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53:1  By the declining star
53:2  your companion is not in error nor has he gone astray
53:3  He does not speak out of his own desires
53:4  It is a revelations which has been revealed to hi
53:5  and taught to hi
53:6  by the great mighty one (Gabriel)
53:7  the strong one who appeared on the uppermost horizon
53:8  He (Gabriel) then came nearer and nearer
53:9  until he was as close to him as the distance of two bows, or even less
53:10  He revealed to God's servant whatever he wanted
53:11  His (Muhammad's) heart did not lie to him about what his eyes had seen
53:12  Will you then argue with him about what he saw
53:13  He certainly saw him (Gabriel) during his other ascen
53:14  to the Lot-tree (in the seven heavens
53:15  near which is Paradise
53:16  When the tree was covered with a covering
53:17  (Muhammad's) eyes did not deceive him, nor did they lead him to falsehood
53:18  He certainly saw the greatest (signs) of the existence of his Lord
53:19  (Can anything as such be considered true) of al-Lat, al-Uzza
53:20  and your third idol al-Manat (whom you considered as God's daughters)
53:21  Do sons belong to you and daughters to God
53:22  This is an unfair distinction
53:23  These are only names given by yourselves and your fathers. God has not given them any authority. They, (unbelievers), only follow mere conjecture and the desires of their souls, even though guidance has already come to them from their Lord
53:24  Can the human being have whatever he wishes
53:25  All that is in the life to come and all that is in this life belongs only to God
53:26  There are many angels in the heavens whose intercession will be of no benefit unless God grants such permission to whichever of them He wants
53:27  Only those who do not believe in the life hereafter call the angels, females. They have no knowledge about it
53:28  They only follow mere conjecture which can never sufficiently replace the Truth
53:29  (Muhammad), stay away from those who turn away from Our guidance and who do not desire anything except the worldly life
53:30  This is what the extent of their knowledge amounts to. Your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His path and who has been rightly guided
53:31  To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. In the end God will re-compense the evil doers for their deeds and reward the righteous ones for their deeds
53:32  Those who stay away from grave sins and indecency (should know that) for their trivial sins your Lord's forgiveness is vast. He knows best about you. When He created you from the earth and when you were embryos in your mother's wombs. Do not consider yourselves very great. God knows best who is the most righteous person
53:33  (Muhammad), have you ever seen the one who has turned away (from guidance)
53:34  and grudgingly spends very little for the cause of God
53:35  Does he possess the knowledge of the unseen, thus, he sees (all things)
53:36  Has not he been informed of the contents of the Book of Mose
53:37  and about Abraham who fulfilled his duty (to God)
53:38  Certainly no one will bear the responsibility of the sins of another
53:39  nor can man achieve anything without hard labor
53:40  He will certainly see the result of his labo
53:41  and will be fully recompensed for his deeds
53:42  To your Lord will all things eventually return
53:43  It is He who causes laughter and weeping
53:44  It is He who causes death and gives life
53:45  It is He who has created spouses, male and female
53:46  from a discharged living ger
53:47  and on Him depends the life hereafter
53:48  It is He who grants people temporary and durable wealth
53:49  It is He who is the Lord of Sirius
53:50  It is He who utterly destroyed the ancient tribes of Ad
53:51  Thamud
53:52  and the people of Noah; they were the most unjust and rebellious people
53:53  It is He who turned upside down the people of Lo
53:54  and covered them with torment
53:55  About which of the bounties of your Lord can they persistently dispute
53:56  This is a (Prophet) like that of the ancient warners (Prophets)
53:57  The Day of Judgment is drawing nearer
53:58  No one besides God can rescue a soul from hardship
53:59  Does this statement seem strange to the
53:60  and do they laugh instead of weeping
53:61  indulging in carelessly idle games
53:62  So prostrate yourselves before God and worship him