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53:1  By the Star when it plunges
53:2  your comrade is not astray, neither errs
53:3  nor speaks he out of caprice
53:4  This is naught but a revelation revealed
53:5  taught him by one terrible in power
53:6  very strong; he stood poised
53:7  being on the higher horizon
53:8  then drew near and suspended hung
53:9  two bows' length away, or nearer
53:10  then revealed to his servant that he revealed
53:11  His heart lies not of what he saw
53:12  what, will you dispute with him what he sees
53:13  Indeed, he saw him another tim
53:14  by the Lote-Tree of the Boundar
53:15  nigh which is the Garden of the Refuge
53:16  when there covered the Lote-Tree that which covered
53:17  his eye swerved not; nor swept astray
53:18  Indeed, he saw one of the greatest signs of his Lord
53:19  Have you considered El-Lat and El-'Uzz
53:20  and Manat the third, the other
53:21  What, have you males, and He females
53:22  That were indeed an unjust division
53:23  They are naught but names yourselves have named, and your fathers; God has sent down no authority touching them. They follow only surmise, and what the souls desire; and yet guidance has come to them from their Lord
53:24  Or shall man have whatever he fancies
53:25  And to God belongs the First and the Last
53:26  How many an angel there is in the heavens whose intercession avails not anything, save after that God gives leave to whomsoever He wills and is well-pleased
53:27  Those who do not believe in the world to come name the angels with the names of females
53:28  They have not any knowledge thereof; they follow only surmise, and surmise avails naught against truth
53:29  So turn thou from him who turns away from Our Remembrance, and desires only the present life
53:30  That is their attainment of knowledge. Surely thy Lord knows very well those who have gone astray from His way, and He knows very well those who are guided
53:31  To God belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, that He may recompense those who do evil for what they have done, and recompense those who have done good with the reward most fair
53:32  Those who avoid the heinous sins and indecencies, save lesser offences surely thy Lord is wide in His forgiveness. Very well He knows you, when He produced you from the earth, and when you were yet unborn in your mothers' wombs; therefore hold not yourselves purified; God knows very well him who is godfearing
53:33  Hast thou considered him who turns his bac
53:34  and gives a little, and then grudgingly
53:35  Does he possess the knowledge of the Unseen, and therefore he sees
53:36  Or has he not been told of what is in the scrolls of Moses
53:37  and Abraham, he who paid his debt in full
53:38  That no soul laden bears the load of another
53:39  and that a man shall have to his account only as he has laboured
53:40  and that his labouring shall surely be seen
53:41  then he shall be recompensed for it with the fullest recompense
53:42  and that the final end is unto thy Lord
53:43  and that it is He who makes to laugh, and that makes to weep
53:44  and that it is He who makes to die, and that makes to live
53:45  and that He Himself created the two kinds, male and female
53:46  of a sperm-drop, when it was cast forth
53:47  and that upon Him rests the second growth
53:48  and that it is He who gives wealth and riches
53:49  and that it is He who is the Lord of Sirius
53:50  and that He destroyed Ad, the ancient
53:51  and Thamood, and He did not spare them
53:52  and the people of Noah before -- certainly they did exceeding evil, and were insolen
53:53  and the Subverted City He also overthrew
53:54  so that there covered it that which covered
53:55  Then which of thy Lord's bounties disputest thou
53:56  This is a warner, of the warners of old
53:57  The Imminent is imminent
53:58  apart from God none can disclose it
53:59  Do you then marvel at this discourse
53:60  and do you laugh, and do you not weep
53:61  while you make merry
53:62  So bow yourselves before God, and serve Him