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31:1  Alif, Laam, Meem
31:2  These are the verses of the Book of wisdom
31:3  A guidance and mercy for the righteous
31:4  Those who establish the ´salat´ and the ´zakat´. Those who are certain about the life-to-come
31:5  Those are really the ones rightly guided by their Lord, and those are the successful ones
31:6  Among men, there are some who, without any knowledge, purchase distracting tales (and trivial pursuits and pastimes) in order to lead people away from the path of Allah. They make fun of it (Qur´an). Indeed, there exists a humiliating punishment for such persons
31:7  He turns away arrogantly when Our verses are read to him, as if he did not hear them, or as if both of his ears were afflicted with deafness. To such a one, announce the news of a painful punishment
31:8  Of course, the bounteous paradise is for those who believe and do good deeds
31:9  They will live in it for ever. The promise of Allah is firm, indeed. He is the most Powerful, the Wisest
31:10  He created the heavens without any pillars you could see. He pegged the earth firmly with the mountains, lest it makes you sway and swing. He dispersed all kinds of animals on the earth. He sent water down from the sky, and raised all sorts of exotic plants in the land
31:11  Such is the creation of Allah! Show me what others besides Him have created. Indeed, the evildoers are clearly on a misguided course
31:12  He had certainly granted ´Luqman´ the wisdom. (He said), "Be thankful to Allah!". Indeed, the gratitude of the one who offers thanks is for his own good!" And if anyone is not grateful, (let him remember that) Allah is Free of all wants and Worthy of all praise
31:13  (Remember) Luqman said to his son by way of advice, "Oh my son, do not associate partners with Allah. Indeed, such an act _ ´shirk´ _ is the greatest injustice."
31:14  We have made the (care of) parents incumbent upon man. His mother carried him through the fatigue (of pregnancy) followed by the hardship (of labor). And the weaning takes two (more) years. Thank Me and your parents. (Remember)! Towards Me is your return
31:15  Yet if they, (your parents), compel you to commit ´shirk´ (associate partners) with Me _ something you have no knowledge of _ then do not obey. Deal with them in this life with kindness and courtesy, but follow the path of the one who turns to Me in repentance. Towards Me is your retreat! Then, I will relate to you what you used to do
31:16  (Luqman said), "Oh my son, Allah will bring out (into full view) even a tiny bit of a mustard seed, regardless of whether it happens to be in the heavens or on earth, or embedded in a rock. Indeed, Allah is the One minutely and fully Aware, and the most Elegant
31:17  "Oh my son, establish ´salat´, enjoin the good, forbid the evil (and the vile), and bear with fortitude whatever ill afflicts you. Indeed, these are the vital and quintessential commands."
31:18  Do not talk to people contemptuously, nor walk insolently on the earth. Surely, Allah does not like a haughty braggart
31:19  Rather, be modest when you walk and keep your voice subdued when you talk. Indeed, the harshest of all voices is that of a donkey
31:20  Do you not observe? Allah has tamed for your benefit everything in the heavens and on the earth. He has bestowed ample favors upon you _ those that are perceptible as well as those that lie hidden. Among the people there are some who argue about Allah without any knowledge, guidance or an enlightening book
31:21  They are being asked to obey that which Allah has revealed. In response they say, "No! We would rather practice that, upon which we found our forefathers." Would they still follow this practice, even if they find ´Shaitan´ inviting them towards the punishment of fire
31:22  He who resigns and hands over his affairs to Allah _ provided he is righteous _ has indeed latched on to a secure and dependable support. The final disposition of all matters rests with Allah
31:23  There are those who disbelieve. (But) don´t let their disbelief cause you grief. Towards Us is their return! Then, We will tell them about everything they have been doing. Indeed, Allah is (also) Aware of what lies hidden in their hearts
31:24  We will let them enjoy for a brief while. Then, We will drag them into a severe punishment
31:25  If you ask them, ´who created the heavens and the earth?´, they would surely respond, "Allah!" Say, "Al Hamdo Lillah!" _ ("All praise is for Allah!"). But most of them do not know
31:26  To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and on the earth. Indeed, Allah is Free of all wants! And Worthy of all praise
31:27  The discourse about Allah would not conclude even if all the trees on this earth were made into pens and the entire sea served as ink. Not even if additional ink worth seven more seas was provided as a refill. Indeed, Allah is the most Powerful and the Wisest
31:28  The creation (of all of you) and then your resurrection, is just like (the creation and resurrection of) a single being. Indeed Allah hears all, and He sees all
31:29  Do you not observe? Allah causes the night to take over the day, and He pushes the day over the night. He tamed the sun and the moon. Each of them is in motion for a specified term. Allah is well Aware of everything you do
31:30  That is so, because Allah is the absolute truth, and besides Allah every one else they pray to is utterly false. Indeed, it is Allah Who is the Exalted and the Eminent
31:31  Do you not observe? It is due to His favor, and in order to show you His signs, that the ships sail on the sea. In that are surely signs for every steadfast and grateful person
31:32  They call Allah when (in the high seas) the waves cover them over like a canopy. (At that time) they forsake all others (and resolve) to let their religion be exclusively for Him. However, when We rescue them (and bring them) back to land, some of them compromise and fall short (of true belief). Indeed, those refuting Our signs are the swindling ungrateful cheats
31:33  "Oh you people! Fear your Lord and dread that day when a father would not make amends for (the sins of) the son, and the son would not atone for (the sins of) his father. Allah´s promise is indeed absolutely true! Do not let the life of this world dazzle you! Do not let that great deceiver (Shaitan) mislead you about Allah!"
31:34  Indeed, the knowledge of the (exact) hour (of Judgment) is with Allah. It is He Who sends down the rain. He knows that which is (growing) in the wombs. No living being is aware of what it will earn the next day. No living being knows, in what land will it die. But indeed, Allah knows it all! He is aware of everything