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Dr. Munir Munshey

ar-Rum (The Romans, The Byzantines)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Romans, The Byzantines(ar-Rum)
30:1 Alif, Laam, Meem.
30:2 Romans have been defeated,
30:3 In the neighboring lands! But after being defeated they will emerge victorious,
30:4 Within ten years! To Allah belong the decision and the decree prior to this (event) and later. That day, the believers would rejoice,
30:5 Over the victory granted by Allah. He helps whom He wants. And He is the most Powerful and the most Merciful.
30:6 (It is) Allah´s promise! Allah does not go back on His words, but most people just do not know!
30:7 In the life of this world, they know only the manifest, the perceptible. They are heedless of the afterlife.
30:8 Do they not ponder about their own selves? Allah has created the heavens and the earth, and everything in between for a specific purpose and a predetermined period. But most people just fail to accept (the inevitability of) the meeting with their Lord (on the Day of Judgment).
30:9 Have they not moved about in the land, so they could observe the fate of the people before them? They were stronger, tilled the land better and populated the earth much more than these present day unbelievers have. Their messengers brought them clear proofs! Allah was not going to oppress them, but they used to treat their own selves unjustly.
30:10 Then those doing evil fared an evil fate, because they rejected the signs of Allah and used to make fun of them.
30:11 Allah began the (process of) creation. And He will renew it! Then, you would be returned to Him.
30:12 The criminals would despair and lose all hope on the day the hour (of Judgment) is established.
30:13 They will not have the partners (they now ascribe to Allah) to plead on their behalf. (In fact), they will renounce those partners.
30:14 The day the hour (of Judgment) begins, is the day they will split into groups.
30:15 Those who believe and do good deeds will be settled in the garden of delight, and would be kept blissfully happy.
30:16 Those who disbelieved and rejected Our signs (Our verses), the (scheduled) meeting with Us, and the afterlife, will be made to stay in the torment (permanently).
30:17 Therefore, glorify Allah when the evening approaches, and then again when it is the morning.
30:18 All praise in the heavens and the earth is for Him. (So glorify Him) prior to sunset and after noon.
30:19 He causes the living to emerge from the lifeless, and brings the lifeless out of the living. He revives the earth after its death. In that same manner you, too, will be brought out (from the dead).
30:20 One of His signs: He created you from dust. Now here you are, humans multiplying and spreading out!
30:21 Another one of His signs: He created wives for you from amongst your kind, so you may have peace and tranquility. (No one but) He kindles love and compassion between you and your wife. Of course, there is a sign in it for any nation that ponders!
30:22 Among His signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, the diversity of your languages and the variety of your skin color. In that are surely signs for those with (reason and) knowledge.
30:23 One of His signs is your sleep during the night and the day and your quest for his bounties (livelihood). In that are surely signs for a nation that listens (attentively).
30:24 And He shows you one of His signs, the bolts of lightning (which you observe) with fear and hope. From the sky He sends down water, and with it He brings the land _ after it had (withered and) died _ back to life. Surely, in that are signs for any nation that understands.
30:25 Another one of His signs: the heavens and the earth stay in existence by His command! Later on, He will call you just once, and you (all) will come out of the earth instantly!
30:26 Everyone in the heavens and the earth is His servant! Each one obeys Him!
30:27 It is He Who begins the creation. And then He will renew it! That is easy for Him. The most excellent attributes in the heavens and the earth belong to Him. He is the most Powerful, and the Wisest!
30:28 He gives you an example from among you. Do you treat any of your slaves as your partners? Do you share with them equally the wealth We have granted you? Do you fear them as you would fear others like yourself? Thus, We explain Our signs for the nation that has sense!
30:29 Rather, the evil doers are following their desires without thinking. Who can guide those Allah has led astray? They will have no supporters (on the Day of Judgment)!
30:30 Therefore, forsaking all else stay firm on this religion. It suits the innate character and the very instincts with which Allah has created the human kind. Let there be no violation of the natural laws of Allah. This is the straight and true religion! But most people do not know!
30:31 (Stay firm), turning to Him in repentance! Fear Him, establish the ´salat´, and do not be among the ´mushriqeen´ _ (those associating partners with Allah).
30:32 (Don´t be one of) those who divided their religion into many sects, each happy and contented with what it holds.
30:33 When a calamity strikes mankind, they call their Lord and turn to Him in repentance. When He lets them taste His mercy, many of them go back to ascribing partners to their Lord.
30:34 (Do they do this) to show ingratitude for everything We have granted them? Go ahead and enjoy! Soon you will find out!
30:35 Did We send them an authority that condones their acts of associating partners (with Allah)?
30:36 People are joyous when We let them taste Our mercy, but become despondent when trouble suddenly strikes them as a result of their own doings.
30:37 Do they not see? Allah increases the provisions _ or limits them _ for whomever He wants! In that are surely signs for any nation that believes!
30:38 Grant the due rights to your near ones, the poor and the wayfarer. That is better for those who seek the pleasure of Allah. They are the successful ones!
30:39 You pay interest to the people in order to increase their wealth, but it does not exceed (in value) according to Allah. Yet, the ´zakat´ you give seeking the pleasure of Allah increases manifold (in value).
30:40 It is Allah Who created you and provided for you. Then, He will give you death, and then He will bring you back to life. Is there any among the partners (you ascribe to Allah) who does that? Glorified is He! Far above all the partners (they ascribe)!
30:41 Corruption has appeared in the land and in sea because of what people have done to themselves. Now, He will make them taste the result of some of their deeds. Perhaps they might turn back.
30:42 Say, "Move about in the land and observe the fate of the earlier ones. Most of them were ´mushriqeens´ _ (those worship others along with Allah)."
30:43 So, keep your focus on the straight and simple religion right until that day. Its arrival will not be called off by Allah. That day people will split (into groups).
30:44 The (punishment of) disbelief is upon the one who disbelieves. And those who do good deeds are actually clearing their way (to paradise).
30:45 So, by His grace, He will reward those who believe and do good deeds. Indeed, He does not like the unbelievers.
30:46 One of His signs: He sends winds that carry the good news, so He may make you taste His mercy! So that, by His command the boats may sail, and you may seek His bounties. Perhaps you will express gratitude!
30:47 (Oh messenger) surely, prior to you We had sent other messengers to their people. They brought their people clear proofs. Then, We exacted revenge from those who committed sins. It is incumbent upon Us to help the believers.
30:48 It is Allah Who sends the winds, which raise the clouds. He then spreads them in the sky, as He wants. He makes (the weather) dark and downcast, and eventually you see the raindrops trickling down from the clouds. He causes rain to pour down upon such of His servants, as He wants. They feel happy!
30:49 Prior to it, they may have given up hope before the rain actually pours down.
30:50 So look at the effects of (the mercy of) Allah. (Look at) how He grants new life to the land after its death. Undoubtedly, He will bring the dead back to life. He is capable of accomplishing everything!
30:51 If We send (a special) wind and leave (their crops) pale yellow, they will (swear and curse, and) continue to disbelieve.
30:52 Of course, you cannot make the dead hear you. Nor can you make the deaf hear your call, (particularly) when they turn their backs to avoid you.
30:53 Nor can you (point out the right way and) steer the blind away from his wandering path. You can only inform and advise those who believe in Our signs and are ready to submit.
30:54 It is Allah Who created you as a frail and feeble form _ (an infant). Then He lets your weakness evolve into strength. After that, He (again) makes your strength dwindle into a state of weakness _ a senile old age! He creates whatever He wants! He is all Knowing, the Omnipotent!
30:55 The criminals will swear on the day the hour (of Judgment) is held, that they stayed (dead) for just a brief while. Thus (in their lives, too) they were deceived!
30:56 Those granted the knowledge and belief will say, "As per the book of Allah, you have stayed till the day of resurrection, and this is the day of resurrection! But, you remained unaware."
30:57 On that day, the apologies and excuses will not benefit those who do evil. They will not even be asked to seek forgiveness.
30:58 In this Qur´an, We have explained people (the truth) in every possible way. Indeed, if you brought them a miracle they will surely say, "You are only playing tricks on us."
30:59 Thus, Allah seals the hearts of those who stay unaware.
30:60 (So, oh messenger), stay patient (against provocation)! Allah´s promise is real! Let not those who lack faith find you soft, and short on courage.


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