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53:1  By the star, when it setteth
53:2  your companion Mohammed erreth not, nor is he led astray
53:3  Neither doth he speak of his own will
53:4  It is no other than a revelation, which hath been revealed unto him
53:5  One mighty in power, indued with understanding, taught it him
53:6  And He appeare
53:7  in the highest part of the horizon
53:8  Afterwards He approached the prophet, and drew near unto him
53:9  until He was at the distance of two bows length from him, or yet nearer
53:10  And He revealed unto his servant that which He revealed
53:11  The heart of Mohammed did not falsely represent that which he saw
53:12  Will ye therefore dispute with him concerning that which he saw
53:13  He also saw him another time
53:14  by the lote-tree beyond which there is no passing
53:15  Near it is the garden of eternal abode
53:16  When the lote-tree covered that which it covered
53:17  his eye-sight turned not aside, neither did it wander
53:18  And he really beheld some of the greatest signs of his Lord
53:19  What think ye of Allat, and Al Uzza
53:20  and Manah, that other third goddess
53:21  Have ye male children, and God female
53:22  This, therefore, is an unjust partition
53:23  They are no other than empty names, which ye and your fathers have named goddesses. God hath not revealed concerning them any thing to authorize their worship. They follow no other than a vain opinion, and what their souls desire: Yet hath the true direction come unto them from their Lord
53:24  Shall man have whatever he wisheth for
53:25  The life to come, and the present life are God's
53:26  And how many angels soever there be in the heavens, their intercession shall be of no avail, until after God shall have granted permission unto whom He shall please and shall accept
53:27  Verily they who believe not in the life to come give unto the angels a female appellation
53:28  But they have no knowledge herein: They follow no other than a bare opinion; and a bare opinion attaineth not any thing of truth
53:29  Wherefore withdraw from him who turneth away from our admonition, and seeketh only the present life
53:30  This is their highest pitch of knowledge. Verily thy Lord well knoweth him who erreth from his way; and He well knoweth him who is rightly directed
53:31  Unto God belongeth whatever is in heaven and earth: That He may reward those who do evil, according to that which they shall have wrought; and may reward those who do well, with the most excellent reward
53:32  As to those who avoid great crimes, and hainous sins, and are guilty only of lighter faults; verily thy Lord will be extensive in mercy towards them. He well knew you when He produced you out of the earth, and when ye were embryo's in your mothers' wombs: Wherefore justify not your selves: He best knoweth the man who feareth Him
53:33  What thinkest thou of him who turneth aside from following the truth
53:34  and giveth little, and covetously stoppeth his hand
53:35  Is the knowledge of futurity with him, so that he seeth the same
53:36  hath he not been informed of that which is contained in the books of Moses
53:37  and of Abraham who faithfully performed his engagements
53:38  To wit: That a burdened soul shall not bear the burden of another
53:39  and that nothing shall be imputed to a man for righteousness, except his own labour
53:40  and that his labour shall surely be made manifest hereafter
53:41  and that he shall be rewarded for the same with a most abundant reward
53:42  and that unto thy Lord will be the end of all things
53:43  and that He causeth to laugh, and causeth to weep
53:44  and that He putteth to death, and giveth life
53:45  and that He createth the two sexes, the male and the female
53:46  of seed when it is emitted
53:47  and that unto Him appertaineth another production, namely, the raising of the dead again to life hereafter
53:48  and that He enricheth, and causeth to acquire possessions
53:49  and that He is the Lord of the dog-star
53:50  and that He destroyed the ancient tribe of Ad
53:51  and Thamud, and left not any of them alive
53:52  and also the people of Noah, before them; for they were most unjust and wicked
53:53  And He overthrew the cities which were turned upside down
53:54  and that which covered them, covered them
53:55  Which, therefore, of thy Lord's benefits, O man, wilt thou call in question
53:56  This our apostle is a preacher like the preachers who preceded him
53:57  The approaching day of judgment draweth near
53:58  There is none who can reveal the exact time of the same, besides God
53:59  Do ye, therefore, wonder at this new revelation
53:60  and do ye laugh, and not weep
53:61  spending your time in idle diversions
53:62  But rather worship God, and serve him