 These are not but names which you have allotted them as names — you and your forefathers. Allah has sent down no proof thereof. They follow not but conjecture and (follow) that which the Anfus (selves) desire. And surely, indeed, has come to them, from their Nourisher-Sustainer, Al-Hudah.
53:24 Is (it) available to a human being whatever he desired?
53:25 But for Allah (is) the Hereafter and the initial (world).
53:26 And how many (are) from among the angels in the heavens— their intercession (in favour of a human being) does not benefit (one) in any form except after that Allah permits for whom He thinks proper and He agrees (therewith).
53:27 Verily, those who do not believe in the Hereafter, surely allot names to the angels (like) allotting the name to a daughter —
53:28 although there is not for them regarding this (aspect of the angels) anything of knowledge. They do not follow but conjecture. And surely, conjecture does not make one unconcerned of Al-Haqq to any extent (i.e., a guess work is no substitute for ‘The Truth’).
53:29 Therefore withdraw from that who turned away from Our Zikr (‘Message’), and desires not except the life of this world.
53:30 That (becomes) the ultimate aim for them from the knowledge. Verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer — He knows more about that who strayed from His Way; and He knows more about that who received guidance.
53:31 And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth, so that He may recompense those who did evil with what they did, and reward with excellence those who did good —
53:32 those who abstain from serious types of Al-Ism (the sins) and Al-Fawahish (the obscenes) except the small faults (which could be overlooked): verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer is Most Vast regarding forgiveness. He knows more of you when He initiated you from within the earth; and when you (remain) hidden and unrecognisable ones (i.e., as foetuses and embryos) within the bellies of your mothers. So ascribe not purity to yourselves. He knows better that (person) who has remained obedient.
53:33 Did you then observe that who turned away,
53:34 and spent a little and (then) stopped?
53:35 Is with him knowledge about the unseen so that he sees?
53:36 Or has he not been informed with what is in Suhuf-e-Musa,
53:37 and Ibrahim who fulfilled (whatever he was commanded by Allah as a test or as an ordainment)?
53:38 That a burdened person shall not bear the burden of another one,
53:39 and that (there is) not (available) to a human being except what he strove (for),
53:40 and that his effort would soon be examined,
53:41 then he would be recompensed with a complete and full recompense,
53:42 and that to your Nourisher-Sustainer is the ultimate border (limit and source).
53:43 And that He, He made (one) laugh and He made (one) weep.
53:44 And that He, He caused death and He gave life.
53:45 And that He created two kinds, male and female,
53:46 from Nutfah when it is emitted.
53:47 And that on Him is the responsibility for another creation.
53:48 And that He, He gave abundant wealth, and He made content (in possessions strictly according to needs).
53:49 And that He, He is the Rabb of Ash-Shera (mighty star, Sirius).
53:50 And that He annihilated the initial (tribes of) ’Ad (people),
53:51 and Samud (people). So He spared (none of the transgressing individuals);
53:52 and the nation of Nuh aforetime. Surely, they used to be, they — more unjust and more rebellious,
53:53 and that which remained involved in falsehood, He destroyed (them to extinction),
53:54 So enveloped that whatever enveloped (as a wrath and torment coming from Allah).
53:55 Then about what signs of your Nourisher-Sustainer you will argue or dispute?
53:56 This (Al-Kitab) is Nazeer [‘Warner’ (coming)] out of the Nuzur (Warners) of the previous times.
53:57 The approaching one (i.e., the Day of Resurrection) has approached very near.
53:58 There is not for it one who could delay or stop besides Allah.
53:59 Do you then wonder at this Al-Hadees?
53:60 And you laugh, and you weep not,
53:61 and you are those who remain proudly heedless.
53:62 So submit to Allah, and pay obedience.


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