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Dr. Munir Munshey

an-Najm (The Star)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Star(an-Najm)
53:1 (Allah swears) by the star, as it sets.
53:2 Your companion, (Muhammad, SAW), did not err, nor was he duped.
53:3 For, he does not speak what he wishes!
53:4 (Instead), it is the revelation sent to him.
53:5 A mighty being has taught him.
53:6 The one with strength, (the angel Gibra´eel) who manifested himself (in his true form).
53:7 At the highest horizon!
53:8 He then, came closer and hovered!
53:9 He was two bow-lengths away, or (even) less,
53:10 Thus, he conveyed to the servant of Allah the revelation.
53:11 (The prophet´s) mind did not refute what he saw.
53:12 Would you then quarrel with him, concerning what he (actually) saw?
53:13 And he, (Muhammad, SAW), certainly saw the angel (in his true form) another time, too.
53:14 Near the farthest bound of the Lotus tree.
53:15 Close by, is the abode of the (promised) paradise!
53:16 The Lotus tree was veiled over by (the nameless splendor), that which covered it (entirely).
53:17 He (Muhammad, SAW) was not awe-struck, or aghast; nor did his eyes stray!
53:18 He definitely saw one of the greatest signs of his Lord.
53:19 Have you, (oh idolaters), considered (the reality of) ´Laat´ and ´Uzza´ _ (the false goddesses of Arabia)?
53:20 And the third, the ´Manaat´ _ (the other false goddess)?
53:21 (What)? the male offspring are for you, (humans) and for Him are the females?
53:22 This is, of course, an unfair allocation!
53:23 These are nothing but names that you and your forefathers have conjured up. Allah has not granted any sanction for it. Although guidance from their Lord has certainly come to them, yet they merely follow their (guesses and) hunches, or whatever their desires dictate.
53:24 Should man have whatever he desires?
53:25 But to Allah belongs the end, (the life-to-come), as well as the beginning, (the life of this world).
53:26 There are many angels in the heavens. But their intercessions would not help anyone a bit, unless Allah allows such specific mediation in favor of whomever He wills, and pleases.
53:27 In fact, those who do not believe in the afterlife are actually the ones who give the angels the female names (and gender).
53:28 About this they definitely have no knowledge. They merely go by their assumptions, but when it comes to (the search for) the truth, the assumptions do not help a bit.
53:29 So ignore the ones who turn away from Our reminder, and desire only the life of this world.
53:30 That is the extent (and limit) of their knowledge! Indeed, your Lord knows best who has strayed from His path; and He also knows the rightly guided ones!
53:31 To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. So that, He may punish rightfully and in accordance with their deeds, those who commit evil; and so that He may bestow the excellent rewards upon those who are righteous.
53:32 If those who steer clear of the grave sins and the shameful vile deeds stumble and err, (let them remember that) Allah abounds in forgiveness. He knows you so well, ever since He created you and established you on earth, ever since you were but a germ in your mother´s belly. Therefore, do not profess purity and piety for yourself. Allah knows better the one who is pious.
53:33 Did you see the one who turned away?
53:34 Gave a little, then held back?
53:35 Does he have the knowledge of the unseen? Can he perceive it?
53:36 Does he not have any knowledge of what is (revealed) in the book of Musa?
53:37 Or Ibraheem, who honored his pledge?
53:38 That no one shall carry the burden of any other;
53:39 That man deserves nothing, except for what he strives;
53:40 That very soon, (the results of) his efforts shall become apparent.
53:41 Then, he would be rewarded to the maximum extent.
53:42 And that with your Lord is the conclusion (of the saga of life).
53:43 And He it is, Who makes you laugh and cry.
53:44 And He it is, Who gives you death and life.
53:45 And He it is, Who created (you in) pairs _ male and female.
53:46 From the sperm as it is emitted.
53:47 And resurrection (the birth into the afterlife) is (an obligation) upon Him.
53:48 And it is He, Who grants (His provisions) in abundance, or just enough.
53:49 And He is the Lord of (the star), Sirius.
53:50 He destroyed the ´Aads´ of the former (era).
53:51 And the ´Samoods´! None (of the rebels) did He spare!
53:52 And the nation of Nooh before them! Indeed they were wicked and wanton.
53:53 And He it is, Who overturned the cities lying upside down _ (the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah)
53:54 That, which covered those cities, covered them completely.
53:55 (Oh humans)! Which one of the (many) blessings of your Lord would you ignore?
53:56 This (prophet) is a warner! Like the earlier warners!
53:57 That day, which is destined to arrive _ (the day of resurrection) _ is approaching fast.
53:58 Except Allah, no one can prevent its arrival.
53:59 (Oh you who disbelieve)! Do you express amazement at this Qur´an?
53:60 You laugh and do not cry?
53:61 Haughtily, you hold your heads high!
53:62 (Instead, you better bow down your head), fall prostrate before Allah and worship!


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